Sainsbury's extends price pledge online

sainsburys Sainsbury's are extending a price matching scheme to online orders, in a bid to win everyone over. Doesn't help if they don't sell anything that you want, but the thought is there at least.

The ailing supermarket said that they're going to expand their Brand Match scheme to online orders from August 19th.

You'll know this scheme if you've been in one of their stores any time since 2011.

Basically, it works like this - Sainsbury's prices are compared with similar branded groceries at Asda and, if Asda are cheaper on a basket of at least 10 items, Sainsbury's customers get a money off coupon for the difference, which you can spend on your next shop.

Or, you could forget about having a pocket full of vouchers for 28p, and just shop somewhere that is cheaper in the first place. And people wonder why everyone's off to Aldi and Lidl.

That might be why Sainsbury's posted a sixth straight quarter of falling underlying sales in June, and have seen their share price drop by 19% over the last 12 months.

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