PC World in dire need of TechGuys as websites goes offline

They're not having a great time over at DSG International, are they? The company is predicting significant losses from Christmas trading, reeling from significant redundancies and still mopping up customer service problems.  And now the parent company of Currys and PC World has lost nearly a full day's online trading - both pcworld.co.uk and dixons.co.uk have been offline since yesterday:

According to The Register, DSGI is claiming routine maintenance that began last night caused issues requiring "a few more hours work" to fix. If only there was a bountiful supply of IT specialists and technical engineers within the company to hel-



  • Tim
    currys.co.uk is down too
  • Matt
    Lol, just gotta laugh at these guys really...
  • Sergeant R.
    Pissy Werld is a fucking joke. £59.99 for a 15m cat e ethernet cable. Hope these arseholes go down and stay down.
  • Mike H.
    That'll learn the nerdy (no knowledge) idiotic cunts............... Norton AV anyone..................NO, FUCK OFF
  • Me
    Didnt woolies pack up their website just before they went into admin? I know zavvi not trading on theirs hit them big time (although this was more to do with lack of stock). Bet comet is loving it haha....
  • Red
    They have been having financial troubles - could be the next Woollies!
    Having worked in PC World over Christmas and new year, can say that www.PCWB.com which is the business arm of PC World also went into meltdown recently and no stores couldn't reach it... prety annoying when being asked for suggestions 100 times a day for mail order products that I couldn't even see let alone suggest alternatives or advice.
  • Anon
    DSGi is not in trouble, trading has been tough for them along with everyone else in the retail sector, they would sell a europen chain before winding down any UK chain (dsgi the next woolworths?? I dont think so)
  • Richard
    Lets not forget the people that work within the stores, people with mortgages to pay and mouths to feed before we start wishing companies go under, also the supply chain involved, a big group like DGSi going would leed to not only a whole lot of lost jobs at DGSi but could force a lot of other supliers under too. I quote "Seargant Ramsbottom "Pissy Werld is a fucking joke. £59.99 for a 15m cat e ethernet cable. Hope these arseholes go down and stay down." Thats the beauty of the internet, I'm guessing a quick google would have supplied you with a far cheaper supplier. They must be doing something right as they were where you went in the first instance for your need. I know this is a ridiculous price, but you can't be cheapest with everything. The more companies in exsistance fighting for our trade the more competition, resulting in better prices. Power to the consumer.
  • Matt
    Bastards, I was just going to order a Samsung T200 from one of them this evening as they were the cheapest by far but the nearest stock to me was 50+ miles away. That's another £150 you're going to lose out on if you don't fix the website(s) soon DGSi.
  • Ultraviolence
    # Posted by Matt | January 12th, 2009 at 6:11 pm Bastards, I was just going to order a Samsung T200 from one of them this evening as they were the cheapest by far but the nearest stock to me was 50+ miles away. That’s another £150 you’re going to lose out on if you don’t fix the website(s) soon DGSi. Go for the T240 insted, I did and it rules!!!
  • Graham
    I remember when they used to charge £15 for a USB cable. Survival of the fitest in this economy, so lets see if they last it out with fierce competition from the internet.
  • marcus
    last time i went into pcworld i was armed with a fistful of dollars to buy a laptop (I knew which one i wanted) , i was put on a list as customers had to be dealt with on a first come first dealt with basis by the floor "advisors". This would have been perfectly acceptable if a: there had been more than 2 customers in the store b: if the 14 members of staff on the shop floor had been doing something other than chatting to each other (and yes i did count them). I spoke to the cusomer services manager who informed me, that he could not help as he was there to help customers who had a service problem ?!?!?! 30 minutes of wasted time, only positive thing was i remembered why i had sworn never to shop there . I hope they do close, and as for the workers who all have family and mortgages, they might be better off finding work where they are actually qualified, and where the products they sell are actually based on the market price of the same planet they reside! (Worked in IT for 15 years, have been told many times i am wrong in that time, nobody is perfect, pcworld 12 year old art student earning pin money correcting me .... pass me the bat!
  • Kevin
    Them and their 'pedestal' for a memebr of staff to watch everyone, but not actually sort out their staff and get people to the tills. Once I was in the queue, we were told to queue on the other till (just one open till then) and noone came, the prat in the pedestal could see us all (about 8 customers in both queues) and did nothing (plenty of staff at the back of the store). Waited a while and still noone coming to our service we slammed the products on the counter and walked out, closely followed by a couple of other people. They seem happy to hang around the back of the store with the tv's (and extended guarentees) but not to man the tills.
