PC World and Currys - what happens next?

Over the past several weeks, Bitterwallet has brought you tales from the continuing saga that is DGSI. It's like Dynasty, but with fewer shoulder pads and alien abductions. And more USB cables and anti-virus software. The two are practically identical, then.

Whenever we've published stories concerning tumbling share prices, staffing issues, shock management departures, store mergers, sales techniques or redundancies, you've been keen to share your point of view; whether you're a customer or an employee, whether you're a brand evangelist or you pray for their demise, there seems no doubt that these are uncertain times for PC World and Currys.

So we'd like your thoughts on a single question, whatever your relationship to the situation; given what has occurred at DSGI in recent months, if it were up to you to improve the fortunes of either PC Word or Currys (or both), what would you do? Or put another way, how would you ensure PC World and Currys delivered better results for both the customer and the company?

Please feel free to comment below, and if you choose to remain anonymous, at least state whether your view is that of a customer or an employee.


  • smudge
    Their stuff is grossly overpriced compared to most online retailers, drop prices and maybe people will continue buying their stuff.
  • smudge
    Also, dont take the **** and try sell people £50 cables when they only need a £2 cable.
  • Robin
    Quite simple: Match internet prices.
  • Chris
    I have always walked out of Currys because there is no staff willing to help with anything. I've always gone to Comet...who dont get me wrong have their own problems, but there always seems to be a member of staff there to help.
  • Chris H.
    Staff that have the same level of product knowledge as the customer would be a start, price is always going to be an issue when compared to online competitors as overheads are higher, I wouldn't mind paying a 'little' extra for the convenience of not having to wait for my stuff, but not WAY over the online prices. Stop trying to be a PC supermarket and cater to the people who're going to recommend you to their non-tech family and friends.
  • Currysbod
    But we are not an online retailer. We have shops where you can go in, see the product, touch it, play with it, decide if it will fit with you're decor, ask advice from knowledgable people (most of the time) and then take that product home with you. To compare internet prices with high street prices is a little naive. It's a similar comparison to eating in a restaurant or buying the ingredients from Tesco and making it yourself. The end product maybe the same, but the journey to get there will be very different. Lets not forget that probably most of the posters on here will be internet savvy and technologically well informed which alot of the core customer base in Currys isn't.
  • Nish
    How about training staff so that they have knowledge of the products on par with say John Lewis staff (JLP are by no means perfect but miles ahead of DSG staff)
  • fauji786
    Currys and PC World need to train staff better in product knowledge, ensure staff approach all customers not just the ones that look like they might spend, match internet prices when ever challenged not when the store manager feels like it. Maintain good stock levels - dont advertise a price of an item and then only have a handful of units around the country. Basically they need to address poor customer service before during and after the sale has completed, because if you are goin gto get poor or no customer service you might as well buy your TV or PC from the many supermarkets that sell them. The reason people go to Currys and PC WOrld is for someone to ADVISE them on what to buy and if their staff cant do that properly then customers will just shop elsewhere
  • Jakg
    Compulsory Staff Training - I feel I know my stuff but a lot of people in my store don't... Remove the mega-markup items (i.e £80 HDMI) cables, price them reasonably and have "in store experts" on TV's, Printers etc.
  • jah
    To be honest I'm not sure they really can turn it around - they simply don't have a market (its kind of ironic that they sell the tools that enable people to be more savvy in their shopping habits). Maybe if they slash the prices of their extended warranties to offer similar value to the likes of John Lewis, Richer Sounds etc, and slash the price of their consumables to encourage more passing trade (maybe if they were to sell USB cables for £3 rather than £15 they would ultimately sell more, have more customers and more encourage more people into their stores!)
  • Paul
    1. They need to lower prices to be at least competitive with other retailers, may they be online stores or brick and mortar stores. 2. Actually train all employees to have some kind of technical knowledge, even basic stuff is better than nothing. Also staff need to have product knowledge, so they can actually help customers if they product they want is not in stock. 3. The Tech Guys, they need to actually be trained and certified. I've heard of some storys that half the staff who work in that section don't have a clue when it comes to certain things. I have heard alot of horror storys from people who have dealt with PC world, even my own dealings with them years ago have made me not want to use them anymore. My points above are the main things that I think need sorting and then maybe they will be on the long road to recovery.
  • CityBlueRic
    I've had real issues with Currys in the past - even having them come collect a washing machine we'd had delivered and had been using because I decided to cancel the extended warranty I had been bulldozed into buying. Why did I cancel it ? Well when the machine turned up, it had it;s own 5 year warranty which Currys hadn't recognised. Simple plan of attack - know your product, understand your customer. And above all remember the basic philsophy of any business - the customer is always right. Remember - without his money, you;re going nowhere !
  • Colin
    Make more margins on products, instead of inflating the cost of attachments and offering cover on everything, also stop giving staff so many targets as if our job isnt hard enough enough putting up with shit from customers all day long.
  • Rob
    Currysbod - the comparison you made - online retail vs high street is like "eating in a restaurant or buying the ingredients from Tesco and making it yourself" is completely wrong. You don't have to order component parts (or "ingredients" as you put it) and build your own pc, for example. In many cases you can order the exact same model in the exact same form online for much cheaper than you'd buy it in store. Reading the comments above though, and speaking from personal experience, it would appear that appropriate staff training is DSGIs biggest problem. I'd wager that even internet savvy & technologically well informed people would be prepared to pay a premium price instore if they were confident that they'd get good, solid advice from the sales staff rather than little or no interest in anything but selling you extortionate insurance cover.
  • Andy
    @Currysbod Its all well saying "To compare internet prices with high street prices is a little naive" because you can touch it check it out etc, that's all well and good but prices are so over the top. I go to PCWorld to touch it check it out etc then if I'm happy with the product I buy it from somewhere else, on the internet at the price it should be! If the prices we're at least a little competitive I'd properly buy the item while browsing but there not! This seems to be the high streets biggest problem, about 3 months ago I went to a high street to buy a electronic piano there price was £600 then same product could be bought for £450 online, I asked if they would price match it or a least come some of the way the answer was a simple no and that I can try before you buy here, I said thanks I did try it and I did like it now Ill order it online at a £150 saving. I understand there are staffing costs and shop bills etc but having such a margin ill only alienate folks that don't mind paying a LITTLE more. With the recession, now is not the time for companies to increase that margin between high street prices and online or they'll end up bust.
  • Paul
    After numerous phone calls and ignored emails I'm still waiting for a returmed MP3 player from 2006. Get customer service and prices right (see Amazon) and profits will flow.
  • Steve L.
    Customer service is awful - get that bit right and the repeat custom will follow. Any company that is unable to offer aftersales service on a home PC because their own computer system is down does not fill me with confidence! I had 9 transferred calls this week between Currys and Tech Guys as no-one knew how to respond to a complaint, thereby exacerbating the issue and losing future sales. That said they are slightly better than Phones 4U!
  • Ian P.
    Its going to be a tough call. The only things that is going to differentiate them is service. Maybe pay the staff more if they train to gain a specialisation. Reducing the cost of basic cables may get more footfall. I think the size of some of the some stores needs to reduce. Maybe move to keeping less stock but have display models. Its not just Currys & PC world that are having this problem- I am sure that all electrical 'high street' stores (bar the very specialist) are having issues with finding a viable business model in normal times let alone within the current depressed consumer spending environment. Somehow they need to make some margin to pay for the costs of running a store (they must be huge). Whilst they may not be ideal if a viable model can’t be found then everyone will end buying products sight unseen and be very open to the quality (or otherwise) of the marketing material put out by the large electronics manufacturers….
  • smudge
    @Currysbod In making that comment how does a company like Richer sounds consistently offer extremely good prices and excellent tech support and knowledge and a pricematch against pretty much anyone! They have stores where I can play with their stuff to.
  • Future m.
    I've been reading this site the last few days, especially relating to DSGi information with great interest. Why? Because i'm soon to be employed by DSGi at a Currys store. I currently work at Comet so i know full well what their training is like. Bit unsure about Currys but i'll soon find out. To expect high street retailers to price match online retailers on the spot is a bit unrealistic, currently. I don't profess to knowing a lot about individual profit margins on products, but to do that where would you expect each of the companies to cover other costs? All in all it'll have a knock on effect on other things, staff levels being cut, thus less bodies to serve the customers. If you think customer service is bad at the moment, imagine what it'll be like with half the staff levels for the same amount of customers. Anyhow, as i say, i'm soon to join Currys so i'm very interested to hear peoples experiences, whether that be from staff or from customers.
