Shoppers steal trolleys over 5p bag charge

Even though the vast majority of the UK has been able to cope with the 5p plastic bag charge for a while now, England it seems, has been having some issues with it.

Mystifyingly, it became front-page news and 'chaos' was promised, as well as people vowing to do all manner of thunderously pointless protests.

With that, we go to social media, where people have been bragging about stealing shopping trolleys, rather than pay five whole pence for a plastic bag. Some people are STICKING IT TO THE MAN by going through the rigmarole of swiping trolleys, rather than taking a rucksack they already own, or perhaps using one of the hundreds of plastic bags they've got in another plastic bag under the sink.

See for yourself.


Someone else decided to do the same. They paid £1 for a trolley, stole it, wheeled it all the way home, got in, quickly tidied the kitchen up, took numerous photos, chose the best one, did a slight edit on the photo with their phone's in-built editing software, then actually uploaded it to the internet, to show how indignant they are about the 5p plastic bag tax.


Of course, one Tesco has felt the need to put security tags on their Bags For Life, because people can't get their heads or rage around the new charges.


Honestly. Will England ever cope again, and recover from this awful, awful injustice? And will Wales and Scotland ever stop laughing about it all?



  • Grammar N.
    I'm not a fan of the big supermarkets, and they do benefit from this tax - profits may go to charity but there is still the cost of producing them that they no longer - but stealing trolleys etc in order to "stick it to the man" is misplaced. The supermarkets didn't change the law, the government did and the supermarkets just have to follow it, so these people aren't sticking it to "the man" that came up with the idea at all.
  • bill
    It'd make more sense to put security tags on the trolleys.
  • Noghar
    As far as I know, supermarket shopping trolleys cost like £75 each. That's why supermarkets pay extra for ones with automatically locking wheels. So basically people are boasting online about theft and shoplifting. I seem to recall when that happened after the 2012 riots the cops jumped all over the 'thieves' and lots of people ended up in jail - one girl for lifting a £1 bottle of water. So wtf are the cops doing about this? Nothing, because the Daily Mail in one of their puce-faced fits of Blimp has decided that shops charging for plastic bags is an offence against the Magna Carta and a lefty Muslim eco-conspiracy, and stealing trolleys is an act of resistance against tyranny or something. Although now I think of it I have what used to be a supermarket basket wired to the back of my bike... You'll never take me alive, filth!
  • Mr L.
    You know the shopping trolley stealing thing was a joke, right?
  • Mike
    On what basis are Wales and Scotland the 'vast majority of the UK'?
  • Cheesey
    Welcome to Great Britain - a nation of ME! ME! ME! Chavscums.
  • NotWhoYouThinkIAm
    The "men" behind the trolley photos now both claim it was a spoof. BTW Rumours that if you take Lidl bags into Tesco, they charge you TEN pence each!!!

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