Poundland thriving as Brits get thrifty

poundland It might be a deeply unfashionable retail stop-off point or it might be highly fashionable in an ironic kind of way, but there’s no stopping the rise and rise of Poundland.

The budget retailer has announced a rise of annual operating profits by 81% to £21.5m, on turnover up 28.7% to £509.8m. In these austere times, them’s some pretty mighty numbers and it’s almost certainly the impending age of austerity that’s got the punters flocking through the Poundland doors.

They’ve also announced the opening of another 50 stores in addition to the 263 they’ve already got, a move that could create as many as 2,000 jobs. Many of the 56 stores they have opened in the past year have been in former Woolworths sites.

Are you a Poundland shopper? And if not, to be perfectly frank, why not?


  • Ballu
    99p shop FTW
  • Joff
    I've been known to shop at Poundland, in awe of how cheap everything is. Peterborough's second store opens today - right now in fact, with Corrie's Katherine Kelly(?) cutting the ribbon. http://www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/news/tv_star_is_at_new_store_s_family_day_1_811122 Christ on a bike indeed.
  • Joff
    Ballu - Poundland customers are quite frankly far too middle-class to shop at a 99p shop. We also shop at Iceland, chortling at the plebs visiting Farm Foods. One day, we'll win £10 on a scratch card and be able to shop at Asda.
  • Marc
    How much do things cost at poundland?
  • Nigel
    I shopped at the €0.99 shop whilst living in Italy. This was back in 2005/6 when the pound was stronger meaning it was about ~£0.65 whereas now its ~£0.80. Do I win anything?
  • Paul
    I used to scoff at places like poundland until my girlfriend took me in to one. I was amazed to discover litre cartons of Mars Milk, and so duly took this precious swag home only to discover that it had become lumpy and had bits of weird stuff in it. Kinda puts you off.
  • Whois S.
    They have some remarkable bargains, but they also have some amazing rubbish. Who buys all the tat that they sell? Wilkinsons is always good for deals as well. But mixing with all those poor people is a little distasteful if we are honest isn't it?
  • Nobby
    I think we should rename our country to reflect our currency. Poundland would be perfect.
  • nicholson101
    not surprised when you can pick up HDMI, optical, and ipod usb cables for .......£1!!!!
  • Nick
    With profits like that, maybe they should lower the prices!! :D
  • zax
    I shop at 99p store, Poundland, and some other independent non-chain Pound shops. I wouldn't advise anyone to buy food like muffins or cakes or chocolate-based stuff like Ovaltine ( choc bars are fine )from them as you will have upset stomach. Good stuff I personally like that 99p and Poundland do are Bubble enevlopes, Lucozade big bottle, can drinks, Yazoo, Blank CD's/DVD's, body lotion, Loreal shampoos, handwashes, toilet rolls, Mr. Muscle, Easy washing liquid. Poundland do some good stuff rarely like Jhonsons & Jhonsons face cream or Clean & clear face washes, Guiat hero Guitar bag, etc. Independent 99p stores , what i like from them are Mazaa/Rubicon mango juices big and small packets, Spices, Turkish confectionery, Vanish, etc.
  • Alan
    I go in to check what a Pound is worth these days.
  • The B.
    It's all a massive Chinese conspiracy to take over the worlds manufacturing.

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