  • wackamac
    Ok firstly PC World, when you have hard sell staff - with bad knowledge, and goods that seem over priced... Its no wonder they are struggling, DSGi, should have bought a mobile phone shop, and merged the two, selling phones and PC's. Also the stores never have enough staff, and customer service sucks - and finally they sell DELL. but to be fair i would go direct to DELL. Currys yeah the sooner they match internet pricing, and free delivery - they may learn... Guess they move to slow cause Asda, Tesco, Argos - seem to be doing electrical stuff better. And finally, theses guys must have a massive database, they should send out vouchers to customers... sorry have been a customer to both lol
  • LDR
    Forget compulsory training - there is none! I have worked for both Dixons and PCWorld (and 'covered for Currys when their staff were on lunch - selling washing machines and cookers that I had no idea of) and no there is no training - it is all on the job. Customer meet and greet is compulsory - but simply does not happen. I worked there 6 months + 3 years. Overpriced - and when things are reduced to £xx.97 - staff pick up all the bargains before customers get a chance (they sit during weekdays and scan the systems for price reductions - easy if you know how) Overall, they tend to be overpriced - and surely should have crashed by now with so much competition about - obviously their advertising is keeping them afloat - plus the fact they have no serious rival (Comet is not always better, though is a little cheaper). They want to put in better service - but they effectively want staff to train themselves - in their own time.
  • Rick H.
    They also need to deal with the fact that while they might be able to give some advice instore to the likes of my gran, if i want to find out which is the best toaster, find opinions of a dishwasher i've been thinking about etc, i go to amazon and look at the customer reviews there. My parents are getting increasingly internet savvy in the same respect - i might get a phone call if theres something not acting as they expect on their pc, but they're savvy enough now to know where to look for reviews and bargains online (of which most of it not been thru me showing them - they've seen countless mentions of moneysavingexpert in newspaper articles etc and now have a browse there). Dixons et al need to acknowledge that people are becoming increasingly shrewd about finding a good deal and researching via the internet, and increasingly people going into shops will be there to have a crafty look at the item on display before ordering it online much cheaper (i know i did with the dishwasher/fridge/washing machine i just bought) - their market of people who dont understand price/support etc will continue to shrink until, as they're now finding, the model becomes increasingly unsustainable. If they want to keep the shops, i'd say - they need to work on the customer service with helpful honest advice, employ based on knowledge not sales ability, people dont like being sold to. Realistically the only way this would end would be to stop paying commission for starters, - prices should be close to internet prices (a tiny bit higher isnt a a problem - after all you're getting the item straight away instead of waiting several days). - they should get a better website, usability and presentation wise it's not a patch on amazon. they want people to think to go to dixons.co.uk to find details and customer reviews of a product rather than amazon - once you're on the website theres a much greater chance of you buying from it. - they should negotiate better deals with manufacturers (not that i doubt they probably do already) - people will increasingly go to a shop to size up the product before going elsewhere - manufacturers should be prepared to provide free "show" models, and provide better prices for currys/pcworld effectively acting as an advertisement for the item. r.
  • Future m.
    @wackamac Currys did own a mobile phone store. It was called The Link. They sold it off to O2 if my memory serves me right.
  • cuzzy
    Having noticed the "PC World 50% further reductions sale" I thought I would pay a visit, what a mistake. Found a mini charger including batteries marked up at £4.97, above is a sign clearly showing "50% off marked prices with the big red sticker", When scanned at the till assistant said "it comes up at £9.97 i`ll have to get a supervisor " So eventually Sharon turns up (after been asked three times) and says "it`s already reduced, you can have it for 50% off £9.97...... trying to convince her it states on the sticker " minimum of 40% off ", then 50% off sticker price was impossible, she reminded me of the Little britton character "computer says no" anyway I gave up & walked out, never to return! Would have been a bargain at £2.50, but wouldn`t have paid any more. It`s not the first time I have had problems with this company, they are a complete joke. Should PC World be the next Woolworths? gets my vote!
  • JJMcClure
    Staff training seems to be the key. Going into a PCWorld and asking about a 17" laptop for under £500 and being shown a 15" laptop for £650 and a netbook for free with mobile broadband just aint right. I have had to show staff how to use their computers before as well.
  • Andrew R.
    They are in trouble because the offer is over priced and poorly presented Shops I see as Cr*p would have been MFI & woolworths PC world are in the same category of ability. I cant believe how poor they can be. Train staff! Make them realise that the customer has the money to pay their wages! Put prices on their products! ie games and software! And make them look attractive to the customer! These things, priced well could drive more traffic into stores, which in turn could prompt further purchases The Massive advantage they do have is the product being on hand! I can prod it and poke it and decide i like it! Then i've got to be able to take it away, there and then! If not, i'll be online and get it cheaper a few hours later Combining the stores is a no brainer, plenty of their units are too big. PC world has tons of stuff no one would ever want The new style Comet (at Farnborough) is very nice. Likely only one of Currys and Comet will survive (my money on Currys by the way) but Comet seem to have stepped up a gear with latest revamp But everyone needs to realise they are in a battle, which they are at risk of losing!
  • Fredsta
    To be honest I dontthink they can do any of teh above. Can anyone name me a store where they get customer service? That is the culture here, poor service gets rewarded by a slow exit to the door think currys, dixons, pc world and add Zavvi, HMV, etc. If you go across to ths USA / Canada staff are attentive and friednly, over here you get ones that are chewing gum, giving attitude and not interested unless their mates are in or collecting their pay check. Anethos of custromer service should be enstilled in reatil otherwsie they can kiss custom goodbye. Have a look at richer sounds model, yes its not perfect but they do their job in an above average sort of way and dont screw up as often as the others. Prices should be matched or near matched to interbet deals
  • that f.
    just start matching internet prices? yeah its just THAT easy to drop prices globally. what you people don't understand are the overheads and expense of running SHOPS where you can go look and touch the product you're interested in, only to insult the sales staff that may be at least trying to help you with "Its cheaper on the net so I'll buy it there now I've seen it" Why don't we just bend over for you too? price match websites? which large stores actually do this already? Free delivery from the stores? Started in Currys today in a promotion that if successful I hope will continue. However if you want free delivery you shouldn't EXPECT it to be next day. Staff training in key areas? we do have the product learning centre on our till terminals but it only gives either very basic or OTT tech info. most sales staff try to wing it or listen to what other staff say in their conversations. department heads should be appointed for key areas and in larger stores they should be in charge of helping to train their sales staff on the products in that area. in the smaller stores like the high street one I work at, we're ALL expected to know everything about every product we sell by the customer and this is simply unrealistic. Website incentives should be matches with attractive store incentives too. the free delivery if you order over £249 email I got the other day said "Beat the snow and stay at home and order online" thanks for a kick in the face from all the store staff. hows about "Brave the snow and order from the store and get free delivery?" Currys website should be a product catalogue with prices and the reserve & collect option. Same for PC World. showing the same special offers as instore and having the existing web exclusives of reserve online for store pickup and get it at a cheaper price. Dixons should be the ONLY online etailer to compete with the likes of amazon, play etc etc. if people want website customer service and prices they'll go to Dixons. The sales staff should ultimately be on more than NMW for the amount of knowledge and responsibility they're assigned. idividual or team commission doesnt bother me at all. I also think the silly amount of margin made on things like HDMI cables is ridiculous. the Extended warranty/service contracts are a good idea and the prices for anything under £130 that are instant replacement from any store and for a 3 year period including accidental damage for 11.99-26.99 are always good sellers on things like cameras and cheaper ipods/mp3s. I think the pay monthly option should not vary between models of things like TVs and laptops. it should be set across the board. However its useless the sales staff selling any of these if people are so dissatisfied with the service they receive from the call centres (Capita) and the laying off of tech guys when there is so many repairs to be done. from having read this website and MSE for ages now it seems that what the public would like Currys/PC World to be is this: have top of the line and cheap goods that match online prices. have store staff that have the utmost knowledge on every single item in the store including ones they don't sell. not to sell any kind of extended warranty anymore but still give the same amount of cover in those extended warranties, for free, for at least 5 years, on everything. throw items in for free such as cables, inks, laptop bags still be able to haggle prices down even tho they want them at web prices free delivery, installation and removal of an old item free HD TV service on all tvs/free MS office/Antivirus large screen tvs that magically shrink so they can be fitted into small cars if the customer doesnt want to wait for the free next day delivery and installation. or same day delivery. you can't have everything. but you want it. you also want DSGi to go under so over 40,000 will be out of work and for some new amazing electronics company to appear and replace them with all the items mentioned above.
