Product Recall: Frozen Fleece Blanket

20 July 2015

frozen There's a product recall on the Frozen fleece blanket (937473) which has been on sale at The Range.

In a statement, the retailer says: "We have been made aware of concerns regarding the safety of this fleece blanket. This design contains a decorative blanket stitch along the edge which may unravel at below recommended force requirements."

"This poses a potential risk of strangulation. In the interest of health and safety if you have purchased this item you are able to return the item to store to receive a full refund. If proof of purchase is not present at the time of your return, store credit to the current retail value will be issued."

"If you have purchased a fleece that does not have this decorative blanket stitch, the item is not under recall or review and does not need to be returned."

"If you have any questions please ask a member of staff or contact customer service at The Range Head Office on: 01752 725595 or [email protected]"



  • farhat i.
    i have purchased this blanket, how do i return back to you?
  • Joanne
    I have this blanket but not my receipt. Can I still return it to store?
  • Kat
    Why do people ask stupid questions instead of actually reading the article !? All the information you need is right there.

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