Sainsbury's to axe 800 in-store jobs

sainsburys Sainsbury’s are going to get rid of 800 jobs in their stores as they try and find ways of saving £500m over the next three years. This follows their cut of 500 jobs at the head office in January.

Roger Burnley, retail and operations director, said: “These are exceptionally difficult decisions to make and we have not taken them lightly. We set out very clearly last year that we have to reflect the changes in when and how our customers are shopping. These proposals will help us maintain and improve customer service by having more colleagues on hand and well-replenished shelves at all times."

Of course, this apes the moves made by Asda and Morrisons who offloaded thousands of staff last year. Tesco, in the middle of their most nightmarish period, are also sacking loads of people too.

Sainsbury's won't be having a nightshift team anymore, which means that some of that staff will be redeployed, potentially for morning shifts in a bid to change the way and the timing of when products hit the shelves.

Either way, Sainsbury's main concern should be why customers don't really want to shop their like they used to. It is all very well saving money on wages, but they need to shake things up in-store if they want people to start opening their wallets and purses to them again.


  • Han S.
    "Sainsbury’s won’t be having a nightshift team anymore" - Yes they will except in a handful of really small stores
  • will t.
    Although we have Aldi, Lidl and Asda within quarter of a mile from our local Sainsburys we still prefer to shop at Sainsburys, however we are very often confused with all the ' bus tickets ' that are issued at the checkout till . Why not cancel all your so called offers along with Nectar points and simply concentrate on cutting prices as do Aldi and Lidl instead of shedding jobs at the coalface.

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