  • Currysbod
    Please can we remember that Currys and Currys digital have 360+ stores and PC world 160 stores i.e. a presence on pretty much every major high street. John Lewis have 26 stores and Richer Sounds have 48. Thay are simply not the same scale as DSGi, and by that simple fact alone can cherry pick the staff they want (lets face it, a 17 yr old emo kid is unlikely to apply for a job at JL let alone get offered one and for a specialist retailer, RS, will generally attract applications from people who have an enthusiasts base of knowledge). With regards to both retailers, they have very different product ranges and tbh, are quite limited in certain areas. Training has been a focus for Currys recently and along with FIVES, a big focus has been on product knowledge (both manufacturer specific and general) and many of the stores now have product specialist and experts (we have AV, Gaming, Imaging, White Goods, and Computing specialists - thats not to say other team members don't have good knowledge, but there is at least one goto person on the shop floor who can answer the more challenging questions).
  • Future m.
    @ Currysbod As i said above, i've accepted a position at Currys on sales but i'm expected along with new members of staff to go on a couple of days training. Do you have any ideas on where it is and what it consists of? By the way if it's regional , it's the Grimsby store i'll be working at. Cheers.
  • Herm
    Get competent staff who actually know what they are talking about? It is laughable for anyone who knows anything about computers to even walk into a PC World these days because it is full of idiots who know nothing aboout PC's and overpriced goods. PC World is often joked about by people in the know in computing courses by Students 'and' Lectuers alike.
  • I8Currys
    Crap service, crap leader!
  • RossM
    I used to be a manager for The Link and even way back then (in the mobile phone boom), it was a standing joke amongst my staff that Dixons, Currys & PC World were absolutely awful in regards to product knowledge. The Link used to train staff well, encourage and reward them with incentives and staff often stayed for a long time, resulting in many repeat customers. Ok, the stores were smaller (as were the products!) but many many customers came back and saw the same staff member time and time again due to the personal level of service they had received. Quite why this is all different at the other chains in the group is a mystery. Maybe it's because there is no incentive for staff, maybe it's because managers are recruiting the wrong people, who knows? I bet Sir Stan and John Clare are glad they got out when they did.
  • Elsie
    To Currysbod, "a big focus has been on produce knowledge" when did this start? I was with them for several years, I left just before christmas. ALL of my product knowledge was researched by me in my own time, the company intranet was so out of date on new products, with the exception of the high margin mobile broadband. The last training I recieved was FIVES brain washing, which for me did not work. After fives, my sales performance dropped. In my opinion if they really want to turn things round, first address the poor staff moral, then let the staff have company time to learn the specs etc of what they are selling. If they are confident in what they are telling the customer and not worried about having to explain in their weekly/daily review, why they haven't sold overpriced margin rich add ons and WEH, then the sort of customer experiences we have read about would gradually disappear.
  • ExCurrys m.
    Future Currys satff member - having just come from a Currys store I would say it was the best thing I have done to walk away from it. I have always found colleagues there absolutely fantastic in both my store, neighbouring stores and other HO bods that Ive met but as a company to work for they have alot of issues. Understaffed, staff underpaid, unappreciated, over worked. They have brought in new 'FIVES' rules where people are being 'punished' or given warnings for ridiculous things like not handing a customer their receipt with two hands, or saying 'how can I help you' - they're not ment to do that now. But as you know, staff are now required to do a 2 day training session but that's merely to comply with Currys more than gaining product knowlege etc. As for getting 'specialists' in store - they are doing more work like training other staff members for no reward. They give staff little incentive to stick around. In their defence and for any shop based retailer - there is no way they can match internet prices as the margins just arent there to support cost of sale taking into account rent they pay on store grounds, paying staff [even if it is badly], stock holding etc. Currys Whatever Happens product support service can alot of the time be a waste of effort but 'instant replacement covers' [costing £9.99, £19.99 or £29.99] are I think worth it on items like iPods and smaller more valuable items as it saves them being sent away for repair. As an ex customer service assistant, having heard everything under the sun and having faced some ridiculous abuse from small minded customers, please take into consideration that we are just messengers. There are limits and lines set out by our bosses that we are paid to adhere to so don't shoot the messenger. You will find with a calm attitude, nice smile and appreciative manner, customer service staff will bend over backward to help you.
  • Currysbod
    @ Future Currys staff member. I'm sorry, I cant comment on what will happen in Grimsby. For my store (when I started), I had 2 shifts of back of house trainging, going through manuals, videos etc and then was paired with someone on the shop floor for my next 2 shifts and then I just had to ask for help as when I needed it (and still do). There is the product learning centre and lots of colleague learning (procedure and policy etc.) stuff on the intranet. Going forward, and ignoring the last 3 months of xmas trading, I've had specific training days out of the business about once a month (1 day with Apple, 2 days with Samsung etc.) as have other colleagues. Thats added to the instore trainging given by specific reps on days (Tom Tom, Epson, Kodak recently for me; but also Pioneer and Samsung have been instore).
  • Elsie
    Currysbod, if you had posted your last comment before I'd quit, I would have asked for a transfer instead :)
  • Currysbod
    There does seem to be some hge variances on training at the mo (ignoring the big roadshows), I've seem to have done loads and on all of the sessions I've been on there have been staff members from other stores (PC world and Currys). Maybe it's all tied into the refurbished stores - go to those and you might get better product knowledge and customer service?
  • Elsie
    Future Currys Staff Member, you will have read a lot written by very unhappy ex-employees, including me, all very negative. I will say however that the colleagues I worked with were execellent as was my manager. it was company policy, not being allowed to serve people in a way that was right and fair that was the problem. From what currysbod is saying, some of these issues are being addressed. Another bone of contention has been the rewards scheme which I have heard is also being changed. I wish you all the best in your new job and hope that things are changing.
  • Elsie
    oops must remember that excellent is not a .exe, (execellent)
  • Future m.
    Thanks to all ex and current staff letting me know what is going on. I won't lie and say i'm not worried about what's happening at DSGi at the moment. One of my friends has got his 45 days notice at PC World. So basically the problems are that the infrastructure (i.e. staff training) is poor? I'm fortunate in that i'm coming from Comet knowing a fair bit about this line of work. I'm not perfect (i don't know much about white goods) but i'm ok. Sorry if i've digressed from the original article, just nice to know what i'm potentially letting myself in for. Oh and the reason i'm joining Currys is down to more working hours. At Comet i was on a 4 hour contract. At Currys it's 16, which in this day and age the more hours you get the better.
  • who?
    what happens next? nothing and thats the problem
  • SimonB
    With regards matching internet prices, would it not be more sensible to make an effort to meet those customers price requirements when possible? They already know they can get it considerably cheaper and are willing to go elsewhere. If you can still make even a small profit on it then you have kept their business and likely encouraged them to come again. You don't have to match the price to the penny, most people will take a bit of service and an extra 5-10% out their pocket every time. Include a little bonus for the customer like some setup advice, a free HDMI cable or a good deal on a warranty then they will stay every time. You don't need to reprice at these levels or make a "Price Match Promise", just do so at your discretion and make customers feel comfortable asking. Also people keep on mentioning Richer Sounds and right they should. Richer get warranties, customer service, price matching and staff knowledge just about right, something DSGi clearly cannot claim. For instance the 5 year warranty at 10% of cost is a attractive option that many people take up. The rip off warranties at DSGi are a joke, yes I am sure the odd idiot buys them, but most customers find it off putting. Put pressure on your suppliers to help you make cheap warranties achievable by supporting the cost of them. Their products shouldn't break in 5 years of normal use anyway, so they should take responsibility. If some won't then concentrate your marketing and floor space on ones that will. This is an area where you should be leading the way with your massive buying power and market share. Finally I would agree that of course your staff can't know everything. These days though there are lots of people around who have such interest in technology that gives them a massive head start. I am confident that my knowledge from keen interest is better than most of your staff and even managers. Looking for this type of skill in an employee or two rather than salesmen would at least put some backbone into each team. Things like sat nav's, cameras, etc could even be sent home with staff for use between shifts. No customer is likely to have used TomTom, Garmin, Navman, etc so having staff that can actually tell you REAL benefits rather than marketing drivel would be a big bonus.
  • company p.
    The business has lost its heart and soul. I worked there for 40 years finishing in a senior management position prior to being made redundant. The original Currys was run by the Currys family and service was impressed on everyone, when Dixons took the company over in the mid 1980's things improved under the leadership of Stanley Kalms, he had an uncanny gift of knowing what was required. since his retirement things have downhill dramitically, to many tiers of management, to many changes of direction, an ungamly business that cannot change direction when required. It is basicaly crisis management continualy trying to cut costs to match current declining revenue. You will shortly see a drastic reduction in selling space and a downsizing programme. I dont like shopping there any more, they can never work my staff discount (company pensioner) and insist on the coverplan hard sell. (it used to be that coverplan had to account for 10% of the store turnover) and if you didn't meet it Managers had to ring their regional manager on a daily basis
  • Darren W.
