Racist T-shirt man forced to remove badly made racist t-shirt

We all love a good t-shirt that urges us to ‘Keep Calm and Have A Nice Pint of Lager’ or a personalised ‘Kiss The Chef’ apron. Oh how we laugh when our mate Linda makes us wear ‘CHYLAMIDIA ON TOUR, HALKIDIKI 2013’ t-shirts for her hen night getaway. It’s a bit of harmless fun, innit? Harmless, tedious, arse achingly pedestrian fun.


But T-shirt printer Matthew Taylor of Newport, South Wales has taken his products to a new ‘hilarious’ level with his new range of RACIST tees. You’ll fall over laughing when you see his latest creation – a stylish yellow on black affair that screams: ‘OBEY OUR LAWS, RESPECT OUR BELIEFS, OR GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY.’ Buy it for the penniless Slovakian cleaning lady in your life just to see the look on her face!

As a racist, Taylor inevitably insists they’re not racist, by mumbling something about Lee Rigby and saying ‘It’s not meant to be offensive, and that’s not why I produced it. It’s just what I believe…I don't see it as racist, because it's meant to be a statement about any race.’


The police say the t-shirt incites racial hatred and have ordered him to remove it. But Welsh MP David Davies defended Taylor, saying: ‘It is a sensitive time, but I can see his point of view. You should not be in this country if you are not prepared to obey the laws…I think the vast majority of people of all races would agree with that. So I don’t think it is a racist matter.’

(Still TOTALLY racist.)