  • Chris
    I've worked in store at a Comet before as a brand ambassador and I can vouch for what you're saying Kevin, all 95% of the people that work there cared about was getting the extended guarantee's and the bonuses that came with them.
  • Dixons/Currys/PCWorld A.
    [...] (retailer) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia PC Pro: News: Dixons' websites take a day off PC World in dire need of TechGuys as websites goes offline | BitterWallet Attached [...]
  • Nat
    Kevin .. Did you not stop to think that the people who work in the store have job roles .. for example some stores do not allow sales staff on the tills as that is where cashiers are ment to operate. People saying they hope the company go bust are heartless why would you wish that on so many people in this economic state? As for the people who think they over charge? Simple solution .. Dont shop there instead of posting you 'Facts' on forums. Marcus .. why are you asking a 12 year old art student for advice in the first place if you wouldnt trust it. The staff are as qualified as they need to be .. if you want all the staff to go to uni to get degrees in how to sell a tv and advise on a camera purchase, you would be paying alot more than the prices in store.
  • andy y.
    But who can we hate if they go?
  • wolf359
    it's because people are getting wise and shopping elsewhere that dsg are in the shite Until dsg realise this then they deserve to go under
  • Tom
    Anyone who states that a company "deserves to go bust" needs to take a good look at himself or herself. There are many faces behind that company - people who have families to feed and mortgages/rent to pay; not to mention looking after themselves. And in my opinion, anyone who is actually willing to work and trying to hold on to a job in a country that is so fast to offer 'dole' payments deserves alot more than ridiculous comments from fools whom should know better. I'd be interested to know some of the occupations of the people whom are slagging off Currys and its staff - i'm sure i'll be able to find just as many corruptions in your own careers, if you have any.
  • Tom
    Chris - that may be the case for Comet but let me assure you that alot of Currys staff do not have regular bonuses and actually care about what they're doing.
  • Joff
    Andy of Yarm - Tesco.
  • wolf359
    I'd guess I'm one of those who tom is talking of, btw I'm an IT consultant.
  • Tom
    Okay, and i'm sure that IT consultants are also corrupt in some ways. I don't want to start listing things - apparently that's your hobby. Just try and remember that it isn't well to wish companies to go under - afterall, i'm sure that IT consultants rely on business from big companies like DSG.
  • Wiley C.
    More bad news for these guys. http://www.pocket-lint.co.uk/news/news.phtml/20004/21028/dsgi-makes-250-techguys-redundant.phtml Tom you must be working for DSGi then? You're second names not Barry is it lol? Cause you just got the sack today!!
  • Why B.
    Ok, so the people who work on the shop floor at PC World have families and mortgages etc. So, here are my top 5 things that would make me shop at PC World, rather than browsing and then walking out in disgust... and everyone keeps their jobs! 1) Remove incentive scheme, thereby effectively removing the sales of pointless aftercare 2) Remove incentive scheme, thereby effectively removing the sales of excess amounts of Norton 3) Add incentive scheme related to customer satisfaction (shock horror... a satisfied customer) 4) Train at least one member of each sales staff in basic knowledge of Computer Hardware, and put them on the shop floor (rather than the one guy serving at the Tech Guys helpdesk) 5) Stop overpricing in-store goods Nat... people in the store may have job roles, but most people have to diversify in their everyday jobs, It's called helping each other out. What a horrifying idea. The customer is there to look around, and maybe buy something. Surely facilitating that might be a good idea rather than sitting on a podium. Sure, most employees are on minimum wage... maybe a bonus structure that doesn't involve "who can con the customer out of the most money" might be a wise move. And I'm afraid that the staff are not qualified as they ought to be. How many PC World staff can actually EXPLAIN the difference between two different RAM speeds? You? Maybe? But most of the staff? No idea. Relate PC World shop floor staff to teachers. An individual teacher may not know everything about every subject but there's at least one teacher somewhere in the school who can help the student. Unfortunately in PC World that's not the case.
  • colin
    Suck my balls, CURRYS RULES!!!!!!!!!! start complaining about amazon and play.com wankers!!!!!!!!!
