PRICE ALERTOTHON! Bluetooth USB dongle for... £3.99

30 July 2010

Bitterwallet - Bluetooth USB dongle at Play.comIt's probably a pricing error, but as Hot UK Deals members know, favour fortunes the bold and every so often a handful of these deals are honoured.

So get cracking - have a Bluetooth USB dongle for £3.99 (RRP £139.99) which "converts a non-Bluetooth PC to Bluetooth enabled, allows wireless connecting to Bluetooth devices such as Mobile phones, PDA, PC, for data transfer, Networking, and Dial-up". And so on.

It'll probably disappear within moments of this post, so get over there and take a look. Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Matt for the hat-tip.


  • Stu
    the miss price is the £139.99 part! these things are this cheap normally! the kensington and belkin ones retail for £5 at most from amazon Worst 'tip' ever ;)
  • Nerg
    That's the joke.
  • Bored
    Or $1.80 shipped from delextreme.
  • speedski
    but like...its not even written in a funny way...
  • PokeHerPete
    Shit man, I paid £139 for mine, you think Ill be able to return it?
  • -]
    You can get them from poundland for you guess it, £1. £4 is hardly a bargain.
  • Bazinga
    What is Bluetooth?
  • ClearThinker
    You're all morons Irony? Saracasm? "joke"? Any of these terms ring a bell
  • PokeHerPete
    @ClearThinker I don't understand all this modern technology
  • Richard M.
    You will no doubt pretend that you have posted this as a joke regarding the bizarre RRP but, admit it, you actually think that is a good deal for something worth a couple of quid, don't you?
  • Nobby
    So it's gone up 50p from when it was posted on HUKD four months ago ....
  • -]
    I'd say the moron is the person unable to differentiate between irony or sarcasm. Which is it? Answer; neither.
  • ClearThinker
    @ -] Keep telling yourself that made you feel better after missing the point in your earlier post ;-)
  • Oz
    I ordered it, thinking it was a good deal. I've always wanted to get me one of these "honoured" misprices. That makes me a gullible simpleton. Still, my being a cretin doesn't exclude the possibility that the post was misconceived. There is no trace of irony on a first reading. anyway, at least I only lost 4 quid.
  • Johnters
    @ PokeherPete You could buy this for 3.99, then return your 139.99 one with the receipt.
  • Paul S.
    Oz - there's none on the second reading, either.

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