Pip pip! Burger King panicked by fruity fries

It's bad enough that Burger King are serving up deep fried apple to the Spanish - seemingly there's no reason you can't simultaneously enjoy one of your five-a-day and high cholesterol. Maybe. But who let the work placement girl with ten thumbs lose on Photoshop? Or are BK and their advertising agency so anxious that the customer might freak the fuck out at the sight of the ugly, non-fleshy pips that they'll shop elsewhere for their fruit sides? It's an apple. Now man the fuck up.

Bitterwallet - pip pip! Coreless apples from Burger King


  • Nobby
    It's amazing what scientists can do ... http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg15520972.500-making-the-pips-squeak.html
  • Ali
    Err dudes, they are not fried. They are skinned and chipped to look like fries and are designed as part of their new healthier range for kiddies. While the youngens look on and watch their parents eat a double whopper and develop hatred.
  • Gadget 4.
    Another apple story!
  • Pete W.
    Not to mention the fact that some of us can't read red text on a green background...
  • Gerard
    How do you know the text is there then................?
  • PaulH
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    Fucking apple fanbois.
  • applecrumble
    I've heard Macdonald's are doing something similar called the Apple Mac?
  • Graham
    @Nobby That article is from 1997 and I still haven't seen any pip-less apples in supermarkets near me!!! Clearly the scientists cocked up on that one!!!
  • Nigel
    It worries me why the bits of apple don't turn brown when exposed to air. What do they put in them?? Also that apple picture isn't showing a cut through the middle of the apple so it could have just missed the pips. Maybe?
  • Spencer
    If that bag of apple fries are side by side with a real apple, then each of those fries is about 18 inches long and as thick as a brick. Are BK engineering some kind of pipless super-apple?
  • thom
    I don't get what problem this article is trying to report on? BK want to offer kids a healthy alternative for fries but still make it feel like a take away experience. So they cut an apple into strips. BK have been selling these in the UK for at least a year. They are kept in the chiller so they stay fresh. You can see them here http://www.burgerking.co.uk/menu?producttypeid=6&productid=221
  • charitynjw
    I have checked the Unappetising Treats & Crappy Confectionary Regs (UTCCR) - you can't complain as they are core terms!
  • Steven W.
    [...] Pip pip! Burger King panicked by fruity fries | BitterWallet [...]
  • Pipzu
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