Primark cause a stink with protruding ribs mannequin

Primark have a lot of detractors because their clothes are cheap. Snobs don't like it when people can buy new outfits, while others worry for the welfare of people in sweatshops who make the garments (but are seemingly less bothered about premium brands who do the same things).

Now, the budget fashion vendor is in hot water for getting all thinspo. A mannequin was spotted in one of the store's windows and, as the photo shows, the ribs are sticking out on it.


Shopper Mel Fraser wasn't happy about it after seeing it in Glasgow. She messaged Primark directly, asking: “Dear Primark, is it really necessary that these new mannequins have protruding ribs?"

She continued: "I’d just like to see mannequins in all different shapes and sizes in all stores rather than young girls thinking this is the only way to be."

Of course, thin mannequins also represent one of the shapes and sizes a woman can be, but you get the picture.

Primark replied, saying they'd look into it and said that they are currently changing its window displays. They've removed the dummy and in a tweet, said: "The mannequin you describe will not be used in this way again."


  • manfred
    Mel Fraser = fatty With half the UK set to be obese by 2030 perhaps young girls need a few more skinny role models
  • DragonChris
    OMG you can see the RIBS! This is not healthy!!111!! I suppose it would be more appropriate and acceptable if they had a Jabba the Hutt style mannequin in the window display? Christ almighty.

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