  • D
    How on earth can this statement be racist??? It doesn't mention any race of people at all!I fully agree with the statement, how can you not agree with it?
  • Nelmer
    Is the T-Shirt just about Wales?
  • khrest
    Dont you love the way that asking people to obey the law and respect others can now be regarded as rascist?
  • oliverreed
    Is it racist? Plenty of scum here already with English as a first language, I'd like them to 'GET [THE FUCK] OUT OF OUR COUNTRY'
  • r
    To the people saying "scum in our coutry" etc blabla. Tell the BANKERS to respect our laws, and our beliefs (we want to be in a place where our money is safe).
  • Jim
    WTF is dis 4 real ?
  • Marky M.
    Yeah. YEAH. And we don't want nobody wearing hoodies neither. Like... oh, him.
  • Walter W.
    May I suggest Lucy you grab a dictionary and learn the true definition of the word 'Racism'
  • d
    Please tell us where we can all buy them from? I would like to buy 50 for my friends and family who will all love them.
  • amazon s.
    A real racist would have used a white shirt.
  • Jo
    I would have thought this chap could bring charges against the author of this slanderous story
  • Queef
    He should check with a lawyer
  • me
    lucy resign. You're a racist
  • Shiftyniftysshadow
    Another reminder of knuckle dragging brain dead peeps....and they say all publicity is good publicity...sorry but it is instigating racism...all in the name of sales....obviously no marketing budget or skills...he should GTFOOC
  • Fox B.
    WTF, Another shirt will say Now! its my country, you fucking go out of it
  • Natty
    Racist my arse its less than the poxy government tell you when you splash out thousands getting into the UK legally. Lucy your becoming a fucking bore with you sexist/racist rants.
  • Han S.
    Still selling them online so it can't be that racist
  • Shaun
    There is no mention of colour or race, and it says "respect our beliefs," not "agree". Not racist in the slightest. Oh, and I'm the son of an immigrant.
  • SB
    Not sure how that's racist. I'm black by the way, but born and raised in Britain. I consider this my country, and if foreigners don't have the decency to abide by the laws, or at least respect our ideals, like most the citizens here do, why be here? I think this is a case where the PC party have got over zealous.
  • Mr M.
    It's a bit like Luis Suarez saying "I don't talk to blacks", the language may not be racist but the meaning behind it definitely is.
  • Han S.
    @Karate Kid - I think you'll find Mr. Suaraz said a little more than that!
  • Captain.Cretin
    As (most of the) above, this is not racist - especially as the "respect" bit is EXACTLY what you get from most of the religious minorities themselves. You go to ANY other country in the world and you are expected to obey the local laws (as well as US laws if you are a US citizen), or get arrested/kicked out, so NOTHING on that shirt is a/ offensive. b/ racist. c/ inflammatory.
  • zeddy
    @Mr Miagi: Why is it a "bit like ...saying..."? There is no mention of race.
  • Philip o.
    At least he wasn't making fun of the holocaust, probably the most racist act in the history of mankind. Unlike the author Lucy Sweet who seems to think the holocaust was one big joke we can all laugh about now. Why the change of heart Lucy, got an interview at the Guardian? Don't you worry my dear, anybody unfortunate enough to make use of your 'journalistic' skills in the future will be sent a copy of your racist articles where you mock the genocide to ponder over.
  • Philip o.
    Oh, and Lucy? I will be contacting Mr Taylor and sending him a copy of this article along with your previous articles concerning the holocaust and advising him to consult a lawyer over this clearly defamatory piece of 'journalism'.
  • Milky
    Fuck off Lucy Sweet (seriously)! I am also a product of immigration & you are a fucking idiot "pretending to be a journo" tedious, misinformed & just plain wrong when it comes to understanding racism... this is Bitterwallet, we have standards here y'know. You add to the nation being fucked up courtesy PC confusion of your own making by not having a clue you fucking chump! Your views are not reality, it's far more complex than that! Hope you get fired from your unpaid, unworthy position.
  • Coran
    Lucy, you need to read the definition of "racist" in the dictionary... Do you think people who enter the country, then disobey the law, should remain in the country? Deportation for serious crime should be banned? Pick another PC crusade to try and make yourself look so terribly moral and better than everyone else. This is not the right one.
  • Sniper
    Game, set and match, Lucy.
  • Mike O.
    Keyboard warriors/numpties with nothing better to do out in force here. "oooo I'll tell my dad, he's bigger than your dad". 'tards.
  • Mustapha S.
    Possibly the worst story I've read on this site, and I never get involved in the whole 'slag the author' comments that this section attracts, but its embarrassing. The only thing that winds me up more than benefit scrounging murdering religious nuts, are the liberal types who scream racism at everyone who dares stand up for what they believe it.
  • Walter W.
    @Mike Oxsore Have you ever heard the term "people who live in glass houses'? You're as full of excrement as Lucy is
  • Russ
    The moronic police officer who came out with this 'racist' shite, should be sacked for being un utter twazzock, loss of pension and any right to severance pay
  • jt
    Posted by amazon zombie says • June 5, 2013 at 2:00 pm "A real racist would have used a white shirt." Brown shirt, surely.
  • Coran
    In the wise words of Charlie Brooker... "I think he hates people, and I hate him for that"
  • Lola F.
    To be fair, T-shirt excluded, the guy almost certainly is a racist.
  • Slacker
    I hate the BNP/EDL/Infidel nobheads as much as the next sane person, and granted this guy is almost certainly a knuckle-dragging Nazi BUT... how exactly is that T-shirt racist. Whoever wrote this shit is almost certainly lower down the food chain than the producer of the aforementioned garment. Shite journalism, shite shirt, shite blog.
  • dvdj10
    Isn't this pretty much exactly what the Aussie PM has said on numerous occasions. Funny how she get's lorded all over the world for being honest and talking sense but over he the same phrase get's branded "racist" by the moronic majority. @Philip o'Fish - I missed her holocaust "piece", got a link?
  • Old G.
    When Jill Dando got shot, I didn't want to hurt/criticize or insult the broadcaster who reported it. Isn't there something someone once said about not shooting the messenger? Or is it just an excuse to show how many "bad" words you know? :-)
  • Hello
    @ Old Git have you read the article? She isn't just repeating a story, she clearly states a few times comments like with his new range of RACIST tees Buy it for the penniless Slovakian cleaning lady in your life just to see the look on her face! As a racist, Taylor inevitably insists they’re not racist (Racist.) (Still TOTALLY racist.)
  • Coran
    Seems Lucy doesn't want to answer her criticism and explain why she thinks that statement on the T-shirt is racist...
  • Face f.
    Deathwatch: Bitterwallet
  • Joel
    In what way is this racist?
  • Han S.
    Lucy, The message on the tshirt in the photo seems to be an invitation to others to join in the multicultural diversity pish that citizens of this country have had rammed down their throats since the reptile Blair took office in 1997. You writing style suggests you are one of those people, sadly prevalent these days, who has a warped dictionary. FYI, "intolerant" does not mean "someone who refuses to change their views to mirror my own".
  • Teddy E.
    There's a lot of racists on this thread. They should buy Lucy's t-shirt for dyslexics with sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Yog S.
    Who is this Lucy fellow anyway?
  • Mary H.
    yellow on black is a fashion disaster, white on black would be more aesthetically pleasing and would put his message across better
  • Coran
    Still no word from Lucy, despite universal consensus that she is full of ****. Perhaps some reassurances we aren't going to have more inaccurate non-sense from this writer in the future... Bitterwallet has been devalued.
  • Colin
    At least 6 or 7 posts removed from this recently, wonder why
  • Zeddy
    @Hello: Goodbye
  • hw
    He has certainly hit the implode button!
  • hw
    now im banned! lol
  • Coran
    I've noticed the post disappearing over the days too. I wonder how many bannings will result from this article... If Lucy refuses to elaborate on her article, she could always retract it... Silence doesn't seem to be the best course. It says two things... Either she thinks so little of Bitterwallet readers, they aren't worthy of a response. Or she's not big enough to admit she's wrong and retract the article.
  • Chewbie
    Flex wit da erbals

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