fair play on replacing defective/damaged items

While most customers seem very pleased with Play, thanks to their kick ass prices, others have raised issues with replacing damaged/defective goods on time issues with obtaining refunds on postage costs.

So as a followup to our previous post on damaged goods in transit from, we decided to speak with the Play team. Here is a summary of what their super friendly customer service team informed us:

1. is based in Jersey. This means that the terms and conditions of sale that we enjoy here in mainland Britain may not apply. It may be worth checking their T&C.

2. Royal Mail handles Play items under £40 (as a general rule). Their standard delivery time is 3-5 working days, but RM's rules is to wait 21 days before handling items. This is why if goods do not turn up within the advertised 4 days, you are told by customer services to allow 21 days for it to arrive.

3. Fragile packages should have been sent out in cardboard boxes directly from the warehouse. If items were not shipped out in proper packaging that it would be a 'mishandling' case. In the first instance, customers should report damaged/defective goods via phone or online. You can reach their CS as a 1st point of call (SayNoto870: 028 90921724). Play will issue return authorization details and a return address within 24 hours (or less). It may be a good idea to make copies of these.

4. Send the item with your invoice and return authorisation email for deliveries sent via RM. Customers who have not received refunds on postage costs involved are suggested to email play. Play will automatically cover P&P in the first instance with a standard postage refund set at £1.40. This can be disputed as long as customers kept hold of their proof of delivery and receipt for higher priced deliveries. Items priced over £40 are sent via the Home Delivery Network, and Play will arrange for a collection to go out to customer.

5. While Play should be first point of call within the first 28 days, the manufacturers often could replace items within the first 6 months. Play has arrangements with manufacturers for defective goods, so past the initial 28 days, customers are advised to contact manufacturer who may directly replace their goods. Otherwise, Play will help as long as you obtain a "fault reference number" from the manuactuerer. If the item falls outside of a year, you will need a independent fault report to prove the actual product is defective/damaged.

You can also of course try the Jersey trading standards office on 01534 448160, but we would advocate doing this only if they sent you a whole chicken in a can instead of your Star Wars R2-D2 trash can. Then, feel free to make some noise.


  • Tino
    Vince - let it go, please. I am sure play give you guys quite a bit clickthrough money to hotukdeals... Or .. maybe they dont want to give too much and you are staging sth against them?
  • Ian
    The 28 day thing is a load of rubbish. I don't understand try and get away with this. I had a pair of headphones a few months old, and I was told I couldn't have a refund since the item was older than 28 days!! I quickly said what a load of rubbish that was, and quoted parts of the sales & goods act etc and they were happy to give me a refund.
  • Paul
    Point 2 is wrong. RMs rule is 15 working days domestic, 25 working days International. If we post something to Jersey we have to wait 15 working days before claiming loss.
  • SimbaK2K
    So what were the excuses for not having sent fragile items in proper packaging then? Or did they just fob you off with they "should" be packaged and didn't explain why their incapable warehouse department can't pack properly? Not to mention all their mispricing scandals they run. e.g. reduce item in price considerable, get lots of publicity, cancel loads of orders and screw people right off. But its okay because a) their cheap and b) they don't have to abide by UK law.
  • Joe S.
    @Paul - it's not wrong. The article says 21 days. 15 working days = 3x 5 days, i.e. Monday to Friday. Add in one weekend, 2 days, per week and you have 3 x 2 = 6 days. 15+6 = 21 days. Seems like Play just want to avoid having to explain the working day concept to people :)
  • me
    haha, the article moans about play and people defend the company. The article defends play and supports them, and people moan about the article. Why do you guys bother?
  • Andrew
    Is it UK law though ? Don't forget there's English, British and UK law (not to mention Scottish and, I'm guessing, Irish) - which can all be different.. AFAIK SOGA and all the other relevant laws are British whilst is a UK company. Pound Sterling is the UK's currency, however the Consumer Law is British law (with slight changes for Scotland, most of which are more sensible) so there's a schism between buying with UK money and being covered by British law. British consumer law is among the strongest in the world, it really is on the side of the consumer as much as can be realistically expected. Unfortunately it's lead to companies doing all they can to circumvent it, if not explicitly then at least by implication and omission. is just extending this by omitting the fact that you're not covered by British law, it just seems that way. On a tangent. Companies in general rely on people not knowing the law, Microsoft and their EULA is the big example. If you buy sealed software then any contract that's in that sealed box is automatically null and void. It could also be argued that simply putting a disclaimer on the outside of the box saying that you have to agree to a contract you can't read before buying the product isn't legal.
  • Paul
    @Joe - You would be correct, but RM count the Saturdays as working days too :)
  • victor m.
    get a fukin life PLEASE ;)
  • hgfkghfv
  • Andrew
    Good to see they've started letting the inmates use the computers again.
  • Vince W.
    @Andrew great comments, and love the Microsoft EULA tip. The Jersey move by Play is pretty smart imo. @Simba their only explanation was that the packaging department looks at items and determine the suitability. They simply stated that if it was sent in wrong packaging that is a 'mishandling' on their packaging department's part but they would be happy to replace it. They said it doesn't happen often. @Tino I think you're missing the point of the article :) The point is to simply lay out the process for those that receive damaged goods. I think Play are great, but it's a pain for people who receive stuff in the mail damaged because of poor packaging to make a trip to the PO, send it back, wonder whether they will get their money back for posting, or get concerned past the 28 days. @Joe thanks for explaining that. I guess one takeaway is that ordering over £40 from Play and using HDN (even though they aren't perfect by any means) they will arrange collection. Play do say 90%+ of people with defective items will call within 3 days from receiving items for return.
  • Ollie
    Spoke to postie today and he said royal mail no longer have the play contract but they still have to deliver them so they get left till last and they also just leave them on doorsteps and it does not say royal mail on them.
  • Vince W.
    interesting tip Ollie - if you have more dirt on the RM side of the story pls drop us an email. cheers.
  • James R.
    Spent hundreds of pounds at Play and never had any problems with orders or returns.
  • horsedick
    fuck you all
  • Party P.
    Play have recently sent me a completely different item to the one I ordered, in a ridiculously large box with no packaging inside, and with an invoice for someone else. So they must have my item. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice. I've worked in mailroom, and Play's invocie and packing system is from the 1980's. Mistakes like this should be impossible. THEY ARE EMPLOYING MONKIES.
  • Joseph B.
    I've just had my Laptop delivery attempted, I hope they try and knock on a neighbors house, or I'll will just wait for a refund. The reason I had it delivered is to save on travel so it defeats the object.
  • Insidergotoutintime
    @Party Pooper..... you say they employ monkies, thats all too true and foreign ones that do not understand, talk or read our language... or even know how many feet people have !!! The Microwavable Slippers were being packed by one of the above deliquents and instead of placing both slippers, yes thats correct one for the right foot and one for the left, she places one slipper in each box with the invoice, sealed and sent... God only knows what she thinks a human body looks like!!! A number of the boxes were found and repacked and was laughed off by some Senior Staff, I to laughed very hard at this, laughed at her, her seniors, her employers for employing her over the ''not up to scratch'' locals (thats another story, along with plenty more tales from the graveyard factory). out of all the billions of people in this world she must be the only one who thinks we have 1 foot.

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