  • Jim
    worrying sign for all concerned especially me I want to buy my discounted goodies asap, oh welll if I hold out i may get it for peanuts...doubt it though DSGi can make up the £30 million debt just a matter of reshuffling and getting rid of the slackers. I get the feeling that some complain about the intelligence of the pc world staff are forgetting that these guys are paid peanuts and it is certainly not cost effective for them to be given Microsoft, Cisco, Comptia etc training to service the needs of some rude and ignorant retail customer. Even if they could pay for the qualifications I am sure they wouldn't be in retail for sure. Retail staff deserve some credit they turn in on average for 6 days a week for something around minimum wage. What makes me laugh is that we are all so great that we often race back in to a retail store to complain a particular product isn't working for it to materialise that we haven;t read the bloody instruction booklet at all, yet we expect a member of staff in PC world/ currys / other store to know every detail and function and how it works of hundreds of products. Pc world will be back online very soon and will survive the debt issue and just in case they have more than enough subsidiaries to sell off if they are that desperate to make things pay. As Tom rightly says, in one way or another all IT consultants rely on PCWB for one thing or another as they are by far one of the cheaper suppliers even when comparing with some of the big disties, Micro P, C2k, Ingram etc and just in case they do not shop at PCWB market prices are influenced by competition its the very nature of keeping prices low and competitive.
  • Nick
    went to buy HP 22" HDMI monitor from St Helens PC World, they only had a display model, but they said it was the outgoing model and the fully stocked 24" version was the new model (no HDMI), challenged him why the 'new one' did not have HDMI, no answer to that very technical question, but still would not give me any discount, tried to say they had to put another on display once i bought the display model, worked out he was the manager, what a total arse.
  • Nick
    Here is another whopper i encountered from the Tech Guys, asked them for a new 350w ATX PSU, they said they only had a 500w, so i said ok, then the bloke said it might blow my PC up cause there is too much power in it, could not belive what he said, don't think he was too clued up.
  • SHare
    'Why Do I Bother?' You are a total muppet. Compare shop staff to teachers? What planet are you on? Teachers spend years in University training for their careers, PCWorld staff work in PCWorld because it was somewhere that just so happened to hire them. You don't go in to ASDA and ask how to cook a chicken curry just because they so happen to sell the ingredients. Clown.
  • ungulator
    if they want to sell anything online they want to get a few more graphics cards in, 3 ATI cards, jeez!! oh, and while they're at it they could try making a few cheaper than their competitors, that way they may make some money, otherwise we all know where they are off to
  • Sir_Tuesday
    Seriously some of you guys are actually proper arseholes, fair enough there can be times when cust advisors get things wrong/dont know exactly what to suggest but as someone else mentioned they've all got people to support bills to pay. I dont entirely agree with the 15 quid usb cable but if you're willing to bitch about that here why did you even get that in store and not somewhere else online...? i dont know if anyone's noticed generally the biggest arseholes in the store are a small number of customers and most of the times the ca's will be doing their best to help the people who want helped..
  • Smithy
    Seems the TechGuys have finally sorted it - websites are back up!
  • Jakg
    I disagree with the £15 USB cables, yes, but at the end of the day if you want a laptop Tesco will probably undercut PC World, Comet etc - theres no profit at all on laptops yet you have lots of staff to pay so the money has to come from somewhere... And FWIW I can tell the difference between different RAM speeds (although to be honest most PC World PC's are Intel and DDR667 -> DDR800 makes little difference in the real world compared to 2->3 or even 4GB), but I came into the job knowing about PC's and wanting a job, as a pose to wanting a job and then having to learn (or, more often than not, make it up) as I go along... I would say though that a lot of PC World staff get stick unnecessarily- theres only so much "well my friend told me I could upgrade the graphics card in this laptop and I think he knows more than you because he does IT for Microsoft" you can take :P
  • Billi808
    Just a quick word to all those guys picking holes in the PC World staff. Why? they get paid the same or even less than most shelf stackers in Tescos. Yet you expect them to be a wealth of computer knowledge when asked a question. Remember 70% of these staff are just part time students etc, studying things other than IT. It's a misconception that everyone that works in PC World is a computer expert. Most are hired because they have other qualities such as enthusiasm, trust and generally good with people. To answer the incentive scheme person, the main incentive that the staff get at PC World is a customer service one. Which I gather is scored over four weeks and the average has to be over 80%. Also PC World staff went to a one team structure over two years ago eliminating the sales sharks from the stores. NO SALES CABS SINCE THEN... Hope I cleared some things up for you guys. Remember, when you wish for companies and shops to close. You are basically wanting people to loss their income, homes, lifestyles and future. Why not be more productive and wish for all those people claiming benefits, to get off their backsides and find a job, so the whole country can get back on it's feet.