    I would look at recent news and do the following: shut the business down completely and re-launch themselves as an online player. Just like woolworths... We have no need for PC World anymore.. Simple FACT, why try and rescue something thats on its way out.
  • who?
    "I would look at recent news and do the following: shut the business down completely and re-launch themselves as an online player. Just like woolworths…" its just that easy right? close all the stores and make everyone in them out of work. then sell online to the same people who are now out of work and cannot afford the goods that they'll be selling? staff will be allowed to apply to work in the call centres that will have to be expanded to deal with online ONLY customers? or work in warehouses boxing stuff for delivery? or delivery drivers? what happens to the actual buildings that are home to the stores? the enormous superstores and XL size stores, never mind the high street branches? what about leases on property? what about the stock that sitting IN these buildings? this sort of comment proves you know nothing, zilch and zero about business.
  • Manager W.
    OK , I'm an Store Manager for PC WORLD who used to care but things have changed and now we are working in an environment ALL about compliance. I really feel for the Assistant Managers who have now been confronted with 45 day notice. I appreciate that those who care are going to be overtaken by the idiots who follow head office's instructions to the letter, those whom have become FIVES ambassadors, and deny customers freedom. Those that don't have an a bit of common sense when dealing with our bread and butter..the customers. THE BUSINESS..... DSGI is a business that needs market approval, minimum wage is attractive to the market, but attracts only the 'uneducated' kind of people who are rightly not bothered - Here i do not mean to suggest that most of the employees are dunces who do not try their best, its just their best isnt good enough for the customers who expect quality advice but their only going to get what the staff have been told to say...what makes money (and to all of us reading this what makes money is overpriced). The business model is based on selling a pc (no margin) and lots of attachments (high margin) its as simple as that, rather like pets at home, sell a mouse for a £1, no margin, but with cage and food the company make money and hopefully repeat business generating customer loyalty and future sales. The company sell the market (banks, etc =funding) their warranty strategy to ensure customer loyalty and thus forward sales thats why 'pc performance' and 'whatever happens' is important to head office whom really do believe this philosophy stands even to this day whatever brand they change it to. Unfortunately times have changed and quite rightly. So everyone on this 'blog' is internet and computer savvy..but the business does not care about you people as it is designed to serve those who are not. Whenever most of you walk into our stores we ignore you as we know we are not going to win, but when a novice walks in we are designed to fleece them out of as much as we can get. Thats the truth. STAFF.... Many of us comment on the lack of staff, the company works on a rotaring system called STARS which predicts how many customers came in at what hour and time and day, then predicts how many colleagues are needed, based on last years information. Unfortunately this system is a KPI which must be hit or else. Staffing levels have been drastically reduced so much that this system is now redundant but Managers must set it to hit green, the system does not care about mixing qualified staff and unqualified staff, but thats because the system is so overly complicated and slow, no-one has enough time tot spend on it to cater for customer demands, it also prefers part timers and not full timers. Most part timers are on 16 hour contracts for flexibility but if you are on only 16 hours, what the hell do you care about the business as their on minimum wage and just filling in time while at college, playschool, etc. Full timers are deemed to be too costly due to the impact they have on sickness and absence (if they have them). FTE. full time employees are being cut, no staff are allowed to be employed on full time hours (40), so what does the business expect..those on full time hours are often the most loyal employees as this is their full time job and their livelihoods depend on the success of the business. But Full time employees are not what the business wants, part timers who are flexible is the preffered. Most part timers dont give a rats arse as they can work in supermarkets on checkouts for more money. They also dont care about training, learning or seeing it as a career, so the next time you go into PC World or Currys ask if they are full or part and if you experience both you will see a distinct difference in service. SERVICE In the past you got better service by those on commission, they would want to earn more, yes, but they would want you to come back and buy more off them. When I was on commission I often went that extra step to make sure the customer was happy. Now commission has been removed, last 3 years, no one gives a shit about repeat businesss, what the staff focus on is their KPI deliverence as this is what is managed by so called people managers, managers get a report daily of the staff's sales results and are then told to challenge the staff who have not performed. IMAGINE that each day you walk into work afraid of being told off for poor performance based on unquantifiable customer reactions. So the company came up with FIVES. Fives is being promoted throughout the company as the best approach which will save the company from disaster, but it is being so strictly monitored that staff are afraid to serve customers in case you are a mystery shopper. Keith Jones and others released a memo to the stores that if you dont subscribe to the FIVES philosophy you are deemed to have handed in your resignation. Customers are supposed to be called guests, but even that idiot KJ calls customers customers in his video he sent to stores. Techguys are targeted with service, the company promotes the service desk to make money, they are not a return or adivce centre, they are supposed to make money, but every customer (or guest) that walks in who asks for advice is then targeted to be sold a service, or box service, free advice is not promoted, all customers/guests should pay. The company's philosophy is that nothing is free. BUT as customers that's what we expect, isnt it. However the techguys have targets to meet or they are put on IPI immediately. (sucks doesnt it). WARRANTY ETHOS Every MANAGER in the PCWORLD company opens the store then checks the figures to ensure they are not going to get a bollocking, each store compare's themselves to each other and hope to god that their base unit penetration is better than the rest of their clusters. Base unit penetration is the amount of 'pc performance' it sells. Most of us, probably 100% of us give the damn thing away discounted 100%. John Browett and KJ dont acknowledge that this happens, but every store will offer you the first month free, and every GM will advocate that as they have to hit their targets. On the intranet system it states that employees will be disciplined for forcing customers to take 'pc performance' for free, but thats for legal purposes, behind the scenes everyone knows this is the case. Which is why you will get pressured to take out the 'you can cancel, no contract extra service' as the staff have no choice. PRICE Yes our cables and accessories are more expensive, USB leads for £14.99, when you can by them for a £1. But the company 's belief is that we are a destination shop so that its worth the extra money as you would have to travel further to buy this necessity. BOLLOCKS, no one likes being ripped off. Filters for £15 ( £3 elsewhere), network leads for £30 ( £5 eslewhere). We always get customers in the shop and have to refer them to other stores so you don't hit us in the face when we tell them the price of a lead or cable which is at least 50% cheaper in B&Q, maplin, staples, etc, etc. Our software is always £5 dearer than everyone else on release date to make as much money possible on that weekend. But whats the point of making maybe 20 sales (whole company) of an extra £5 on that day and ruining our reputation as a leading supplier. I believe our pc's and laptops are good value, but as I said they don't make much money so it's the add-ons which we are forced to promote. Unlike John Lewis and the rest, the staff are FORCED to push Norton, Office, Get connected, bags,pc performance warranty (what a stupid name) smartplan, anything that makes the company more margin than the product. AND THAT IS THE PROBLEM.... The pressure on £5.75 per hour staff is IMMENSE . WHY THE COMPANY IS SUFFERING At head office, they employ people straight out of university with business degrees, those who apparantly can forecast. Yeh right forecast the failings of the business. Most of them at head office, including those stupid buyers which caused last years laptop fiasco, bought stationary into the business so we can sell off that crap at 97p, now 50 % off, Most of the buyers dont even understand the damned products. USB xmas santas, USB fishtanks, USB Lights, who the hell wants them. Disney pens, etc. What I'm talking about is all that crap you bought at 50% off over xmas. Actually some of it like slingbox's£25, nokia n810 £80, was a great purchase but cost the company in lost margin because we could not display it or bought in too much stock. Do you know we have a pc tower (empty) for £200. Who the hell would buy that. Someone needs to go round to these buyers and slap them,. Unfortunately all staff know this but cant feed this back to the losers at head office. You just cant do that, as you will lose your job. I had a customer in who said that I could return the laptop to the manufacturer and get a rebate from them as it was faulty after 3 months. ERR no, we dont get f****n rebates, at least not by the way our company tells us. The company probably does if we drag it out long enough, 6 weeks - pcp, 4 weeks in first 12 months. I cant even believe we dont have stock on sales or return as most of the s**t we sell will never sell unless its 97p. Best reductions of the stuff we reduce goes to staff anyway. I dont have a problem with the directors, I'm sure they really do want the best for the company as their livelihoods depend on it. BUT I DO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE IDIOTS IN HEAD OFFICE WHO GO INTO STORES AFTER A NUMBER OF YEARS AND TELL US THAT IT WAS AN EYE OPENING EXPERIENCE, AND THEY ENJOYED SERVING CUSTOMERS, OR THOSE THAT SAY IT WAS GREAT HARING FEEDBACK. Your the m****r f****s that should know that beforehand. Christ, no wonder our share price is s**t. YOURS TRULY, SOMEONE WHO WANTS THIS COMPANY TO SUCCEED. CC
  • Disneyfan
    I am an ex- Dixons and Comet (and Clydesdale - anyone remember them?) employee. Ive been out the loop now (thankfully) for 20 yrs, but have to laugh at the curry's employee posts who keep extoling in this and other thtreads the benefits of the 'new' fives training package. Sorry guys, I was taught a version of this when I was with Clydesdale. They wanted to be the "marks and spencer" of the electrical world. They called their system the 'Games' system. Greet, Ask, Match, Essentials, and Sell. Identical in principle to the Fives nonsense. All it will do is create a shop full of clones who are lacking in knowledge and trying to stuff x-t warranties down reluctant customers throats. It didnt save Clydesdale (RIP 15 ish years ago) and I doubt it will save currys. I will be sorry to see them go, mostly because a lot of people will be without jobs, and there will be yet less competition on the high street which will be bad for all. Where Clydesdale failed was in recruiting a large bunch of ex- currys managers and training staff (guess who came up with games then!) and moving onto a 'dixons' footing dropping the striving for excellence and gaining a bad reputation, much as currys. We became just another branch of currys with a different lablel and failed accordingly. Staff who were interested in customer care were witch hunted. I bailed when I saw what it was becoming. I went from a shop manager to unemployed with out having another job in the pipeline, and no benefits because I chose to leave! Thats how bad it was! Good luck to those in Currys or joining. Good choice to those who are now otherwise employed. Without major changes in policy this is one ship that is fast going to the retail briny deep.
