Should you register electrical goods, in case of recall?


There's been a lot of recalls on electrical items lately, and a safety charity called Electrical Safety First is urging everyone to register any electrical items they buy, so they can protect themselves against potentially dangerous faults.

They want to see products - from hair dryers, to kitchen appliances - registered so that manufacturers can get in touch with them, in case there's a fault or product recall.

ESF think that 89% of consumers say they'd return a recalled item, but only 20% are successfully returned. That means that too many people aren't aware that they might have a potentially dangerous appliance.

Since 2011, over 300 different electrical items have been recalled, from product recall section.

Emma Apter, from Electrical Safety First, said: "We know electrical products are high on shopping lists this sale season so we're urging the public to keep their families and homes safe by making a habit of registering a new product as soon as they get it home."

"People may think it's too much hassle or there is no benefit of providing contact details but an unregistered appliance can be a hidden danger in homes as it's difficult for manufacturers to trace them."

To register a household appliance, visit

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