Simply Be website shows off the Mein Kampf bra!

You might think of Simply Be as the place to get yourself a bra or some fancy lingerie, but this week, it has been showing off a very different type of thing.

While looking for a full cup wired black bra, Sylvie Metcalfe found herself looking at Hitler's book - 'Mein Kampf' - instead. We know Hitler was a tit, but this is something else.

She tweeted: "Hey SimplyBeUK I don’t think that’s quite the right picture for the full cup wired black bra…"

hitler bra

Simply Be have been having problems with the wrong images being shown next to their products, and said sorry about the whole thing. Quite why they've got Hitler photos in the bank, is another matter.

However, it wasn't the only product that had the wrong image.

kajagoogoo bra

And it seems Simply Be really weren’t lying about their image problems.

Sarah Elizabeth-Daly found that, while looking at a lace trim jumpsuit, she was faced with an image of Kajagoogoo. From 'my struggle', to 'Too Shy', just like that.

Whether this is someone messing about at the company, who might be getting the sack today, or whether this is a weird glitch, we don't know. Simply Be are looking into it, obviously.

What do you think?

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