  • TechGuy
    There's a few things that people here are forgetting when they're saying that PC World should dissapear to the nether-realm of inner hell. Online, when you're browsing a PC or Laptop, unless you're an enthusiast that regularly refers to the latest benchmarks (trusted benchmarks I might add) then you haven't got a clue what you're looking at. You don't know that the core2quad 2.4ghz chip feels faster or slower than the core2duo 2.8ghz processor when coupled with 4gb ram instead of 3gb. I challenge anyone on this board who is a 'normal' user to point to comparisons on the web where they can absolutely tell me which laptop or pc will respond in the best way possible for them. No? You can't? Why is that? Is it becuase you have absolutely no basis for comparison? This is what PC World is for. You go there to feel and see the product and with help from staff, use it a little to see how it works for you. Buying online? Go ahead. There is no change of mind policy so it's your loss if you buy that 1gb Vista laptop with 80gb hard drive and onboard graphics when you could have seen it running instore and been helped to see that for a few quid more, you could have bought the HDMi, Blu-ray, 16.4" true-widescreen (as compared to the old widescreen... what? is there a difference you might ask?) with a dedicated graphics chip which is capable of running sims2 or WoW nicely. As for the above manager who complained about the £200 case? I believe you're referring to the Cosmos-S case last priced at £145 approx, which is a full tower currently receiving extremely high praise from the ENTHUSIAST market. The enthusiast market know what they're buying, if they buy it from PC World it's because they haven't found it cheaper elsewhere or where just passing. This is a new market for us. Ask your TechGuys instore to show you the OCZ DDR2 HPC Edition Ram, and compare the price against the generic crap you can buy off the shelf from PNY. You'd be surprised. I wish managers and assistant managers would trust us a little more, we do actually know our stuff. (I do anyway). As for selling stuff at clearance prices, each store should be checking to make aure that the more knowledgeable staff aren't hiding items until they're written off only to suddenly find them again when a price check reveals they've been dropped to 97p. I'm sure you know exactly what i'm talking about. Business were the worst culprits for it. Many regards TechGuy
  • Disneyfan
    @Manager PC World Read your post with interest and lots of recognition. I feel for you as I have been there. Sorry to see that (as i said) people like you (who deserve better) are getting stuffed by the company. Hope it improves. Meanwhile if you can- get an escape plan sorted. Mine isnt recommended! though it did sort out in the end. (good luck, not good judgement!) good luck, you seem to be one of the good guys!
  • Brian
    its right what was mentioned before about sales staff now being too scared to approach customers just incase it IS a mystery shop that you'll get badly marked for if you don't do it right on the money. you've got to remember to do ALL five Rooms of the FIVES process (as has been documented on this site) aswell as know and be able to answer questions on the product compared with other products including ones you don't stock or haven't stocked in a while. remember to push every single add-on that you can think of including things like mobile broadband contracts, home broadband, sky hd, virgin media, aswell as the WEH/PC performance justification against the free warranties offerred by JL, Sony Centres etc, justify the delivery charges (£19.52 for your first item and then £4.90 for each one after that!!) compared to other peoples minimal or free delivery. most customers/guests would be prepared to pay if they wanted and were desperate for the item next day and indeed could specify a delivery time slot. they've got to know the arse end of everything about the products but cannot discount (for cash or any other reason than a genuine price promise to a high street retailer that has stock), no haggling with customers at all even if they're spending into the thousands, the sales floor staff will get bollocked for giving away free delivery/a few months WEH/PC performance/margin rich cables etc etc. Some places, especially in high unemployment areas will still assume that theres discount for cash and that cash is king. wrong. it costs more to bank and its a hassle to count and bank up at the end of the day. some folk still say to the sales staff "Whats your best price on this?" Why do you get to pay less than anyone else? are you somehow more deserving of a lower price than anyone else? Everyone is looking fora bargain, the world over. but sales staff at DSGi no longer have bargaining power or the ability to amend prices. plus they have to hit all the relevant targets of things like a minimum of 4 mobile broadband contracts per week (even in small high street stores where the saturation of home broadband via sky/virgin is something silly like 90 odd %) WEH/Pc Performance targets have just gone UP to 40% I think. and this has to be done on £5.73 per hour with some added incentives on things like Norton 360 (no other choice of A/V is available at Currys stores now, Kaspersky and Windows Live were withdrawn from sale and the lower versions of Norton don't make the sales staff any CABS) however on a lot of the incentives, the payment only kicks in IF the store hits above a certain target level. The Fives process is supposed to find out what exactly a customer wants and what they're going use it for and give them the choices available in the price bracket they're prepared to pay, giving them the choice on essentials like cables etc that can improve the quality of the product or at least make it work to start with as some things like DVD players don't often include a scart or HDMI cable and the customer is supposed to be able to choose to buy one with their new product instead of going home and realising they have to scrounge one from somewhere else/re-use an old one/find out they need to come back out and buy one. but the company voids that by giving sales staff high targets and incentives to sell certain things over other products, this is referred to as 'selling up' and then piling on the pressure to achieve these targets. target driven sales is a very common thing, but DSGi sell luxury items, not essentials. yes the company does want to do well and sell as much as possible and gain massive profits and trounce the competition from the likes of John Lewis, Comet, Argos, and even supermarkets now. but paying minimum wage and hiring part time staff with little interest in the products other than scoring some clearance bargains or their staff discount while trying to please the head honchos by meeting these high pressure targets is not the way to provide better customer service. this is why when you go into a large Currys store for example, you'll get repeatedly asked by part time staff "What brings you into Currys today?" until you leave or engage one of them in a conversation. worse still is asking if the 'guest' (cos Currys is a short stay hotel, or maybe its cos until they've spent money, they're not a customer...) is just browsing, if they'd like to be left alone to browse and if its OK for the sales person to re-visit them again in a bit to check if they're OK. nothing makes 'guests' leave quicker than knowing they're about to be bugged again by the same person in a few mins after they've already specified that they're merely browsing. Especially true in the large stores where if you've been asked by several staff members, you're going to be re-visited by all of them in turn!
