Robbery-gone-wrong news: robbery goes wrong

17 May 2012

It’s always nice to see a shop robbery going horribly wrong, or right, depending on how you look at it. That’s what’s happened here, as West Lothian shopkeeper ‘Admiral’ Akbar Ali (we’ve just given him the ‘Admiral’ bit) weighs up his options when faced with a knife-wielding robber.

Sensibly, he opts for the folding stool, repeatedly battering the robber with it until the baddie realises that there’s nothing to be gained and turns on his idiotic heels. Good work ‘Admiral’!!!

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  • Shaniaa
    aye it runs in ther blood theyalways fighting sum1 cos they always being invaded! n now they coming over teh scotland ti help us fight the scum!
  • Bloke
    He'll probably be arrested for breaching the robber's right to rob.
  • Numpty D.
    Good on him, I hope he broke the f**kers arm.
  • Mr C.
    Give Mr Ackbar a medal!!! Fair play to him for defending himself and his property!!!
  • Admiral A.
    IT'S A TRAP!!
  • Frank P.
    The poor robber only wanted the stolen Death Star plans back. It is quite clear from the video that Admiral Akbar kept them hidden in his till.

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