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You can’t get away from targeted advertising these days. Anyone and everyone online reports your browsing habits to anyone who’ll listen, meaning the next time you log on, you are bombarded with in-site adverts for the item you last looked at.

Now it seems might be employing similar techniques. Avid Bitterwallet reader Damien’s wife recently ordered a “Build your own London cab”  from Play. In case you don’t know, this is a small model of a black cab that you make with glue and stuff. Now, have started adding a Things You Might Like type section to the end of their invoices. Given that Damien’s wife is clearly into model making, perhaps Play recommended she buy a different model kit or maybe even a jigsaw...


No. Play’s suggestions were a little more, um, adult. And when lined up next to those items, even a 16” plush Ted “with sounds and moving mouth” starts to sound a little grubby. Now, given that Damien gave us this little gem, it would be rude of us to suggest that perhaps his wife had indeed been internet searching for an “inflatable perfect man”. However, the alternative is that just have a dirty mind.

Meh. You pick


  • OlPeculier
    Something landed on my desk this morning from Play - pretty much the same list sans masturbation kit, but I've got the "fuck off eyemask" and quickie knickers. I also had "build your own London cab"... I wouldn't have noticed if this hadn't been published..
  • Ian
    What is a brush for bald heads?
  • Mike M.
    fox bum-mer
  • Idi A.
    £3.99 for the Build Your Own London Cab? It's listed at £11.99 now. Somebody got a bargain.
  • Dick
    So what did she go for?

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