Pre-boiled eggs, heading for the shops

Can't boil an egg? What's wrong with you? Boiling eggs is almost as easy as sucking them (according to the nanas of the world). With that, there's a product on the market called Yowk, which offers you a pre-cooked runny egg, which comes complete with pre-cut soldiers, some salt, a spoon and a lid that doubles up as an egg cup.

Basically, the egg (pasteurised) has been pre-cooked by the sous-vide method, or in English, this is a boil-in-the-bag egg. Basically, you make it like a Pot Noodle.


Yowk is being considered by a coffee chain and supermarket and at £1.79 a pack, it'll cost you roughly five-times the amount of a normal egg.

So, shout-out to all those people who haven't worked out that you can put an egg in a pan of boiling water and cook it for 3-and-a-half minutes and put some toast on at the same time.

The vaguely depressing thing about all this, is that there is probably a market for pre-cooked boiled eggs.


  • Rhi
    Does that say... yep, it says it takes five minutes. Brilliant. The only use I can think of is travelling. But then you'd need proper boiling water anyway so not really convenient either.
  • jim
    well they sell baked potatoes.... i mean how hard is it to put a potatoe in the oven or the microwave. they sell pre cut veg... i mean how hard is it to use a knife. but actually i always balls up my runny yokes so i might be tempted to try this..... yup im sad
  • Pre-Boiled B.
    [...] As for the price, Yowk is expected to retail at £1.79 a pack. So nearly twice what you’d pay for a carton of half a dozen regular eggs. #Firstworldproblems, ya’all… [Bitter Wallet] [...]
  • kingly
    Of course there is a market for pre boiled eggs in an age where everyone goes to the gym and protein is king.
  • Chippy W.
    No such thing as 'Pre-boiled'. It is simply 'boiled'.
  • Paula f.
    Pre-boiled egg would be a raw egg.
  • digibanger
    I mean how hard is it to spell potato
  • Chippy W.
    A pre-boiled egg is just an egg.
  • Father J.
    This product is clearly aimed at stupid, lazy fuckwits. They deserve to be fleeced, so I care not a jot.

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