  • Floyd
    This is all scaremongering by the media. DSGi will not go under. They will survive this and will come out of the other end. The media just blows everything out of context. Fair enough, they were right about woolies but DSG, no chance!
  • Bob
    Has anyone here ever watched Chuck and thought that the inept/incompetant/couldn't give a monkeys staff at the buymore are modelled on PC World staff? They may as well be. Frankly, I wouldn't shop there unless I could order on line and pick up in store and avoid having to deal with the neanderthals in there (mind you Comet still managed to balls that up with the WD 1Tb external drive I ordered).
  • Matt
    Bob (9:43am), you are a tw4t but i must bow to your superior knowledge, you are obviously a highly-paid, well-respected IT Professional who condascends to use these stores out of the goodness of your heart. I would love to know what your ACTUAL job is, how much you get paid and how much of it you give to your Mum in housekeeping. Better keep some back so you can afford Mario Kart and play the DS Lite wirelessly with your friends in your bedroom. Idiot Geek.
  • Matt
    Oh, by the way Bob, I find it hilarious that you spelt incompetant(sic) wrong. Shut up and get a life, bye.
  • Liddle m.
    Their business model is disagreeable, taking unfair advantage of consumers AND shop-floor employees. But the good news is that the recession will both reduce sales and force more people to shop online for the products DSG sell in their stores. Which isn't necessarily all doom and gloom for employees either. Retail parks will renew themselves as 'food, leisure & entertainment' areas, which, over the long term, will at least provide jobs to match available skills. And the even better news is that I'm already saving for the food complex I'll be opening at an ex-PC World store near you. Five food stalls under one roof representing cuisine from five continents. This indeed is change we can believe in...
  • Mike H.
    It's [sic] by the way Matt. I absolutely PWN TEHE lad!
  • Gavla
    I work at PC World, so i have lots to tell. First of all staff: We get paid just above min wage, we dont get commission, we do get bonus (only if your store smashes its sales target by selling loads of mobile broadband connections, services...but then again that wont be happening anytime soon because of the state of the economy/lack of spending/credit/finance etc). Most of the people in my store are more than literate when it comes to PC's half the store has people that are computer programmers..or studying at university in similar fields such as computer science, e-commerce etc. The way the store is run however is a joke, the managers expect you to sell Norton (who in their right mind uses this shit?)...and laptops that are made by advent n philips (thats like buying a sports car made by Citroen and without brakes). The pricing of services is the biggest joke, to install a software or get a hardware upgrade it costs £29.99, to get a pc healthcheck £49.99 (thats just to figure out the problem)..to fix it your looking at £99.99 (which doesnt include parts)...you can buy a brand new laptop for that sort of price with a good spec. Oh and did i mention Techfriend? the biggest waste of £89 in the history of PC's. For the people complaining about USB cables costing £14.99...thats where the company makes all its money on accessories...thats why laptops from hp/dell will appear so cheap. But you have got to be utterly thick to not use play.com/dabs/amazon/ebay to buy that sort of stuff. On top of that you have customers that come with expectations of discount, you dont walk into next or tescos and get £10 knocked off because you thought the sun was shining brighter. The managers themselves are full of rubbish, they wake up and all they think about is ripping customers off and getting the most from their store. The DSG company itself is telling its staff that they are falling to bits so what do you expect the media to portray? PC World needs rebranding..the new store layouts are an approvement...the logo is still hideous. The FIVES training is a joke...where you have to ask a customer what brings them to the store.."i came to get a dishwasher mate...do you sell matt emulsion? can i use the store toilets?" what sort of reply do they expect with a question like that. When a customer approaches me..i only show them laptops/pcs that i would buy myself and be happy with...and if they approach a cheap shit laptop then i`ll tell them why i wouldnt reccomend it..and they turn around n bite your head off. PC World wont close down, the reason is simple..there isnt another national PC/Laptop retailer and specialist. There is not technical support service like techguys. However shit they might be, they dont have any competition on the high street. Online buying/selling has been the way forward for sometime, but DSG already have that up and running with Currys, Dixons, PC World and Pixmania all being web based stores. A few decades ago we had Tiny, Time, Gateway, Evesham etc all pc retailers that have dissappeared.
