Sainsbury's might not deliver your Christmas shopping thanks to glitch

Sainsburys+Store_200-1Thought you were smart getting Sainsbury's to deliver your Christmas shopping didn't you? You thought you'd miss all those awful queues and scrambles for turkeys by getting it brought to your door.

Well, that smuggery may end up biting you on the posterior as Sainsbury’s have warmed that all their orders from their website may not be delivered in time for the 25th December.

A spokesman for the supermarket apologised “unreservedly” and said: “We have been contacted by a small number of customers who found their online delivery slot cancelled when they reviewed their order. In the majority of cases we have been able to re-book their deliveries.

“However, in a small number of cases we were unable to offer a suitable alternative and we have offered these customers a gesture of goodwill. We apologise unreservedly to customers who have been inconvenienced in any way.”

If you're sneering at people who shop at Sainsbury’s for being common, you may be thrilled to learn that another retailer facing IT bother this Christmas is Fortnum & Mason who said yesterday that they are currently experiencing “severe” IT problems.

Ho! Ho! Ho!


  • Bill H.
    I got a phonecall from them, our delivery had been cocked up so they'd arranged for it to be picked by staff at our local branch, it was there waiting for me to collect along with 6x bottles of champagne, toys for the baby (the manager had picked up on the baby milk powder in our order) and a couple of tins of sweets. They gave us all this plus a full refund- excellent service, about £200 of goodwill!
  • Businessman
    Been screwed over by a large enterprise today (not Sainsbury) so nice to know that for once one of them is doing the right thing.
  • Alexio
    Slightly OT, but people who book or expect any delivery on Christmas eve are just asking for trouble....
  • Alexis
    That's bloody good of them Bill!
  • bittertraveller
    @Bill Wow, thats pretty good of them. I can't see Tesco managers being so clued in.
  • Mike H.
    Maybe they shouldn't be lazy cunts, drag themselves away from the XBOX, step out of the house and commence battle with the morrons in the supermarkets. I for one will be getting tooled with tazzers and pepper spray in the anticipation that some dumb fucker with an iPhone will be clogging the isles while they decide which whisky to buy!
  • Will S.
    Hey, I drink whisky, don't taint me, or my favourite tipple with the stench of iPhoney. They drink Martini and line, or pims and lemonade paid for on a nearly maxed out credit card. "Hey the Iphoney 4S is out gotta chuck my 4 and upgrade".

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