Pizza Express swiping some of staffs' tips

pizzaexpress A lot of restaurants cream the top off their staffs' tips, because they're thunderous arseholes. It is a common, depressing tactic for businesses to take money off their staff who are often not paid enough. With smaller, independent businesses, you can at least vaguely understand the tactic, if margins are tight.

However, when it is a big company that makes loadsamoney, then it can be hard to stomach. Speaking of things being hard to stomach, we got to Pizza Express, who have been accused of swiping tips from their own staff for no good reason.

There's a protest afoot, and campaigners are rallying against an 8% administration fee that the chain levies on tips that are paid by card. Where possible, customers, should always try and tip in cash, for this very reason.

The union, Unite, has said that Pizza Express are "pocketing a cool £1m" from this practice, and added that a lot of customers have reacted to this news with anger, feeling that 100% of tips should go to staff. Of course, Pizza Express are not having this, and have said that this slice of the tips is used for managing a Tronc system "correctly and fairly", and that they're not profiting from this at all.

Dave Turnbull, from Unite's food and drink sector, says that this is all very unfair, given that most Pizza Express staff receive a minimum wage of £6.50 an hour, and are "heavily reliant on tips simply to make ends meet". He added: "The fact of the matter is that Pizza Express charges staff to process tips while many other restaurant chains don't."

"The Restaurant Group, owners of Frankie and Benny's, Chiquito and Garfunkels, hand 100% of tips paid on cards to staff. If they can do it, why can't Pizza Express?"

A spokesperson for Pizza Express said: "The allegations made by Unite in relation to Pizza Express and tipping are incorrect. All tips, very rightly, go to the people that deserve them - our valued restaurant team members. We already offer competitive rates of pay to all our staff, and tips are made in addition to that, along with further benefits and rewards."

Now, we hand you over to our commenters who don't believe in tipping...


  • Jaffacake
    Tipping is a good idea if you are a regular patron of an establishment, where the staff will get to know you. If you never intend to eat at a place again, is there any advantage to tipping? I say this because i have a sister-in-law who was a young waitress on very low wages. At the 'posh' restaurant where she provided silver service all tips had to be handed over to management on pain of instant dismissal. Half the cash was paid to the head chef and the restaurant owners kept the rest. No serving staff ever benefit from tips there; and that's still perfectly legal. Knowing that, why pay extra?
  • bill
    I think it's disgusting that Pizza Express add a compulsory tip to everyones bill in the first place. This isnt america. Tips should be reserved for exceptional service, not demanded for each and every transaction. Get with the times P.E.
  • Inspector G.
    The problem is that if the tips are paid by card then they have to be paid as wages and thus PAYE tax is due. 8% seems fair.
  • jaffacake
    is it compulsory? it's embarrassing to cross the tip out on the machine or on the receipt, but it's usually easy to do, and you'll be leaving in a couple of minutes and will never meet those staff again............

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