Retail Deathwatch: Floors-2-Go in administration, but is partially saved

retail deathwatch There’s probably some vaguely amusing pun to be made about people who sell flooring being laid off, but we’re not going to be partaking in that sort of thing. Another notable company has called in the administrators, Floors-2-Go, with 53 stores closing and 192 jobs going.

But it isn’t a complete catastrophe, as the administrators, Senate Recovery, have sold the remaining 35 stores to a company called Nixon & Hope. Hopefully Nixon & Hope will have some idea about what they’re doing as they were formed by TWO FORMER FLOORS-2-GO DIRECTORS! Namely, Parjinder Sangha and David Vizor.

This is the second time that Floors-2-Go has plunged into administration in the past three years. Back in 2008, the company was saved when its original founders, brothers Robert & Richard Hodges, swooped and injected £3m, after having sold up to an investment bank in 2004. The Hodges brothers are believed to have been involved in funding the latest buy-out. Flooring mad they are.


  • MrRobin
    There seems to be a bit of a growing trend in companies with dumb 'txtspk' names going bust... xxx-2-Go, yyy-4-U, zzz-R-us, etc etc
  • Troll
    I really hope these fuckers go under, i can't stand the adverts and that smug fucking beaver: "They know more about wood than i do...and i'm a beaver"....evidently they don't, stupid cunts
  • Bright s.
    Actually I think its another sad day that a vibrant retailer like floors2go has been struck by the recession which is hurting all of us. But at least some stores are saved, and a couple of hundred jobs. And I do believe they know more about wood than you do! As you are evidently thick as a plank!!
  • Curlysbro
    Believe me they were a shocking company to deal with, there customer services were by far the worse I have ever come across. Good riddance.
  • Graham
    They may have saved some stores but what about the customers who paid cash up front
  • john
    im one of those who paid £550 and did not receive the goods so i completed a refund request form but have not received a cheque, where do i and others stand
  • anticorruption
    complain to trading standards office of local council and contact Floors 2 go HO newtown row Birmingham 6 still trading new owners are the orginal directors who were insolvent in old co have said they will honour all of the orders. the ones who lost out here are the 192 staff who lost their jobs and had their last months pay stolen so that old co could be bought by new co at a knock down price see Senate recovery web site notices 1 september 2011.
  • Boris
    If you feel you've got a genuine complaint about how Floors2Go have acted you can report them here: This may be from them knowingly accepting your order despite the directors being aware they couldn't fulfil them to you seeing their pre-pack administration with almost the same directors as unlawful and blatant debt avoidance!
  • Alyson
    I purchased a floor from floors to go on 18th November while under new ownership of Nixon & Hope. They cannot get the floor and I cannot get any real answer to when I am getting my refund!!!!!! Stupidly paid by debit card too!!!!!!!

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