4 March 2014

Privilege checkers are always asking celebs and politicians about the price of a pint of milk. But now there’s an easy answer, thanks to Tesco, who have sparked a price war over the white stuff by charging just £1 for four pints.


Tesco has undercut its rivals Morrisons and Sainsbury’s by 39p – and they’re using milk as a weapon in the latest bid to compete with their budget rivals. Asda already sell four pints for a quid, but this is the first part of Tesco’s concerted effort to win back customers and offer them cheaper deals.

CEO Phillip Clarke admitted that Tesco had ballsed up by not helping customers enough during troubled times. He said: ‘Businesses which don’t change with the times don’t succeed and we did not change enough, not enough for our customers. But now we have changed.’

They’re claiming that their price cuts, which come with the not-very-catchy slogan ‘Prices Down and Staying Down’ could save customers £100 a year. They’ve also slashed prices on onions, carrots and other everyday fruit and veg.

But the National Farmers Union are furious, claiming that Tesco is ‘devaluing milk’ and causing problems for already cash-strapped dairy farmers. They called on the other major supermarkets not to follow Tesco’s lead.

Still, in the meantime, knock yourself out. Go mad for the milk. Have a bath in it, wash your hair with it, have cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner! It’s cheaper than water! (almost).


  • VulvaRevolver
    Sorry Tesco, but I've been buying four pints for 99p from Morrisons for over a year and you think matching their price instigates some sort of price war?
  • Mark F.
    Milky, milky, very milky....
  • james d.
    Yeah because that's what everyone was complaining about, the price of milk.
  • Ted t.
    Fuck off tesco was on three for £3 then you removed deal so price went up for a week, then you say £1 and what a bargain. I call shenanigans wankers
  • OldGit
    Aldi have been flogging 4 pints for a quid for ages (in Nottingham).
  • great s.
    £1 for 4 pints in Iceland too. & Lidl. For years ps, Tesco's own "brand" have also been doing 4 pints for £1, but that's gone now pps, Tesco recently increased it's milk from 1.29 to 1.39
  • Samantha
    I don't use much and I prefer the taste so I'm happy paying a premium for the filtered stuff. Although really it should all be filtered, why sell milk that spoils two weeks quicker, I know in places like an office they can get through a couple of 4 pinters in a day but surely overall it would drastically reduce wastage.
  • jt
    Sainsbury's 6 pint bottles were down to £1.48 today
  • Cockhead
    Milk is cheaper than water at motorway service stations.
  • carole k.
    Still too expensive 2x4 pints £1.80 at FARM FOODS same for 2 loaves of Hovis Bread which is well over £1 at Tesco
  • Trolley B.
    It is not just their prices they need to look at, it's the overall shit quality of their food, especially their fresh food.

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