  • Matt
    Mick Hock = [Pr1ck] - What's it got to do with you. Get a girl for god's sakes.
  • Matt
    If you're trying to be clever, it should be in italics, so shut up twice.
  • Mike H.
    Did you read your posts a few times to ensure you didn't make any mistakes I could pick up on Matt? Unfortunately, due to the limited text editing abilities of BW, I can't change text to Italics, so nah!
  • wolf359
    TOM: you're right i do rely on DSG for business. a fair percentage of my business originally came as a direct result of tech guys screwing up customers' computers. i had one who was told by the techguys that he needed a new mobo (after they'd held it for nearly a month for testing) when i looked at it he'd installed an IDE cable the wrong way around and it was locking the PC pre-BIOS, he'd unplugged the IDE cable when installing memory, simply turning it around fixed the problem. hardly a new mobo
  • Ex M.
    Hello, I started working for PC World in 1997 PCWB as a national sales manager I know a lot of the previous directors and have been through the ranks until i was ready for a change a few years ago.I can answer any questions on the set up of the company it's issues, history, plans and current turmoil with pretty accurate observations.I understand a lot of the frustrations and i am willing to comment on what i know but keep it sane?
  • Anon
    I personaly work for dsgi and i just have to say .. all you people who think you know EVERYTHING about technology, wouldnt be coming into DSGI stores, a people come in there to talk to the advisors, to get advice on stuff they aint got a clue about! The customers fall into two catergories .. the 1s who know nothing about anything and you spend an hour explaining something to them only to get "oh well thanks for your time love but ill have to come back in next week with my son cos he knows about all this stuff" .. and when they come back in it turns out ther son is an asshole who sits at home surfin forums and knows 'FACTS' about TVs and PCs.. like that you shouldnt buy a TV unless its 1080p .. yeah what does a pensioner using freeview need that for?! The other type are the ones who seem to know everything about everything .. they tell you stuff that you know couldnt be further from true but you cant argue with them, so you let them take the product only to come back within a few days saying the sale was misrepresented .. only cos they have had a chance to google it and find out theres a better version out! We dont get commision, we dont get bonus' .. we are on minunim wage .. we work on average 6 days a week though they keep us on a part time contract (to minumise holiday and sick pay). Belive it or not some of us know what we are talking about and what we are selling, cos yeah i admit the techguys arnt worth the effort of slaggin off, we fix more iteams in store than we send off cos the techguys take the piss. Do i get paid any extra for it?! NO .. but i do get yelled at by the benefit bum of a customer who thought that if they brought their 6 yr old laptop in from comet id be happy to fix it! Part of me hopes we do go down, cos then you people wont spend as much time on forums slaggin us on. Then again if we do go down.. you can shop at comet, i mean its not like theyd put their prices down if they were the only retailers .. Ha! All of you wishing we go bust, Thanks .. cos it will be your tax paying my way when i sign on!
  • Currys W.
    Lets get a couple of things absaloutely straight: As anon said, staff at DSGi are not on commision - or at the least I know that to be more than true for all Currys staff. ...And the few small incentives that are on are what keep staff going. If you want to have a go at any retailers why not start on the likes of Tesco and ASDA? They pay their staff much more than DSGi and one of the biggest reasons for this is that they absaloutely RIP OFF farmers and leave them living on buttons; along with starving to death and unable to heat their homes of a winter due to not savings. It's due to this exploitation that Tesco and ASDA can afford to sell a laptop and get a minus product margin on it. ...But could you go into Tesco and see that laptop on display and working? Not in my local store. Could you go in and ask store staff about the laptop and receive Technical advice and support? Not in my local store. DSG, however, isn't in this 'fortunate' situation where they are a food retailer and can afford to do alot more with their money. DSG is an electrical specialist who earns much less than other companies. Also lets clear up the comment someone made after after sale product-support doing nothing for the customer. My dad got a laptop for his birthday and took out the £6.99p a month product support for accidental damage. The laptop fell off of his knee and SMASHED the screen. 6 days later he had a new screen on his fixed laptop. He's just one example, though. I've served countless numbers of people who've had their products fixed for a low monthly price and have been happy with the service. I don't get any more money for selling that service, and nobody else does. It's actually sick to see some of these comments on this Forum about companies "should go under" etc. Here we are with unemployment rising and it seems that it is only the British whom could get a medal for enjoying an economic down-turn.
