Royal Mail lets you post large parcels on Sundays

Royal Mail Sunday post

If you're a business that wants to get things posted on a Sunday, or someone who forgot to send your niece's birthday present in time, good news - you can post large parcels on a Sunday for the first time, thanks to a new service from the Royal Mail.

Now, it isn't available to everyone, as the Royal Mail will be doing this through its "service points".

As of today, you'll be able to post parcels and the like, at the Royal Mail customer service point at their local Enquiry Office. Most of these points are only open six days a week, but around 100 of them are open on Sundays.

You'll have to weigh your parcels and stamp them correctly at home, which is a bit irritating, but if you know what you're doing (or are willing to overcompensate), this could be just the thing.

This could be especially good for those who make their money as eBay vendors, or similar.

Nick Landon, managing director of Royal Mail parcels, said: “This is great news for our customers. Our focus is always on improving customer convenience and access to our network."

"Now our Royal Mail Customer Service Points at our local Enquiry Offices are a hub for customers to access all of our time critical, safe and secure delivery services in addition to an already impressive network of postboxes and local Post Offices. Customers can pick up their online shopping, collect parcels we tried to deliver while they were out, drop off parcels for delivery and obtain proof of posting if they need it, all under one roof."

If you want to find your local Enquiry Office, click here.

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