Ryanair: Voted the worst company in Britain

Bitterwallet - Ryanair Unsurprisingly, Ryanair has been voted the worst brand in Britain in a Which!!! survey.

Passengers said Ryanair was "aggressive and hostile towards customers" while staff were referred to as "rude and unpleasant". One person responding to the survey said that they'd be happy to pay one of Ryanair's infamous additional charges if they afforded the luxury of being "treated like a human being".

Ryanair, obviously, weren't having it, saying that passengers enjoyed "Europe’s best customer service", adding: "In August, 94% of our 54,000 flights arrived on-time (a record), we had less than one complaint per 1,000 passengers and 99% of complaints were answered within 7 days."

Following the budget airline were TalkTak and npower.

The Best 10 were: 1. Lush 2. Lakeland 3. First Direct, John Lewis 4. RAC 5. Amazon, Waitrose 6. Pets at Home 7. Waterstones, Specsavers, Dolland & Aitchison, Sainsbury's 8. Marks & Spencer 9. Nationwide, Green Flag, Screwfix 10. Clarks, Smile, NatWest.

Top 10 worst: 1. Ryanair 2. Npower, TalkTalk 3. 99p Stores, TK Maxx 4. BT, EDF Energy 5. SSE 6. British Gas, Three, Poundstretcher 7. Sky, Sports Direct, Lidl, Royal Bank of Scotland 8. Vodafone, WH Smith, EON, Poundland 9. Toys R Us, BHS, Capital One, Bank of Scotland, The Hut, MBNA, Shoezone, JD Sports 10. EE, 02, easyJet, Dunelm Mill, Co-op, Maplin


  • shiftynifty
    The usual suspects in the worst list....energy utilities, and telecoms
  • Andy A.
    but surprisingly not many Banks?
  • Andy P.
    but surprisingly not many Arms Companies?
  • Andy W.
    but surprisingly not Lapland New Forest?
  • Andy M.
    but surprisingly not De Beers?
  • Andy B.
    but surprisingly not Xephero?
  • Shiftyniftysshadow
    But surprisingly not bitter wallet
  • Feck N.
    example of ryanairs best http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2426352/Ryanair-forced-distraught-father-pay-160-change-flight-moments-learning-family-died-house-fire.html
  • Andy Y.
    but surprisingly not Yodel?
  • KTF
    Ryanair are a British brand now? And here was me thinking that they were Irish all this time...

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