Products getting smaller, but costing the same or more!

money Which!!! have been crunching numbers and the like, and have found that there's a number of products on the shelves of our supermarkets that are getting smaller, but cost the same. In some cases, they cost even more.

It confirms what a number of us already think, and goes beyond simple inflation. It's one thing putting prices up - but giving us less product for our money? That's taking the Michael.

So which items are on the list? Well, if you buy a four-pack of Andrex toilet rolls, you'll now get 221 sheets where once you would've got 240, even though the price has stuck at £2. Meanwhile, dark chocolate McVitie's Digestives have actually gone down in weight from 332g to 300g, but the price at Tesco has gone up by 10p.

A packet of Dettol Power and Pure Bathroom Wipes used to have 36 wipes, but now has 32, but gone up in price at Ocado. There's more - Tropicana Creations Pure Premium Orange and Raspberry juice used to be 1 litre, but for the same price, you now get 850ml.

It is up to supermarkets what they charge for items on their shelves, but obviously, the wholesale price that they get their stock at also has a big impact on what we pay for goods.

"Shrinking products can be a sneaky way of increasing prices. We want manufacturers and supermarkets to be upfront about shrinking products so consumers are not misled," said Which!!! editor Richard Headland.


  • Andrezj
    How much are Which???? paid to reveal the blindingly obvious?
  • mark
    McCoys crisps.. used to be 50g now 47.5g....same bloody price..

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