Sainsbury's drop a shop window clanger

Window displays can be works of art, but mostly, they're a load of cobblers. However, Sainsbury's have taken it next level thanks to whacking a poster that was clearly meant for staff only in the front of one of their stores.

Where a nice offer or charity drive should be, instead, some berk has put a poster up which says 'Hey! Staff! Lets try and rinse people for a bit more money! Right guys? Right!'


The poster, as you can see, regards the Fifty pence challenge (no, not a thing where you place a 50p between your buttocks and try and drop the coin in a glass) where the staff have been challenged.

"Let's encourage every customer to spend an additional 50p during each shopping trip between now and the year-end," says the poster THAT THEY HAVE STUCK IN THE FRONT WINDOW.

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  • Jackie H.
    I am disgusted at this attitude from Sainsburys, bet that similar things happen in all the large supermarkets. However the answer lies in our own hands. When asked if we need any stamps, sweets, cgewing gum etc. Etc. We simply say NO! Make a shopping list of what you need and stick to it, dont be tempted with the offers of 2 for £?, chances are you buy the "bargain" and it gets tnrown out. It's high time the public stood up to these supermarket giants or go to Aldi and Lidl ! Simples.
  • wendy
    I reckon a Tesco's boss has ordered someone to put these out in Sainsburys to take away their issues! haha!
  • Rich
    @Jackie - Sainsburys are a commercial organisation with the sole purpose selling as many products as possible at a profit, there is absolutely nothing wrong with them asking their employees to encourage an extra 50p spend. So many people seem to think of these companies as non for profit public bodies, they are not and they owe us nothing but a commitment to comply with trading standards. That said, if you are really opposed to these large supermarkets, support local businesses instead and visit your local greengrocer, butcher, deli etc. Shopping at Aldi is really no different to shopping at at Sainsburys, they too are a huge, multinational 'supermarket giant'.
  • Sally w.
    Of course they are this is retail they are trying to run a business doh how niave!!! I have worked in major department stores do you not think they do the same the staff are all under so much pressure to Increase sales and open card accounts. I bet the visual team will get the sack for this you dont accidentally put a poster up in the window there are strict guidlines for every store. Sabbotage methinks tut tut...
  • No c.
    Am the only one that don't see any problem with that? They are not a charity!

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