Phones4U to open inside Currys & PC World stores

28 July 2010

cell-phone-booth DSGi are aiming to raise their retail game and have tempted Phones4U to open in at least 50 of their Currys and PC World stores over the coming year. The move follows a trial of the idea in a handful of the group’s megastores in recent months.

The specialist phone-flogging areas will be staffed solely by a crack team of specially-trained Phones4U staff, thereby reducing the chances of mobile phone customers being pestered to buy unnecessary HDMI cables or Norton Frigging Antivirus.

Following the announcement, new DSGi rivals Best Buy flexed their own muscles, announcing that they’re chuffed with the response to the launch of their own ‘big box’ stores. A spokesdude for partner company Carphone Warehouse said: “We are delighted with the launch of the first Best Buy stores – the customer response is excellent.” Woah!

Here at Bitterwallet, as we riffed on the Currys/PC World/Phones4U story, Mof wondered if the Phones4U mini-stores would have a Starbucks in them and then I said something about there being a Sock Shop inside the Starbucks. You know, like Russian dolls or something. It was hilarious – you should have been there.


  • PaulH
    First Robbie Williams re-joins Take That now this... ...Is this the end of the world?
  • Ross
    Is this the same DSGi that slated P4U at every opportunity when it owned The Link ??
  • Sh
    Sounds hilarious!
  • Junkyard
    Many new phones have an HDMI connector, so it's a good job Currys staff will be on hand to remind customers that using an HDMI cable costing less than £80 will cause a significant loss in picture quality.
  • buymorebod
    My experience of mobile phone retailers is that they are even more cut throat than electrical retailers. OK, they won't sell you an HDMI or Norton*, but they will pressure you into their insurance, their cases etc and last time I checked, they ARE commission based, so you won't necessarily get impartial advice. Say what you want about Best Buy and DSGi, they don't get kick backs off you buying specific products. * Oh and Kaspersky do sell a mobile phone internet security package...
  • Stewie G.
    A shit inside a shit....
  • Ceri
    There is already one in the Cardiff Mega store. They are Phones specific and wont be able to give you expert advise like normal currys staff.... *cough*
  • The B.
    Wow, that means I no longer have to not shop in P4U and Currys, I can just not shop in Currys, how convenient.
  • fuzzchopz
    DSGi do get kickbacks for selling certain items (Norton & Office with PC's)
  • cuntbusta
    no fuzzchopz they don't get any kickbacks at all. they are targeted for ALL Antivirus now, not just Norton team and colleague bonus is done on how much margin per hour they generate, not on individual products.
  • Jonny S.
    If Currys don't get commission then why did one guy try his hardest to to get me to wait while he ran up to the PC world 2 stores down to get one for me. I've never seen so much effort!
  • cuntbusta
    the currys staff are targeted on attachments in general, its less product specific now but Norton is the one most profitable to the company in general. there are various KPI's that staff are measured on Antivirus software office bag mobile broadband computer WEH tech guys computer services TV WEH stand/bracket cables (scart/hdmi) etc etc Antivirus is now non specific. they also sell kaspersky and webroot for example the only real bonus available to sales staff is by making more than £55 of margin per hour worked. its less at £35 if your store hits target so to achieve bonus, you sell things that are more profitable, despite the big dogs saying its all about what the customer NEEDs. there are no kickbacks or CABS like previously, when you'd get £5 for doing a mobile broadband contract and £2 for a premium WEH. its all margin based now. pretty much the same as Comet and Best Buy are.
  • bestbuyarepants
    @ Jonny Spandex Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Are you actually telling us that what sounds to me like great customer service, made you suspicious of the guy's motives? You're a cock. He wasn't on commission, maybe he just really wanted to sell you a laptop, ever think of that? @ cuntbusta why don't you just go the whole hog and post your employee number so all these pricks can use your staff discount? if you hate working for dsgi that much, then FUCK OFF, or do something useful with your life like trying to stop a speeding train with your face. Twat!!!
  • LOL!
    @bestbuy are pants go for it dude why are bitter wallet with every single dixons retail story against us i recon its some cock end thts got fuck all better to do than moan about us every company has targets like asda how many suckers buy cocal cola from there when its 3 bottles for £4 you think ooooo bargin........ no there ripping u off they bought them 3 bottles at about 50p lol! £stretcher extra 3 litre bottle only a £, in a nut shell we dont rip customers off we enjoy our jobs we are happpy to work there and we love speaking to customers yes we have targets but all companies do so live with it, if dixons retail were not doing the right things we wud have went bust by now so live with it were here to stay!!!!!!
  • employee
    lool been working at pc world for quite sometimes, 3 years to be exact. personally speaking its all about customers needs now that colleage dont rely on pressure selling because its profit margin base, but i get irritiated with some customer that feel asif your trying to sell them the world. when you just giving them information which could benefit them. only for them to stop you and say sorry i just want the laptop thats it but only to return 1-2 weeks later and say i dont have this, when you explain they would say 'i wasnt told this' loool best line in the book. but yeah it all margin based which aint much because it all depends on how much you earn so if you earn 10000 p.a i think if am right you only get like max 6% that if you and your store hit target and from what i seen in my store no has got to the top. cabs was much better on a selfish point of view
  • kev d.
    hi going to pc world in the morning to see if they can give me a fare deal . They say they can buy my old contract out early who i am not to pleased with as the signal i get from 3 is poor were i am . So heres hoping i get the right and fair deal and they dont rob me ;)

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