Shower gel beads may be banned in the UK

Shower gel UK ban

If you've been using shower gel that has beads in it, and marvelling about how radiant your skin looks, you might have to go back to being an absolute state as the beads might be banned!

The UK government are considering a ban on the plastic microbeads that are used in shower gels and face scrubs. The EU are currently looking at prohibiting the use of these types of lotions, and even if they don't enforce rules, the UK government will do it all by themselves.

A number of countries have already banned microbeads, because they're really bad for the sea and the animals that live in it. Your blackheads might be improved, but there's now a lot of plastic in the ocean because of it.

Thing is, these beads are bypassing the filtering system, and going into the sea, and that is predictably bad. There's fish out there, filled to the gills with microbeads.

Environment Minister Rory Stewart says: "If we cannot get a common position out of the European Union, we are open to the possibility of the UK acting unilaterally."

Unilever, and L'Oreal are taking them out of their products, and other producers are looking at it too.

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