Primark are going Stateside!

primark2 You've seen them on your high street, selling two-stripe trainers for £2 to people from Trafford and t-shirts with the Notorious B.I.G. on them to teenagers who don't even like hip hop from Sheffield... but Primark have bigger ideas and they're eyeing up the United States of America!

That's right. The retailer is going to open their first US shops, kicking off with a 70,000 square foot store in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Boston store will be giving people more than a feeling at some point toward the end of 2015. There, they'll be able to buy animal onesies and 500 pairs of black socks!

It isn't ending there of course. There's negotiations under way which see the company planning to open further shops in the north-east of America by 2016. We suspect Jimmy Fallon might be scouring the internet for 'Primani' jokes as we speak.

Primark's owner - Associated British Foods - said half-year operating profits at their retail operations rose 26% to £298m, so they've got a bit of cash to gamble with and they said: "After extensive research, it has been decided to take the [Primark] concept to consumers in the USA."

One thing's for sure - people like cheap stuff. Target and Wal-Mart, you've got some competition headed your way.

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