  • wolf359
    all of the laptops in my local tesco are on display and working, and the staff there are trained (to about the same extent as the DSGi staff are) in the technology, oh and they're much cheaper than DSGi as well
  • A.N.Other M.
    Hi I used to work at PC world as temporary part-time technical North-West inter-site loan business unit administration assistant, My job was to wander round aimlessly ignoreing potential customers who looked like the knew what a USB port was, and to hound those who couldn't find the 'any key' on the keyboard. Then I would talk absolute shite for 15 minutes as though I knew exactly what I was talking about. I would try and flog Norton to every fucker that came through the door even if they were buying a leather backed chair. I think I knew everything about sales and my dream was to own a BMW/Audi because they are so great. I wish I'd listened at school then I could have got a proper job rather than having to persue a career in sales where everyone thinks I'm a loser, even my mum.
  • Ex m.
    A.N.Other PCW manager- I'm not sure that your position really held much more than a saturday job,(little responsibility)it's clear to me that is how you can approach the subject with such disrespect and distain?
  • A.N.Other M.
    I've got my bottom of the range BMW now, which allows me to drive at excessive speeds, not indicate and just drive like a complete fucking twat! Everyone knows I've 'made it' and I'm better than you.
  • Matt
    Mick, your stil a prik. im not trying to slag peeple off for doing there job., hiding behind an internet fourum to insult peeple and beng sooperior.
  • Matt
    So why should I check my grammar?
  • Mike H.
    I'd insult you in the street too, numpty
  • Mike H.
    If you're going to pick people up on their spelling, punctuation and grammar, you should really check yours first dude.
  • Matt
    Why should I? I open a story about PC World Website going down just to read a load of garbage written by people who want employees to lose their jobs and businesses to go bust - all because someone messed up an order for a graphics card. The guy I was really p1ssed off about was calling someone a neanderthal and spelling things wrong. If I was to call for hardworking people to get the sack I would check my grammar and spelling. I have a solid, catholic, Grammar School education behind me. What have you got? Honestly, come on. You called me dude, for God's sake, are you a character from The IT Crowd and have you got a ponytail with hairbands at 10cm intervals all the way down your back? Wearing a long black trenchcoat, carrying World of War characters. Actually, probably a Second Life user, yes? One more thing, you wouldn't insult me in the street. That's just a lie to make yourself feel better.
  • Richarchie
    I ordered a printer off Curry's online over christmas, still has not arrived, DSGi's customer service is useless, cant tell me a thing, Im worried that my £50 is stuck in their pocket and when they go bust, my money will go with it. They cant even tell me when my order is going to be sent out, it's been nearlly a months now and to kick me in the balls they have charged me delivery twice!!
  • Slaughterer m.
    Posted by wolf359 | January 13th, 2009 at 3:44 pm TOM: you’re right i do rely on DSG for business. a fair percentage of my business originally came as a direct result of tech guys screwing up customers’ computers. i had one who was told by the techguys that he needed a new mobo (after they’d held it for nearly a month for testing) when i looked at it he’d installed an IDE cable the wrong way around and it was locking the PC pre-BIOS, he’d unplugged the IDE cable when installing memory, simply turning it around fixed the problem. hardly a new mobo Wolf349 you absolute goon. I'm a technician at a known computer superstore and anyone worth their weight can point out to you, that IDE cables cannot be placed on the mobo the wrong way round. This might be due to the rather obvious notch in the middle of the cable which fits rather snuggly onto the mobo like a two piece jigsaw puzzle. Dear god. I love that people complain about things they haven't got a clue about. Discount Seekers: Please, go to Tesco's, do your shopping, and then complain to the manager that the price is too high, and demand that you get something free as you're spending at least £25 on bread and milk. Stamp your feet like the children you are and get the spankdown you deserve. Fed up of customers like you. You want FREE SERVICES? I don't think so. If you cock your machine up cos you're downloading porn, or games through limewire, frostwire or any other program with 'wire' in it, clicking on every advert known to exist on all the social networking websites... do NOT go into store and demand that the TechGuys repair this for you free of charge. Because it is NOT accidental damage, it is NOT the manufacturers responsibility or ours that you have a 'virus/malware/adware/crimeware free' copy of your data to hand at any available point in time. I WILL charge you for being an idiot. I WILL charge you to transfer your data from the laptop you