Product Recall: Kidde Lifesaver Fire Blanket

27 July 2015

fireblanket Product recall time again, and this time it is the Kidde Lifesaver Fire Blanket, which has been identified as a potential safety hazard.

Sold at Asda, and other shops, the recall says that the problem "may impact the fire blankets’ effectiveness in the event of an oil pan fire."

There have been no reports of any incidents, but testing showed that certain fire blankets are a risk and may not fully extinguish an oil pan fire and/or may allow the fire to reignite very soon after application of the fire blanket.

If you have one of the potentially affected fire blankets, you must not use it on any oil pan fire.

So, if you have one, return it to the retailer it was purchased from as soon as possible. Kidde Safety Europe Ltd will arrange for a compliant replacement fire blanket to be supplied to you which meets the British safety standard.

The recall continues: "The potentially affected fire blankets are 1m2 in size. The fire blanket containers are labelled with the brand name “Kidde” or “Lifesaver” and are marked with the kitemark symbol. The Kitemark Licence Number 35021 is also displayed on the container where marked below. The label on the fire blanket refers to “Homesaver”.

If you have any questions, contact the Kidde Safety helpline on 0800 917 0722 or email to [email protected] For further information see our website at:

They're still being sold at Amazon and on eBay, so please don't buy them.

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  • oldgit
    Anyone have any idea where these are manufactured? I'd have a small bet its a country beginning with C and ending in ina.

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