Retail Deathwatch: Current top ten merchants predicted to bust

We launched the Retail Deathwatch mini-site the other day with the intention of tracking who consumers think will be the next brands to bite the bullet this year. Some of you got it and others erupted in spasms of sanctimonious outrage. THINK OF THE CHILDREN PEOPLE!

As said we do not have the god-like ability to make merchants go broke. That would be great because we could charge a lot for it, make it through this economic shitstorm unscathed and distribute the coinage like Robin of yore. No, sadly all we can do is use the collected wisdom of all your predictions to map which retailers are thought to be under most threat in the current economic climate.

So here's the current top ten as collected from everyone's Deathlists (make your own):

1. Currys (52 lists)
2. PC World (48 lists)
3. Jessops (41 lists)
4. WHSmith (34 lists)
5. BHS (30 lists)
6. JJB Sports (20 lists)
7. Homebase (17 lists)
8. Dixons (15 lists)
9. Focus Do It All (13 lists)
10. HMV (11 lists)

The more lists we have of who consumers think are under threat the better picture we have of which retailers are possibly on shaky ground. If you want to contribute your predictions hit up the make a list page and send it in.


  • Liddle m.
    But guys, think of the children. They won't be able to buy £74.99 HDMI cables at Currys. 9. Focus Do It All (13 lists) - Huh? Never heard of them. But sounds like I haven't been missing anything.
  • piggeh
    Would only miss two of those (homebase and WHSmith, although I don't use them often, they're useful shops). Still, at least there'll still be Wickes and Ryman stationers eh ;)
  • Ducky
    @ Liddle
  • Liddle m.
    Thank you Ducky. I've just had a look at their "Massive £10 Million Stock Clearance", but nothing took my fancy.
  • The T.
    No way WHSmiths will go - they are creaming it from their travel outlets at Stations and Airports.
  • Coral
    Yeah Might T, but they need to survive online aswell or fill voids left by other merchants, and whilst they're being clustertupped by Amazon, HMV, Play etc etc who DON'T charge p&p on media, they're going to struggle.
  • midnighter
    Also, I would have thought waterstones might be up there too.
  • MSP
    @ Liddle - Love your first comment! Your presence on bitterwallet is a good counter to those that seem to take things a little too seriously.
  • say w.
    HMV wont suffer, they have no debt and hardly any competition
  • spaceman
    Anyone think Comet will go?
  • Ducky
    @ wot I thought they made losses near the end of 2008? I could be wrong...
  • manintheknow
    "No way WHSmiths will go - they are creaming it from their travel outlets at Stations and Airports." The WHSmiths Travel branches are a seperate company (probably for tax reasons) and I have heard that they are all that is keeping the brand afloat. So in theory WHSmiths could go into administration and leave the travel branches coining it in by charging £1.35 for a disposable lighter.
  • Liddle m.
    @ MSP - thanks for that!
  • World
    Not really a top ten is it considering three of them fall under the same company.........
  • Rob
    Deenhams??? why has no one mentioned Debenhams, they've got huge debt they can't service
  • Tony
    @ Paul Nikkel So let's get this right then, someone is "erupting in spasms of sanctimonious outrage" if they have a different viewpoint to yours ? Do you only want people who agree with you to visit this site ? Is that what Bitter Wallet is all about ? I wouldn't mind debating your 2nd paragraph in the O.P. but my guess is it wouldn't be well received. I'll bow out, best of luck.

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