spilt coke over onto. And PLEASE, we can tell that you're being a prat with your computer. Don't come in and lie to me about how you use your computer. It's really very simple. Do NOT come to me when you've installed multiple antivirus programs and want to know why you can't get onto the internet. It's because you're an idiot. Sorry, i'll rephrase that because it's unfair and incorrect. You're actually an ignorant idiot, yet you seem to think you've memorised the entire Sales Of Goods act or had it tatoo'd to your arse. Please... try to return Crysis or COD5 (after making an image and ripping off the serial code from inside the case.. doh...) and say that "It doesn't work!". If the disc is in perfect condition, take it home and take it up with the computer that's running far below spec as you're a cheap-skate that had a computer given from a brother in law who happens to work for Microsoft, yet everything is onboard or or it's so old that it has a sticker on it saying how great it is with 'NEW Win95 with 16mb of ultra lightning speed RAM, 33mhz processor with a turbo button to make it 66mhz' woooooo you go with your high spec piece of shit which hadn't even heard of a graphics card. If your game doesn't run, take it up with the manufacturer of the game and get the appropriate patch for it. OR learn to read the system specifications requirement notice that exists on ALL pc games. Some cables overpriced? Really? Thanks for pointing that out to me, so don't buy it and find somewhere else that sells it cheaper. OR just maybe, ask why it's a little more expensive. There is a difference especially in the Belkin cables which are pretty damn high in the quality area. Go into a Hi-Fi shop and ask why their HDMi leads are over £150. PC Line ones are margin based so yeah they can be expensive, try looking at the online prices and reserve the bloody thing online. You might get it a little cheaper. PLLEEEAASSSEEE come into my store and demand the shit you want to demand...
  • Ex m.
    And that is why I left ...
  • Snoop M.
    Slaughterer of idiotic morons, I can tell immediately that you work for The Tech Guys. Whilst I agree with many of the points you have raised, YOU CAN PLUG AN IDE CABLE IN THE WRONG WAY ROUND on some motherboards. Several people have brought computers to me saying they installed a DVD Writer and there computer either won't turn on or the DVD Writer doesn't work. It can be done, but you have to be an idiot. I have also encountered someone who plugged a 24-pin the wrong way round. Plastic bends, experiment. Anyone who's moaning about PC World, sort your life out and learn how to work a computer. If you knew anything about computers you wouldn't have bought it from there in the first place. Here is my advice for the average PC World customer. (1) Walking into a store that sells computers and opening a conversation with the line "I don't know anything about computers" is a stupid idea. This is probably why you will spend the next few years wondering how you managed to spend so much money or such a rubbish computer. (2) Don't buy something if you don't know how it works. (3) If you're buying something that you don't know how to use, you may need to pay someone to show you how to use it, or correct the mistakes that you have made while using it improperly. (4) Every time you turn that thing on it's telling you to make Recovery Discs. Stop clicking 'Remind me later' and make them. If you don't, you are an idiot and deserve to pay the £40 or so that a new set will cost you when you need them, haven't made them and now can't make them. (5) Learn the difference between the following: CPU and Base Unit; Monitor and Mainframe; Software and Hardware; Memory and Storage Space; Head and Arse. (6) Stop wrapping the cable of your AC Adapter around the transformer, it will stop working and you will have to send THE WHOLE LAPTOP off in order to get a new one (assuming that the repair centre don't deem it negligence and refuse to replace it). (7) If a message comes up on the screen, read it before clicking anything. If you don't understand what it says, call up the cleverest friend you have and ask them what they would do. If your clever friend is unsure as to its meaning you should call the police and ask them what they think it means. (8) If a game looks so good that you are willing to install something that you have never heard of in order to play it, you are an idiot. This also applies to porn and free software. (9) If you bought your computer over 28 days ago, it will NOT be replaced. Even if you have the monthly insurance thing. Even if it's the fifth time it has been repaired. Even if your brother works for Microsoft. Even if you misquote the Sale of Goods Act. It may possibly be replaced if you really deserve it, but this comes out of the store's margin, so they will be very reluctant to do it for you. (10) If the price on the shelf says £10 and we say £80 at the till, we're right. It's not false advertising. It's not against the Trade Descriptions Act. Please, go to Trading Standards so they can tell you what an idiot you are.
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