  • exPCWorld
    @Manager PC World Brilliant post - that is exactly what life is like at PC World! After 8 years I finally left last summer. The (then) upcoming WNR and FIVES .. just gave me a bad feeling, and a kick up the arse to leave (although I think the WNR stores look good). Thank god I did, with a family and a mortgage I'd be sweating bigtime by now! Even though I'm ex-staff I do feel like defending the company from time to time, everyone in my store was a joy to work with and always went out of the way to help customers, in the business centre our store consistently had over 90% repeat business, most of our customers loved us. Of course, you do occasionally get bad staff, that is true of ANY business, and they drag the company down. Complainers shout louder than advocates! I agree that John Browett (does he still have a blog on the intranet?) and Keith Jones do have the best interests of the company at heart and they have some pretty big decisions facing them now. What can they do to improve it and move the business forward? I do think they need to look at prices.. not necessarily make everything cheaper (although they do need to review the absurd prices for USB cables et al), but my biggest bugbear was consistency, there was a STORE PRICE, a WEB PRICE, a WEB EXCLUSIVE PRICE and a BUSINESS PRICE .. it was a tough job to know how much to charge for anything ... The solution - ONE BRAND ONE PRICE ... it's so simple! For the sake of the business, not everything has to match web prices (realistically they do need to make more margin to survive), but they do need to be the CHEAPEST on the HIGH STREET - and maybe make some key lines like ink as cheap as the internet (Ink is good example of why PCW Head Office staff will be the ones that end up killing the business - last year they increased ink prices by as much as 50% on some lines (previous to this they had been pretty competitive), they did this because ink sales had recently increased due to the better pricing. they assumed that sales would remain constant and they would rake in the profit ... guess what, customers noticed they were spending more..and stopped buying. Not only did sales go down (sharply) but PCW had again managed to loose even more peoples trust and confidence and come across as money grabbing charlatans they probably ended up making less margin that if they had left the prices as they were. NEW TECHNOLOGY - stop selling these 'exclusive to DSGI' models (high margin and can't be price matched), they are rubbish and people are catching on to the fact they are made specially for DSGi - instead agree with the manufacturers to get a 3 month exclusivity window on the really cool new gear. People want the newest best stuff and will happily pay ( a reasonable price) for it! PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE - stop controlling your CA's and effectively tying their hands behind their back with programs such as milestones and FIVES .. these are good to give inexperienced staff some structure, but the best people at selling will have their own tried and tested way. Customers like to buy from human beings... if I think someone is just going through a script then it puts me right off. Have a PC Performance/ Whatever Happens charter, if it doesn't fulfil it's promises then the customer is entitled to a full or part refund - these services can be good - but like anything , giving it away, overselling it and pressuring it on people has just devalued it. Have confidence in your product! John Browett, Keith Jones - when you do store visits, don't announce them, just turn up - we always had like a week or two weeks notice to get the store to standard. Why not pop into stores randomly - see if those managers you're paying 40k+ to are actually earning that wage day in day out - rather than just busting a gut when they know you are on the way. Finally, I really don't think DSGi is going anywhere (ie bankrupt) - I think this time next year the business may look very different to how it is now, but it will still be here. With that in mind .. the share price is still loooking very attarctive. It might be worth a few quid! Good luck to PC World (and DSGi) and all who sail in her. Shame on people who hope they go under.
  • 45 n.
    I have the plan--we join forces Pc world and Currys re-brand as one and put all the staff on 45 days notice...wouldnt it be interesting to see how many would actually bother to reapply. Then we start again with people that want to be there paid a decent wage to give customers a decent service, no more than they deserve. Commision is back for all staff--no managers bonus though, which I wouldnt mind if the staff actually saw this as an incentive but they moan even about earning extra for doing same job !!??!! FRONT DOOR IS THE ANSWER AND THE KEY TO SUCCESS
  • wackamac
    @ future currys staff member Yeah i thought they had theLink... typical DSGi sold the 2 best things they had theLink, and Freeserve... man that would have made them a packet by now.... I think also Currys has to much variety, i mean u go into a shop and they have like 20 mp3 players, lets be fair why bother, just have Apple and Sony, Creative.. actually just Apple lol, Same with Freeview boxes, how many different ones do they want to sell?? Also they brought a camera outlet sometime a go, now they could always do with better displays and sections for cameras and camcorders, they are always miles away behind the counter... but yeah you ask a sales guy and basically he just reads the ticket back to u lol, or ultimately tries to sell you the most expensive (with a 3 or 5 year warranty - with finance) after all all these stores make more money on finance and warranties that anything.
  • Man P.
    As a PC World employee I see so many problems with the company, all of which are contributing to the difficulty the company is experiencing at the moment, all of which are fixable. Staff. The company tells us (at least they used to) that the staff are the most important part of the business. The staff don't feel important. They don't feel supported. The training available is hopelessly inadiquate, product training is virtually non-existant, what training there is only covers things like FIVES which is one mans visionand a ball & chain to the majority of the staff (Oops, twang. Colleagues). Staff are now scared to sell. They fear the repercussions if they miss the PCP/360/Office and on and on attatchments. They fear being overheard not using FIVES and being investigated/disciplined for it. Now they're seeing management being treated like crap and given the sack with the opportunity to beg for their own jobs. No wonder there's fear. They wonder, are they the next target for the back stabbing bastards from head office. FIVES. FIVES is supposed to be about tailoring and solutions. It's a one size fits all restraining tool which has no flexibility and actually leads to a decrease in sales. Customers spot the scripted approach so when you tell them they'll need a HDMI cable for their PS3 they don't think "good idea" or even "do i need it" they just think "I'm being offered this because the staff are told to sell them regardless..." Keep FIVES, use it as a training tool for new recruits. But let colleagues develop their own style, let them be humans, not robots. Humans like to buy from humans, if they want robots they'll go online. The company. Just for starters... The buyers need to get the stock in that people want. At the moment we've got a great range of mid level laptops. Entry level and high end are not so good. Stock levels in general are poor on the items that people want. Switch selling can become tiresome after a while. Customers (Oops, twang again!) Guests, want to feel their getting a personal service and above all else, a "deal" (Twang). Staff (twang) hands are tied, they have little product options, they have to operate in a robot like manner and whilst I understand the situation on margin and discount I do feel they are being shot in the foot when they have to offer the guest a £15 USB cable. Get the right stock in the company, get the price ticket information right, stop changing prices like the wind changes, and stop trying to fleece the punters on the essential items. Charging a fortune for ink will only send them elsewhere. It's about time Head Office realised we all want the same thing, success. After all, it's our jobs. And unlike the higher ups at Hemmel, we won't be offered a golden handshake when it all goes wrong. Yours, Man of the PCWorld.
  • Elsie
    @ Brian, reading your post made me go cold, it was like being back instore again. What you have said is so true. When I was first employed by dsgi, I was taken on because of a proven track record. My sales technique worked and customoers I served were satifsfied and came back to purchase other items. I made the company a good profit margin. The worst thing this company did was to use a sledgehammer (FIVES) to crack a nut (the few sales staff that needed a kick up the bum). They gagged to good competent sales bods and forced them to use FIVES. They came down hard on anyone not using it. The KPIs are needed, but they need to be reasonable. How can anyone give good customer service and screw the last penny out of every customer, selling what the company instists they have not what they need. I've said it in a previous post if customers feel they have been pushed into buying something they don't want or need they will not come back. DSGI need repeat business not a fast buck! Please forgive any spell and grammar errors this has so insensed me, my poor keyboard is bouncing.
  • Gavla
    when i started working at pc world...i didnt recieve no training (this was more than a year ago), it was all my own knowledge of messing around with computers at home...all i had to do was follow around a female customer advisor who couldnt even speak english properly and a business advisor who moaned all the time. so i got a grasp of what i was meant to sell...but i didnt perform very well to be frank because i dont like selling something to a customer that rips them off or i wouldnt buy myself. So Norton went out the window and so did the pc performance warranty. then towards the end of the summer our store staff were trained in Fives...which was a waste of time (everything is so rehearsed it looks fake to a customer). I didnt use Fives at all..but i manipulated my own version...and talked to each customer on their level...no bullshiting about techfriends or mobile broadband..i talked about it but as soon as the customer said not interested i left it at that..and i only sold those items to a customer that asked for it or for someone i thought might need it in their situation. I decided to leave pc world after 1 year...and towards the last few months i sold so much stuff that my figures were one of the best in the store...but i didnt use fives and i wasnt trained. I sold the customer what they wanted and what i would have brought myself in their situation..there is no point selling a customer a £700 laptop with hdmi connection n nvidia 9600 gfx card if they going to use it for skype. From all the time that i worked there..i only had one complaint from a customer...who had a budget of £350 for a laptop...and wanted to play games on it (so my question was..what type of games..you could mean solitaire or pro evo for all i know)...the reply was "i duno anything really"...vague response from the customer..and with a budget of that your not going to find a laptop that has the memory or graphics card needed from a top quality manufacturer. So i sold them the closest thing to it at £420. Guy comes back next day saying he brought COD World at War and it dont work on the laptop (foking einstein) Anyway to the point....when i started the company recruited 4-5 other people at the same time...after 4-5 months we were the top performers in a store which was the smallest in the cluster finding it hard to meet horrendous targets in a delapedated shopping centre in an area that i would describe as working class. The older more experienced workers had given up on the management and the company...one that had such a negative outlook that reflected on the pesimistic management. Our store had more workers than customers at most points of the week...where as the currys next store had like 3 workers and 15-20 customers at a time. What PC World needs to do is get the management to relax....and have the customer advisors act natural...let the sales flow and talk to the customer on a common level "what brings you to the store....are you interested in mobile broadband...do you have an anti virus that has a multi user licence"...this sounds all fake and brain washed stuff. For those saying PC World needs to match internet prices..its great for the customer (and the staff love it) but its not going to happen...no matter what market segment your in you will never find clothing retailers, florists, garden furniture companies etc matching internet prices. There is so much competition already..look at the supermarket chains they are dropping their prices so much...yet like pc world they will charge you an arm n leg on certain products to make up for the loss..the price of bread/fruit/milk (the common items that are necessities) will be raised alot. The staff do need to be trained...but not on a level that is close to overkill...not every customer comes into the store asking for a motherboard or a dvi adapter etc...most of the customers that pc world gets arent technical..if you are technical i personally would advise using the internet to buy your product. I think it would be a good idea to merge currys n pc world..for the lone fact that most of the time the stores are situated in close proximatey to each other. Where i worked we had comet, currys and pc world within 2 minutes of each other. PC World also needs to concentrate solely on the pc/laptop retailing....get rid of the tv/dvds etc..leave that to currys. The tech guys need to sort out their pricing...a home installation of a tv for example is so focking ridiculous...you can go to a local tv retailer that has connections with panasonic..and they`d be happy to do it for free. One thing they also need to do is stop advertising shit like advent and ei systems on the telly...customers come in thinking that they are brilliant machines and that hp/toshiba/sony/dell items should be at the same price as the cheap shit advent are flogging. /rant over
  • Man P.
