Sainsbury's launch one-hour delivery!

Sainsbury's launch one-hour delivery!

One-hour delivery is a hot-thing in the world of retail, with Amazon leading the way. Now, Sainsbury's are getting in on the action, and launching their own service.

The supermarket have developed an app called Chop Chop, and through it, you'll be able to order (up to) 20 items which will be delivered from your local Sainsbury's within the hour.

They're going to be using staff who cycle, very much like the Deliveroo deliveries you've seen.

The supermarket is testing the service out in London initially, and if it proves successful, they'll roll it out to other cities.

Will they fend off the threat from Amazon and their Prime service? Well, they might. Amazon charge a lot of money for a subscription, whereas Sainsbury's don't (for the time being).

Sainsbury's have said that they've recruited a team of 40 cyclists and grocery pickers for this new one-hour delivery service.

Jon Rudoe, Sainsbury's director of digital and technology, said: “Speed of delivery is important to some customers, so we have brought back our bicycle service to test demand further."

“In Wandsworth, customers are using the new one-hour delivery service to buy forgotten items, or emergency goods when they cannot leave their home or have invited guests on the spur of the moment."

"If it proves popular, we might introduce it to other areas of London. It complements our same-day delivery service, which is available at selected London postcodes through our online groceries service."

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