POSSIBLE DEAL ATTACK: Fire sale at Comet?

new comet logo Administration has been confirmed, the website has been down and the stores have been closed, but Comet will be opening the doors again at 1pm, and there’s a strong chance that a firesale is in the offing.

The stores were closed while staff were briefed about the future of the company and their job prospects, and it remains to be seen what they’ll do with the current stock. No doubt any desirable bargains will be flagged up over at HotUKDeals.

It should also be reiterated that if you have Comet vouchers, you should use them as soon as possible, in case they become null and void as part of the administration process.


  • Seymour
  • Steve
    @Seymour - that Sir, is as funny as fuck.
  • Prince D.
    Not long back from comet just got a bargain......got a stroppy sales assistant for Free! oh that's normal priced.
  • Kevin
    Will it be a proper fire sale though? By that I mean in other closing down situations the prices are not always that much reduced atall and sometimes even more expensive than other or you are left with the poor tat after all the decent stuff has been sold off in advance.
  • Wavydavy
    I would imagine the big suppliers are frantically reclaiming their stock from Comets main distribution centres now
  • snedger
    I had been checking out their american fridge freezers on their auction site, there was quite a nice Bosch one that was mis-categorised - and could have turned into a bit of a bargain, nvm. I don't need a new fire, but then again I do love a bargain - perhaps I'll pop in on the way home.
  • chewbacca
    Fuck the poor cunts losing their jobs,as long as we get cheap shit cheap.
  • crap
    Wouldn't go as far as fucking the poor cunts that lose their jobs, but buying cheap shit on the cheap would be nice
  • Bob M.
    Grow up you pricks.
  • just be careful when bidding on their auction stite you don't buy a whole store.... along with staff n all liabilities...
  • Muhammed
    LOL, Fire sale? The games are probably gonna be retail price anyway even if the prices were slashed
  • guv
    You guys shouldn't make fun of people losing there jobs. Times now are very difficult. Also really disapointed because the lad who served me behind the counter was always so hot. I'll have to get his number before they close!
  • spyro
    @guv. You're probably right. Instead maybe we should make fun of cunts like you who can't spell ? Cunt.
  • james d.
    I share jack's hatred of the Swansea store.
  • Wongaporkpies
    6000 job losses. Now lets say each one of them claims benefits average £280 per month for JSA or Income Support a further £90 average in Council tax Benefit, then add housing benefit ranging from anything say £300 average so £670 per month x 6000 = £4020000. 6000 people no longer paying income tax or national insurance, and our government claims we are out of recession and the worst is over. FUCKWITS
  • foxes
    What if they all get other jobs instead in growth industries instead of retail? It's terrible for people involved in unexpected change but there are opportunities.
  • Steve
    @Wongaporkpies, @guv etc etc Firstly, none of the comments were directed at the Comet staff (Swansea manager excepted...) Secondly, regardless of the state of the economic 'recovery', it was always going to be "when" not "if" with Comet. Their busines model was flawed. They were shit back in the Eighties, and they didn't have the internet to compete with then. Seriously, would would choose to shop @ Comet unless there was a seriously good offer, or they were right next door? Thirdly - and more importantly to be honest - by no means all the 6000 staff would have been full time. Of those full time staff, many will find alternative employment in other sectors. It's also fair to say other retailers will sniff round the more attractive Comet locations. Whilst the 'traditional' retail sector is struggling, those with a more imaginitive business model are doing very well. The likes of Sportsdirect, Home Bargains etc might not be specifically interested, but others of that ilk will no doubt acquire some of the Comet locations. These will clearly provide Retail jobs in those same geographical areas. Finally - last time I checked going into Administration did not directly equate to suddenly shutting down all shops permanently. It's a protective measure, to help seek potential investment or takeover. As foxes said, it's very unsettling for the workforce, and it's impossible not to have sympathy for them.
  • Ric B.
    Sorry to burst your bubble Wongaporkpies but I've but I've not been as busy as I have the last few months for 4 years! Comet are crap but them going tits up means that bloody Curry's get the retail park advantage. If only the management were sacked off 12 months ago they might not have ended up like they have, I had one poor customer experience over the poor installation of a dishwasher that ended up with them taking it back, myself buying elsewhere and never setting foot back in their stores again that could have been sorted with an apology and a refund for the poor installation (water thrown out all over the kitchen floor because the installation team didn't remove a blanking plug when connecting it up in a new build home!). As crap as DSG are they have had thousands of my hard earned since and Comet sweet FA!!!
  • Al
