Selfridges open up a Christmas shop in the middle of a heatwave

christmas tree 'It's nearly Christmas!' you almost certainly haven't thought as you find yourself in the middle of a load of sunny weather and the kids having their school holidays.

However, that hasn't stopped Selfridges opening their Christmas store, serving as a timely reminder that you better hurry up and buy your loved ones a festive gift, what with over 140 days to go until Christmas.

Selfridges' London shop has in advance of 700 sq ft of Christmas happening on their fourth floor, which will see snow and scarves greeting shoppers who are wearing shorts or speedos or something.

Geraldine James, Selfridges Ms Christmas, said: "Despite the summer weather, we're in full festive mode here at Selfridges. We've been working on this year's Christmas Shop since Christmas last year."

They're not the only ones. In the Trafford Centre, Clintons have also started rolling out their Christmas junk as well.

The Mail asked a bunch of people what they thought about it all. One shopper said: "I normally buy my cards two weeks before so to see them on sale now is quite laughable."

"It's too far ahead, we haven't even got summer out of the way. I actually came out into town to buy a barbecue and popped into this shop for a birthday card. I couldn't believe it when I saw these Christmas cards - no doubt the Christmas trees will be out on sale soon."

Of course, there's always the option of completely ignoring all the Christmas stuff, but there's nothing quite as British as moaning about Christmas coming too soon.

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