    Oh, one more thing. (bad Columbo impersonation!) The new CAB's that are in place now have a lot to be said for them. Ok, some of the targets for the store to hit are a bit tough, but they are to be expected and on the whole it's a good thing. I do wonder how the company would be financially if they'd introduced it last year? What's changed to let them afford to do this personal bonus scheme now? I for one hope it's here to stay, god knows, basic pay is nowhere near enough. This months' pay slip is going in the shreader! Man of the PCWorld
  • Elsie
    @man of pcworld, does the store still have to meet its target before individuals get CAB's payouts.
  • Man P.
    On items such as Norton 360, Office & tech friend, yes.
  • Ex W.
    Reading about the sudden down turn of PC World does not surprise me in the slightest.. At my age Technology is starting to leave me behind but I always knew that I could depend on PC World staff to point me in the right direction grandkids think I'm crazy!! I've shopped with PC World for over 15 years now, travelling over the water has never been a problem then 2 years ago they built a PC World a car drive away from me!! I was there on opening day and was very surprised by the amount of lovely supportive assistants!! Unfortunately over the past year the store has deteriorated and after a bad run in with management I have decided never to shop there again.. Staff levels are dwindling and managers are heaping the pressure on, sort the managers out, the ones I have met were rude obnoxious and didn't care now I understand why they are culling alot!!
  • In B.
    [...] are nearly 60 comments so far on yesterday’s post concerning how you’d improve the future performance of PC World and Currys. There are plenty [...]
  • PETE W.
    Now let`s get real here firstly the expectation of customer`s at time`s is shocking and un realistic most of time can i get a discount it`s cheaper on the internet etc. what people forget is we are running a business not a charity ys there are flaws just like in any company compare us to jlp er excuse me most of the customer`s that shop there are snob`s. most of our store`s are placed in retial parks near rundown estates the type of customer that comes in wants good service they just dont want patronised which is the way we are heading with fives. The art of having a proper conversation with customer`s is being lost through h/o the customer is gospel bend over backwards. now lets look at customer`s behaviour shocking to say the least there washing machine not delivered on time yes its a poor service and creates inconvieance but compensation for what ther are people dying in the world with greater needs.if you want great customer train our staff in how to hold conversations with people. i personally have been met with some horrendous abuse because of ill informed customers rights and the wrong attitude before you start blaming dsgi for the ills of the world take a step back and look at how your attitude is and if you changed it would the service change we are human not robots.
  • Brian
    pete wood? Where on earth did you learn your grammar, spelling and punctuation skills? I could barely understand any of the post you entered and if the 'art of having a proper conversation' is anything like your typing skills, then I'm glad you don't work for me.
  • PCW e.
    A short message to manager PC World. I am a GM in PCW, I really hope your are not a GM or AM or CA as with your attitude then you are not going to last, I can only imagine your under pressure as your store is failing due your bad management, you should not be working for the company if you feel like this. Why not post your name and store if your being honest.....
  • Rob
    I worked for DSG for 5 years & thankfully left about 4yrs ago (Currys & The Link) I also knew a LOT of Dixons staff.. Now here's the suprise....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAS CHANGED...head office have always been oblivious, you've always been forced to sell warranty/etc on fear of performace reviews but they never had anything in writing so there's no proof if an employee ever wanted to make a stand or whistle-blow. DSG deserve to fail, the staff don't deserve that though. They always had low-paid studenty types & expected them to provide amazing service & actually care one iota. Some top dogs need to be culled & people with some business sense need to replace them.
  • Man P.
    To PCW employeeBARA I can understand Manager PC World not posting his name or store, the next thing that would happen would be a call/text/e-mail from his SGM ending "goodbye". You also mention his "attitude", the only "attitude" I detected was a sense of frustration. PC World could be such a fantastic business. Even in todays financial climate there is a market out there to serve and the restraints of FIVES, driving KPI's to the point of fear and no support from head office the customers are being driven away. Furthermore, it will be interesting to find out where the AM's who have kept jobs, but not in their own store will be posted. Sunderland AM to Southampton? Perth to Portsmouth? The axe is being sharpened when the company should be pulling together survive. As I said, frustrated, who wouldn't be.
  • Paul
    It needs to position itself either as 'cheap' store, or as an expert one. It can't compete with online prices if it has to pay the salaries of knowledgable staff. It's presence on most retail parks also excludes it from being able to compete on price. I would suggest it needs to pay to make sure staff are well trained and, paid for their knowledge. The best example I can think of is maplin ( I have no idea how they are doing in the current climate). I'm often happy to pay a little bit more in there because when I ask about something the staff know what I am talking about or will refer me to someone who is.
  • Business M.
    Iam currently a business center manager for one of the small format PCworld stores, for a few more days at least. I believe DSGI will continue in one format or the other. One of the biggest failiing is the fact we have a company that has two Brand Names (PCWorld/Currys), that essentially sell the same products and are located within a short driving distance with each other. My first task as Director would be to lose the PCWorld brand except online, Examine all my Currys/ PCWorld sites and decide which ones I would keep, this would be based on profit/loss location, size etc. Keep only one unit location of the above two brands, within 10 miles of each other. Convert PCWorld unit to Currys if necessary. Full WNR format for the remainng units, with additional staff working from closed units to bolster staff levels. Yes prices do need to be looked at, and the new Fives is not customer friendly. Having given 10 years service Iam now looking at changing my carear completly from retail. Iam actually going to fail the re interview process delibratley so I can get some small redundency payment before I walk out. I do wish the few decent people I have worked with over the years the best and hope DSGi continues into the future.
  • concerned
    Also With reference to PCW employeeBARA and @Manager PCWorld I work within PC World, and as a GM you should know we can all get sacked for contributing to this site, so who is going to acknowledge their identity?. I read @MANAGER PCWORLD's post also and could clearly ascertain their frustration that over the years the business has suffered somewhere due to incompetance and now changes need to be made to survive. Changes which have impacted on his/her colleagues who are going to lose their jobs and be paid the statutory amount of redundancy, when in the past the company would pay reasonable amounts to those. I could only ascertain that as a Manager most of his/her work coleagues become friends, AND as a friend how awful would it be to tell your friends that their going to lose their job , obviously PCW employee BARA your not going to , so your mortgage , loans etc are not under threat It also from their post, to me anyway, seems that those who keep their jobs in management are going to be under so much pressure as there are fewer of them (cuts informed by previous posts) that pressure will be immense. He/She points out that the staff are constantly under immense pressure to deliver on their sales targets, etc, and sympathises with by comparing the pay they get for the amount of stress they receive. You PCWemployee BARA are probably on £40 to £50K pa and read his/her post and thought this was some disgruntled employee with a chip on their shoulder but it sounded to me and a few others that he/she was sounding their concerns and would not want a repeat of errors/decisions that have influenced the problems contributing to state of the business. I bet what they wrote was a warning that the business needs to look at itself more indepth and change, but you couldnt see that so I hope to god I dont work in your store as I bet that your a Follower, not a leader. Please, do not say that the business is without problems and will carry on going forward as look at retail deathwatch Currys/PCworld are always in the list and recently there was a survery of poor service stores and again DSGi come worst. Currys had their restructure only a few years ago but has not delivered the quality of service as it is still deemed to be poor by the masses. NO ONE wants to get sacked, Hardly anyone in this current climate, especially in retail, But by voicing concerns on such sites as this I beleive that that hopefully someone in charge may read this and think. yes maybe we could do things better for ALL involved.
