netto Ah Netto – supermarket of kings. Well, not kings as such – more people in rags smoking fags, disconsolately spending their meagre benefits on cider and Sara Lee gateaus to get through another miserable day on Earth.

So it’s something of a surprise that Sainsbury’s are partnering up with the Danish super budget supermarket, and plan to open 15 stores in the UK by the end of next year.

Netto bit the dust in the UK a few years ago, after Wal-Mart bought up stores to turn into branches of Asda.

However, the Sainsbury’s deal will put Netto and that depressing Scottie Dog With A Shopping Basket logo back on the map in Britain, and allow them to take on the budget supermarkets. Strange, eh?

‘You would not have dreamed up this combination in a million years,’ says Bryan Roberts, an analyst at Kantar Retail in London. ‘They make very unlikely bedfellows. At the same time, it makes sense, giving both of them access to the fastest growing segment of the market.’

But even with Sainsbury's involvement, why would anyone want crappy old Netto back, now we’ve got the crowd pleasing Aldi and Lidl?

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