Selfridges, now with anti-homeless spikes

Selfridges are under fire for installing some anti-homeless spikes outside one of the entrances of its Manchester city centre branch. As a result of the spikes, a petition has been launched, gathering thousands of signatures.

Cathy Urquhart, a professor at Manchester Metropolitan University, writes on the petition: "These spikes are an affront to humanity. They tell the homeless that they are not welcome, that they are a problem to be moved on. We should be looking after the homeless, not demonising and scapegoating them. Manchester is better than this!"


Some of the comments on the petition are pretty forthright too. One says: "The homeless are people in need; they are not pests to be deterred or shooed away. Anti-homeless spikes are at the peak of heartlessness."

The spikes themselves, have actually been in place since Christmas, and Selfridges are adamant that they haven't been installed to deter homeless people, but rather, because there have been complaints about people smoking outside the staff entrance. Basically, Selfridges want you to know that these spikes are to deter absolutely every human there is.

Charity, the Manchester Angels, will be setting up their Street Kitchen beside the spikes this weekend and Help The Homeless of East Lancashire will be joining in too.

Of course, there's been a number of issues with these spikes, as previous protests have taken place outside a Tesco on Regent St, London as well as a Halifax in Swansea. After protests, the spikes were removed.

Figures showing that people sleeping rough are up by over a third since 2010, but a minority of people will invariably side with businesses as polls regarding this situation always show that there's a loud support in favour of the actions of the businesses involved.


  • npfiii
    "We should be looking after the homeless" Oh, so you'll have a spare room or two to let some sleep in then? No? Shut the fuck up then, you pious twat.
  • Ol P.
    They don't work very well, I went past these on Sunday and there was somebody perched on the edge, with a cigarette!
  • Dacouch
    It's actually a new window display promoting 50 Shades of Grey
  • John K.
    If the homeless want to spend their heroin high outside Selfridges they should be able to. These spikes are a disgrace. Why don't you think of the junkies?
  • PC S.
    I really don't understand the problem with these. Nobody moans about the spikes on ledges to put off flying rats.
  • James E.
    I just thought that they must have fucking big pigeons in Manchester!
  • Coran
    Classic case of "I want good things to be done, but I'd rather someone else did it for me". Like businesses have a responsibility to provide sleeping areas for homeless. There are plenty of charities that do that.
  • Jessie J.
    5 layers of cardboard and problem solved!!
  • Father J.
    Quite right, they don't want dosser grease all over their nice clean windows.
  • Big M.
    Many years ago I worked in a town centre shop which had a garage around the back with no door on. 3 homeless people slept there on occasions which I tolerated. They soon left when I pulled up in my car, which I didn't want done over out of 'revenge'. I was always as pleasant as possible when I had to ask them to leave so I could park. I did try and deter them by soaking the floor with thin bleach constantly. It didn't work. On more than one occasion I had to call the council to get rid of their used syringes. When I left the boss had to put up with them so got the landlord to put a door on the garage (like I asked for for months on end) which he did. The garage wasn't big enough to close with a car in it, so it could only keep them out at night. A few weeks later his car got fucked quite badly during business hours. Moral of the story? If you don't like these homeless spikes then work in a soup kitchen every week before you start preaching. Walk the walk maybe, not just talk the talk. Oh yes, wait until you see a used sharp blowing around a pedestrianised area and see how you feel then.
  • Euan
    Local news report on these included an interview with a homeless guy who indicated that nobody wanted to sleep there anyway as it's too narrow. But let's not have facts getting in the way of our outrage, eh!
  • digibanger
    everybody has a story, there but for the grace of god go us..... say your wife dies of cancer in a year, you go to shit, loose your kids, job, family etc. Where do you hide, perhaps inside a bottle or needle. Could be your arse on those spikes..... think before you judge modafoders

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