Sainsbury's launch same-day delivery

Sainsbury's launch same-day delivery

Sainsbury's are launching a same-day delivery service.

They'll be testing out this new scheme at three of their supermarkets, and should they work, they'll roll it out to 30 stores by Christmas.

Of course, this is a reaction to the relative success of Amazon, who have been doing same-day delivery for a while now.

Seeing as Amazon teamed-up with Morrisons, the competition have to do their own legwork to stay in the game. They're being chased on price by Lidl and Aldi, and on premium services by Amazon.

So, the shops testing this out will be London's Streatham Common, and Richmond and Brockwood in Surrey.

You'll be able to order your shopping (by noon) and get your groceries within 6 hours.

Sainsbury's said: "Assuming the trials are successful, same-day online grocery delivery will be available in 30 stores by Christmas."

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