Plastic Bag Tax: the best angry and confused responses

Even though most people know that the new plastic bag charge of 5p is really easy to work out, some people are having a really hard time of it. Some are angry, while sections of the press are talking about the 'confusion' that will reign down on the people of England.

Seriously. 5p for a carrier bag. That's all you need to know. It is so easy, that even an unborn foetus could fathom it, and they don't even have fingernails in which to prise them apart. Of course, this move is a bid to try and reduce the amount of litter that bags create, and cut back on the manufacturing process which isn't too great environmentally either.

Seeing as we've all got loads of plastic bags in a drawer or under the sink, stuffed inside another plastic bag, we should all be just fine, right? Wrong. One person is going to protest against this move.


Another is going to refuse to pay and has vowed to do it 'til the 'day they die', which is hilarious. All over plastic bags they already have and 5 pence they can afford.


Of course, the Daily Mail - who have long campaigned against the free use of plastic shopping bags from supermarkets - are now a bit hysterical about the whole thing, and came up with a genius idea of how to 'get around' the charges.


That's right! The whole point of the tax - to get people to use carrier bags they already have - is the Daily Mail's advice for just saying "NO" to these measures that came in yesterday.

We can't forget the chaos that will ensue, can we?


Some critics have said that the charges are too complicated, and may well lead to confusion and longer queues at the tills. Let Bitterwallet clear this up for you - you'll get charged 5p for a plastic bag so take your own, or pay for one. In some smaller shops, you won't get charged, but if you've got your own shopping bag on you, it won't matter will it? Or you can take one, and use it at Tesco or Sainsbury's or whatever.

Sky News even have a guide on 'how the new bag changes affect you'. A guide! It's 5p or take your own! It's a piece of piss to work out! Honestly, god help us if there's a war (etc).

Anyway, if you're going to be conducting a protest against your local supermarket for obeying the new laws, do let us know and preferably, film it, so we can include it in an article, so everyone can laugh at your impotent rage.

[images via the always excellent BestoftheMail]


  • bill
    And they wonder why retail recessions happen or why so many people simply choose to shop online...
  • James D.
    English people, it will be fine, you get used to it we promise. You will also notice there are far less plastic bags lodged in your hedgerows. Sincerely Welsh People
  • Albi
    Or just use the self service checkouts and select zero when it asks you!
  • Chris L.
    all you need is an axe wielding goldfish carrying a haunch of venison plus veg as a takeaway.
  • Raggedy
    I carry plastic bags in my rucksack in case I have to transport milk or sugar. Is there a chance I will get mugged just for the plastic bags?
  • Father J.
    If Observer tried this at the head of a queue I was in, I think he'd be surprised at the speed with which I would help him clear the checkout by heaving his entire week's shopping onto the floor.

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