    I can't say I've really interacted with staff from Currys or Comet, but my local stores are worlds apart. When you enter my local Currys you're met with high tech digital cameras, laptops, TVs etc. When you enter my local Comet you're met with a slightly depressing bin of reduced items, a row of analog phones, and a row of kitchen mixers. I'm sure the staff try just as hard whichever store you're in, but it's clear that there's been little investment in Comet for a while. Hopefully someone will come along and save Comet ... but it needs investment rather than another '5% off fridges' sale.
  • Boomshaw
    @spyro i think you'll find you're the cunt mate. Unlucky.
  • Cunt
    You're both cunts tbf
  • Chewbacca
    @guv I hope you're not the legendary guv from hukd. A man of the real guv's calibre would know the difference between "there" and "their"... On second readings, you're not the same guv. He's not a raging homo. Are you miles136?
  • Prince D.
    OOhhh what big boys you all are, you can use profanity without Mummy and Daddy telling you off. Shame none of you fucking arses can spell.
  • forceware
    So are there going to be cheap TVs or not?
  • badger
    @Chewbacca What, you have the time and care enough to clock other posters' names and try to match them up?? You need to move to England so you can actually get a job.
  • Steve
    Great offer on a HDMI cable at Amazon...! http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/1-5m-24k-gold-braided-hdmi-cable-1-4a-15-2gbps-24k-gold-plated-1080p-2160p-1-49-1352522
  • guv
    Sorry Chewbacca, it sounds like you're trying to get a piece of my dick but it isn't happening. I'm married and ain't interested in a hairy beast like you.
  • jimmy
  • David S.
    I worked at the Swansea store over Christmas a few years ago. Yes. They are a wonderfully dodgy bunch! If only the accountants could value Comet's stock of Monster cables at the selling price instead of cost - it would be doing fine. No... it would be doing better than fine. On paper it would probably become the UK's most valuable company.
  • JAG
    They Sale is on here at Reading. Just picked up a @ 15;00 Samsung Smart Tv 38inch £200 cash only being accepted. No Comet Guarantee but keep Comet recipt and the Samsung Guarantee is good as. Thank you to all the staff and hope the best of luck for the future.
  • jimmy
    @ JAG Any moron knows 42"" is the absolute minimum.
  • Confused
    Jag, yuo say you picked up a tv at 15.00, yet you posted at 14.50, is that some kind of future sight you have there or maybe a little lie on your part?
  • guv
    There aren't going to be any discounts like that at all let alone this early on.
  • Chewbacca
    hai"guv" fuck off and die...
  • whatfiresale
    What firesale?? most stock is being recalled by the suppliers to Comet. Suppliers have been sending in their guys to pick up stock. So whats left for the firesale??
  • Gabriella
    There is no fire sale. Very limited and out of date stock and prices higher than they were pre administration. Didn't see many buyer's and to be honest how can people grab a bargain like that at someone else's expense. Felt so sorry for the staff, some looked depressed. If I was one of their employees I would walk out. Why stay when you won't get any redundancy and you have been there 10 years to be treated like that.
  • quickiequestion
    Can someone/ anonymous insider tell me if there is a 'firesale' would Comet accept credit cards? or are they going to accept cash only?
  • Cooking B.
    All Comet stores will be shut on Wednesday to allow the staff to Mark down the prices...Sale will start on Thursday...No details yet on pricing however the amount of pristine stock that is still in the business I can't imagine that they will slash the prices too much at the beginning.
  • EX (.
    Would you buy a product from COMET, then find its faulty! You cant take it BACK.........NO COMET STORES ! Good luck to all comet staff in there future employment.
  • daisy
    @jack potter....YOUR AN ABSOLUTE TWAT!!!! YOU WOUDLT SAY THAT TO HIS FACEAND HE HASNT WORKED THERE FOR FOUR YEARS!!! get a life all of you!!!!! wateva wrong comet has done to you people who doing the job THEY WERE TOLD TO DO.....its not the people it was the company... these are real people with real lifes.... grow the fuck up!!!!!!
  • Q
    The language on this site is a disgrace. Are people so illiterate these days that they cannot speak without swearing?
  • Tim E.
    @Q I'd call it a coarse attempt at humour from behind the veil of anonymity. Either that or it is a deliberate attempt to irritate cunts like you. People who are easily offended should not be using the internet.
  • Gabriella
    @Q - You are very rude. People writing on here are not that bad. Don't post if you don't like what is on here. You seem a pompous little pxick!. PS. I think there isn't anything wrong with my grammar but I am sure you will find some cause to insult me.
  • Tim E.
    Been down to see the sale in Kent based store... 10-20% off at the moment. 10-15 customers. Majority of people leaving empty handed as even with discount better value is to be found at Currys. An example would be a top end ultrabook(tiny laptop); Currys is selling a more upto date(faster) model for the same price. The aging stock at Comet is really telling. I'll stick to using the internet to buy electronics.
  • jack p.
  • daisy
    @jack potter you really have no clue...FYI i worked in that store for seven years so yes i have got the facts...your the pathetic little man and the security would have let it go on. everyone seems to be a greasy cock sucker to you...maybe thats what you like!!! and dont call me a cunt have some respect...ohh wait there YOU DONT HAVE ANY!!!!!

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