Sir Philip Green will 'sort' BHS pensions

Green will 'sort' BHS pensions

Sir Philip Green's prickly meeting with the MPs inquiry has revealed a number of things regarding the collapse of BHS.

The main thing is that you shouldn't maintain too much eye-contact with Sir Philip, or he'll start acting up. When you've got the money he has, you can do that without thinking it's really weird.

Anyway, one thing he has said about the "sad" events at BHS, is that, regarding the £571m pension deficit, he's vowed that "we'll sort it".

Green said he does take ultimate responsibility, when grilled by the Business and Work & Pensions committees.

He said: "Nothing is more sad than how this has ended and I hope during the morning you will hear that there was no intent on my part for anything to be like this and didn't need to be like this."

"I just want to apologise to all the BHS people who are involved in this and have been involved."

He added that he was "not in charge of the pension fund", but insisted that he is working with Deloitte on a plan to make sure that the 20,000 members of the pension schemes get a solution "soon".

He couldn't guarantee that everyone will get their full entitlement, but Green implied that his contribution is likely to be higher than the £275m cost of paying benefits under the Pension Protection Fund.

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