Silver prices soar - time to trade in the tin?


Never mind the bollocks spouted by all those ads who promise you a wad of cash if you send them your gold – silver is where it’s at these days daddyo.

The fusty old bean-counters at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) reckon that the value of silver goods is enjoying a post-recession boost in auction sales across the country

A Rics spokesman told The Guardian: “Silver and jewellery remain strong sectors with 57% and 41% of surveyors reporting rising rather than falling prices in these categories respectively. These are traditionally seen as safe havens for investors, but their continuing strength can be also attributed to the high scrappage value of precious metals.”

In the past eight months, the wholesale price for silver has jumped from $12/oz to $18/oz so it might be a good time to cash in on anything you’ve got lying around that is silver. Except the foil off your Kit Kat – you’ll get very little for that.

Other areas that are seeing a recovery at auction include furniture, clocks, ceramics, low-end oils and water colours. But not contemporary art though – hmmm, wonder why that is.


  • smashingnicey
    Man! Metal Mickey - completely forgot what that silvery robot fool looked like. Can anyone remember what those pink drops were again - you even used to be able to buy them. Oh yeah, as for the news item -I give it a big metal meh.
  • Nobby
    Do kitkats still come in foil? I thought they had gone plastic.
  • wonky h.
    atomic thunder busters
  • David
    The foil round a KitKat isn't actually made of silver at all. And yes, they still have foil-wrapped KitKats but they also have plastic-wrapped ones as well. Wow you can learn so much in one day.
  • Jerec
    2 Sticks = Foil 4 Sticks = Plastic
  • Jesus
    With that never-ending amount of useful knowlege David, you'd cream all over Mastermind.
  • Nobby
    I only ever buy 4 fingered ones. I was just looking at Metal Mickeys hands. Can he wank? Where is his cock kept.
  • The B.
    Who'd win in a fight, K9 or Metal Mickey? My money's on the dog.

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