Should shop security start doing shoplifter takedowns like this?

For the most part, shop security is some bloke with a 'tasche who looks like he could be outrun quite easily. Thieves get taken politely to a little room in the back of a shop and told off while everyone waits for the police.

However, have you ever imagined a world where security can lay the smack down? This video shows someone taking matters into their own hands after someone was seen trying to swipe some new clothes.

It'd make shopping more exciting wouldn't it?



  • Han S.
    Not be doing it again though will he?
  • Salsiccia
    Is it not stolen till he takes out the door though?
  • Fat H.
    I was always under the impression that you first had to leave the store without paying to actually shoplift. This is nothing more than assault on a customer.
  • Fat H.
    I get it now. It's prevention and cure with one swift blow!
  • samuri
    is it cos he is black
  • ihateputtingnamesin
    ' This is nothing more than assault on a customer' Fuck off - ponce! If he didn't want his face caved in then he shouldn't have been bla...I mean, he shouldn't have stuffed the shirt into a bag!
  • Aston
    Security guard must be full of hate for not achieving anything in life.
  • Captain.Cretin
    I am glad I dont shop there, I often use my own bags to hold stuff while I continue browsing. I will admit to forgetting a bag full of bananas once, but I did go back - get them weighted- and pay for them after realising. As above, the only crime shown is GBH, he hasnt stolen anything until he leaves the store. (I was followed by a gang of store detectives through Birmingham once - it turned out that the DC motor in my old Sony WM-D6C cassette player was triggering the anti theft alarms).
  • Mark W.
    I'm hopeful that the 'customer' was some kind of repeat offender and this was the store owner's last resort after multiple thefts.
  • Richard M.
    While I don't agree that this is quite the right way to deal with a shoplifter, equally, I don't think he was putting the items into his carrier bag to then go to the checkout to pay for them.
  • Spencer
    I'd ask 2 questions in regards to this: 1) did this method of loss prevention stop goods being stolen from the store? 2) Would this be a better deterrent than waiting for a caution from the police? That is to say, would shop lifters be more concerned about getting their 25th caution from the local constabulary - or getting knocked the f$ck out? If you answered yes to 1 or more of these then it's likely this is a better method of dealing with shoplifting than is currently in place.
  • Fat H.
    Loss prevention? The security guard has just cost the store far more than the price of the shirt.
  • lazy b.
    Was this in the UK or another more 'liberal' land.
  • Teddy E.
    Imagine if this had happened to Jeffrey Archer in Toronto.

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