Primark mocks other retailers for being ethical

primark2 The big cheese over at Primark's parent company has told rivals that they must stop using ethical policies. George Weston thinks that other companies have being using their ethics as a way to gain sympathy from customers when really, they should actually try and change the way they work.

He said: "We must get away from the days of the past where companies parade their ethics as a marketing tool."

To back him up, this comes on the back of Primark seeing sales jump by a very impressive 22% with pre-tax profits up 44% to £514 million. Meanwhile, M&S see their profits and shares tumble.

It seems that very few customers boycotted Primark after the deaths at one of their garment factories in Bangladesh. Not that Primark haven't been doing their bit, spending £2 million on aid and support for survivors and victim’s families. Weston said: “If there is any good that comes out of Rana Plaza, it is a huge wake-up call that the sector has been long overdue.”

And Primark will be expanding stores in London and will be continuing to work in Europe, with 19 stores on the go already, and a further 20 planned next year.

Seems like good business and loyal customers doesn't revolve around being cuddly and ethical at all.


  • leeisgod
    They very quickly put money in to help out after the building collapse, unlike certain other retailers who were also using companies in the building, am sure arcadia dragged their heels.
  • fibbingarchie
    Look how far Co-op Bank got with it's ethical BS.
  • Daniel
    Matalan, Benetton, H&M, et al should be ashamed of themselves. There should be more press coverage and an outcry from the public about these companies for NOT paying compensation. Kudos to Primark for at least doing something and indeed doing the right thing.
  • Kevin
    Although it wasn't their fault, fault needs to be accepted by the local government, national government for their lack of enforcement for building regulations etc. We might moan about such things but they are there for a reason! Responsibility for poorer conditions that elsewhere is a seperate issue.
  • David
    @fibbingarchie Yeah if only they had been more like Lloyds TSB, NatWest, Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland, Halifax, Northern Rock and Alliance & Leicester - who all did *so* well and didn't cost the tax payer a single penny... *sigh*
  • fibbingarchie
    David, my point was that it's ethical stance, an attempt to appear holier that thou, didn't help it much.. There was no suggestion it should have acted like Lloyds, RBS et al. I shall file your riposte under 'Non sequitur'.

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