Peacocks fans of Cheryl Cole and Take That this Christmas

As sure as eggs are eggs, Peacocks sell clothes. Workwear, swimwear, nightwear, footwear, outerwear, knitwear and all the party wear that attends Christmas parties only to be returned two days later, together with the excuse "it doesn't fit properly and I'll like a refund, please". Peacocks have over 550 outlets in the UK, and all of them to a store sell clothing, besides a smattering of accessories. So it makes perfect sense for Peacocks to move into music retail.

Hoping to plug the gap where Woolworths and Zavvi used to rule, Peacocks will be pushing the nauseatingly trite pop vomit of Take That, Cheryl Cole and The Saturdays into your shopping bags, while also selling a range of t-shirts to tie in with the artists. In a series of ghastly Frankenstein-style experiments, the two disparate products will be fused together to create a "gift package".

Bitterwallet - Cheryl Cole at Peacocks, circa 1894

But Peacocks is merely the puppet in this - it's Universal Music who are seizing the chance to claw back sales of their physical product by selling it through third party brands. Having said that, it's more of a return to form for the clothing retailers; when Peacocks was founded in the late 19th century, it was a penny bazaar that sold all manner of minutiae. Except CDs, obviously. 8-track tapes, maybe.


  • Bob
    "nauseatingly trite pop vomit", nice, not too ott, just the right combination of adjectives and nouns to make your point.
  • Bo
    Unless you shop in Peacocks, who gives a pea-cock! pointless article
  • Jeffrey A.
    You can't blame Penis-cocks for the fact that the most sold music in the country is the most manufactured-to-be-sold music in the country. They're just dumb and think that the charts mean something relevant to the general public. Basically, they'll play whatever we buy, and we buy whatever the plastic heads make us. As Del Boy would quite rightly say, ipso factum mon cherie.

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