Retail Deathwatch: Coffee Republic's cup is empty

Bye bye Coffee Republic, in these troubled times you were one high street caffeine merchant too many. The administrators have been called in and loss-making outlets are expected to close, with profitable ones sold on to the highest bidder.

Starting out as a single store in London’s West End in 1995, the company grew rapidly to eventually occupy 187 sites, but has failed to match up against the might of its main rivals Starbucks and Costa.

Insert your own joke about bean counters here.


  • Reser
    It is a shame that a Coffee shop that started in the UK has gone bust and we are left with the big American companys.
  • Gordon B.
    That's why we should all support Wimpy.
  • Will B.
    Yeah, those nasty American ones like, um, Costa, and Caffe Nero, otherwise known as those BRITISH coffee shops...

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