Possibly the world's most valuable sausage roll - free in the Daily Star

SEVEN QUID? Although if you want to be clever* about it, you could say that it's worth up to £700. It's still technically correct.

There's a mysterious asterisk next to the £7 figure there - anyone got a copy of the Star with the T&Cs in that can somehow justify this pastry-based weirdness?

Screen shot 2011-06-27 at 10.15.59

(* a pedantic idiot)


  • violentj
    its the amount if you use the entire weeks offers not just todays,so the entire offer could be worth up to seven quid if you get every item this week
  • Grassy T.
    Do Greggs have outlets at motorola service stations?
  • Joe W.
    As previously posted, I think it has something to do with the deal being on all week, 7*£1=£7 I see what you mean though, at first glance..l £7 for a greasy soggy sausage roll?HA!
  • Justin T.
    @Grassy Troll Does Motorola have phone shops at Greggs susage roll bars ?
  • Yue
    £7? Damn tories and their inflation creating economics.
  • Numpty
    Ahah It is attack of the tiny woman and massive sausage roll again, greggs sausage rolls are never that size. She is clearly overjoyed to be holding a .jpg however. Probably as she therefore won't have to eat a greasy sausage roll.
  • Dick
    Has she got really long arms, or is that the sausage-roll monster's hand on her shoulder? Anyway, it is £7 as it is contains a small amount of Michael Jackson's cock.
  • jim
    "contains a small amount of Michael Jackson’s cock." Like Macaulay Culkin?

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