Shoppers are now 'showrooming' with their phones

We’re using them as hotel room keys, life coaches, sex aids – and now here’s ANOTHER annoying way people are using their smartphones! They’re ‘Showrooming’ with them, a supremely irritating term used to describe the act of taking your phone to the shops and reading customer reviews while browsing the shelves.

Yes, a survey by eDigital Research has shown that 47% of smartphone owners are using their phones while shopping, to compare prices in other stores, and generally get in other people’s way. 29% also said that they’d used their phone to buy something online if they’d found it out of stock in store. People have even admitted to buying something online, in store, because the queues are too long.

This is a strong indication that we’re becoming that other awful term – ‘hybrid’ shoppers, using mobile retail and going high street shopping in tandem to get the best deals.

But it also makes you wonder whether we’re just becoming a nation of multichannel special offer retail pedants, tediously scanning our phones and jotting things down like trainspotters.

Maybe we should get another hobby. Like GOING FOR A WALK?


  • Merkin G.
    Get a hobby like removing that trolley
  • John h.
    Get the trolley out
  • barry f.
    FUCK OFF FERAL TROLLEY! massive massive metallic meshed cunt!
  • Piero
    And how many fing times have you been met with the un helpful, oh try our website or we can order it in and it'll be a week...!! Pft We're just doing what they told us to... :D
  • Teddy E.
    Perhaps I go to the wrong shops but I've never seen anybody do this.

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