Sainsury's to trial 'slow shopping'

Sainsury's to trial 'slow shopping'

If you're an old person, or are a vulnerable shopper, Sainsbury's have hit on an idea.

'Slow shopping' for those who like to pick up their groceries themselves, but can't handle the hustle and bustle of a regular supermarket experience.

This is thanks to Katherine Vero, who came up with the idea when her mum couldn't do her shopping anymore - something she enjoyed - when she developed dementia.

Now, as a trial, there's going to be a 'slow shopping' section of the week, at the Sainsbury's store in Gosforth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, every Tuesday from 1pm to 3pm.

This could be a godsend for older people, and those with disabilities. If the trial is a success, we could see more supermarkets across the country doing this sort of thing.

Asda have already looked into this area, introducing a 'quiet hour' for customers with difficulties.

At the Sainsbury's trial, customers will be greeted by staff, who will also be on-hand should anyone need some help with their shopping. There'll also be chairs at the end of aisles, should anyone need a break.

Scott McMahon, deputy manager of the Sainsbury's Gosforth store said: "When my father developed cancer, I saw how hard he found shopping yet he still wanted to go to maintain his independence, so when Katherine approached me about trialling Slow Shopping I was keen to help."

"I knew Sainsbury's would want to support it too. We invest a lot of time in training colleagues in how to help customers with disabilities; so we were well placed to go the extra step of putting out chairs and manning help points, but it's our colleagues who really make the difference."

The Slow Shopping trials start from today (Tuesday, August 30th) at the Gosforth store.

If you want to know more about the Slow Shopping concept, then click here.

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