  • PCW e.
    Hi, just read above posts. To Me, at least. We should keep anonymity, so BARA (shut it). @PCW MANAGER - dont comment again as you will lose your job (unfortunately, as I beleive you really do care about the staff and business which is vitally important) PCW has a brand name which people will visit, stores need to be competitive - so adjust prices, and as many have said maybe only a £1 or more above internet prices as most customers will accept the running costs of a retail outlet and their convenience, but as suggested earlier by @MANAGER no one likes being totally ripped off, even though you might be the only place to buy a USB lead aftrer 6'oclock. But consider as @MANAGER suggested that you buy a USB lead for £14.99 at that time in the shop which you think is a normal price then later find out that you could of bought the same thing for £5 wouldnt you feel aggrieved?. Everyone would and this climate forces everyone to search for the best price, but if justifiable they will not feel ripped off. So if any directors are reading this please please adjust our prices to be competitive, forget price match as this ridiculous, we just need to be reasonable with our customers. Try selling norton to a customer who has problems with that program. I know and many PCW employees know that the company gets a kickback for selling norton, also for pushing manufacturer endcaps, we know you get £1000's as goodwill from a manufacturer for a particular product to be put on an endcap then write on the profit. But thats the problem as @MANAGER suggests customers know this, customers have become so 'savvy' we are suffering and novice customers are fewer and fewer, everyone knows a friend of a friend who can help them and will suggest alternatives to the propositions that the staff are forced to sell. I also agree with those about the FIVES pressure, I think that most staff would follow this as a selling structure its not bad but most are confused and scared about misinterpreting it, As the academy managers advocate the FIVES strategy word for word, but I think that that it just needs to be tailored to the individual. Anyway I'm sorry that we feel as employees we have to contribute on such sites as these are our worries and concerns as their is no way to do it instore, and it is really difficult to do it through instore channels as you know you are going to get 'sacked' or riduculled through instore channels.
  • old e.
    The present management do not know how to run the company. If they are allowed to continue you do not know how much damage they will do to the company. The most important thing that will help the company is to have a good backup service with quality service staff. Another thing is that the company should listen to people who are in the front line of the business. Decisions made by top pen pusher managrement without consulting the front line staff is not going to solve the companies problem.
  • A D.
    A friend and colleague of mine has recently informed me that he has to apply for the Business Account Developer position whether he wants the role or not. Not that it's a completley new role, or that a completely new contract to take onboard all the changes means it's a different job. Failure to apply for this position is deemed resignation and will forfeit his redundancy pay. Successfully interviewing for this role and then leaving due to ridiculous workloads will be deemed a resignation and will not receive redundancy pay. Taking on the role essentially puts him 'on call' should his interview be successful. He will take on his, 2 other business advisors workloads plus management responsibility since the BCM is going to be taken out too with absolutely no extra pay. If a customer wants to see the Business Account Developer on his day off, he has to go in and deal with it. I find it disgusting that a company would do this to someone who has a proven track record or loyalty and sales under threat of losing redundancy pay for not 'following the flock'. I'm looking into self employment at the moment performing the same role as I do now, and i aim to take as much business with me as possible. Regards
  • Man P.
    To PCW Employee. A number of good points there. The Norton & endcap examples imparticular strike a chord. Head office stikes a deal with the supplier, if we sell x the supplier gives the company x. That's all well and good, But when these targets are achieved the GMs and colleagues are not recognised for it. This leads to the simple situation, hit target = the company gets the kickback. Don't hit the target = the GM gets verbally raped by his SGM and the colleagues suffer as shit rolls downhill.The more I think of it the more I think it's good to be at the top. Villa in Spain anyone?
  • Man P.
    To a little disturbed. I see your points. What's being done to some individuals is nothing short of disgusting. Perhaps we're all going to be replaced by 6th formers. Good luck with your own business. I have customers who will walk out if I'm not there. Doesn't mean I'm the best, just that I've built the rapport with them. Take all you can get, I know I would.
  • dipstick
    I think the DSGI group should be allowed to die. can only be a good thing. i have 3 points. the number of my non computer lterate friends that have gone in and been ripped off is unreal! as someone else has already comment staff training would be a good start and as wella s technical training some ethics training would not go amiss. i am fed up of going in picking up something with a big sign saying it is one price only to be charged more at the till. sometimes it has been because i have not seen the tiny print - this price only if you buy xyz - or sometimes the till ssyetm has not caught up. why this sheer stupidity of one price if you buy online and pick up compared to just walking in. am i ever just going to wander round andf pick something up if i know that when i go home and check i could have saved a load of money by pre ordering? no too late and you lost the sale! the sooner the better - will potentially allow other retailers in who might actually give a sh*t about their customers.
  • Dan
    The problem with DSGi is mainly the staff and their lack of knowledge. The training, quite simply, is poor (i worked in 2 different pcworld stores, total 3.5yrs), and most of the staff are young, with the false belief of knowledge. The problem DSGi is faced with is that good service comes from sales and product experience. From people who view their jobs as long term, and wish to learn. Such service typically comes from ppl aged 40+ in such a retail environment. Most ppl currently 40+ faced with a career as a sales guy wont have the computing confidence to even apply to these stores as they are not from the computing generations, and learning so much new technology will quite simply be asking too much. As a result these stores end up employing ppl who use them as stepping stones - a temporary route to getting some cash. Typically students. Any training costs are lost on these employees as most will leave within 1-2yrs, starting the whole "employ & train process" again for the store. What DSGi needs is staff loyalty, and to be more selective of its employees. Yes, the average 18yr old will likely know more about the store products than a 40yr old, but with time and reward, the 40yr old can become a true asset to the store. The 40yr old will also be more honest, and will likely check something he is unsure of. The typical 18yr old, ruled by arrogance and laziness, will think he knows and, rather than face asking someone else, misinform. Recently i went into pcworld to view a laptop id seen elsewhere online. The only one left was ex-display, and priced at £449.97. Speaking to the sales guy (aged about 18) i got the poor service i had expected. "No further exdisplay discount unless I purchase pcperformance" (warranty), for which he could offer £30 off. Such practise is infact now illegal i believe - offering discounts for warranty purposes - but hey, thats still the primary DSGi haggling tool. I told him i could get the same computer for £430 brand new online, without warranty extension, but that if he would include the £18 of clearance games i was holding for free, i would buy from them. The answer was no. Shocked, I reclarified the situation to him - laptop. £430 new online. Yours £420 exdisplay. ill take then cancel the warranty, at my inconvenience, and you include £18 worth of games you're trying to clear anyway. No = no sale. He said "no". Obviously, I walked. About 2wks later the Nokia N810 deal popped up on HUKD, so i thought id pop in and check my store for one. Result - found the last one. Upon approaching the checkout, the same sales guy was sitting there. He asked for my name, address etc, to which I gave my name, and said you can put whatever you want for the address. He was a little set back, saying "but I have to put in your address". I told him to put in the stores address (which is what we used to do when a customer didnt wish to become another record in the DSGi database). He then said "ok, but this means you dont get any warranty". "No it doesnt" i sharply replied. He then silently completed the transaction, and off i went. Its this sort of poor service (as a result of poor training) which is unnecessary. If a customer doesnt want to provide personal details, he doesnt have to. To then tell ppl they wont receive warranty for doing so is infact a form of threat. If the N810 had not been a rare DSGi bargain, i would have told them to shove it. The price alone got my custom. Without it, i would not have entered the store to start with.
  • BSM
    you really need to grow up and get a life, Im reading these sad stories because Im on garden leave. If you dont like your employer then work somewhere else, and if the company lets you down, shop online. i read these stories and all I want to do is dig out my axe from my shed, well Im on garden leave....
  • Exploitation
    As I said already, PC World are like most big businesses that take the profits from the hard work of those on near minimum wage, and give 98% of the profit to management (who do nothing but tell their staff to work harder and meet the unreachable targets). The fact that sales staff are not rewarded for their efforts (except for pitiful “crumb-like” bonuses), gives them no incentive to give good customer service, to go beyond their job description, or to gain good product knowledge. The “real” commission is given to management instead, who reap the benefits of any good performance of their sales staff. Is that a fair system? More like exploitation. If the company gave “motivating” rewards to sales advisers for their performance, instead of feeding rewards to management, then the company might be doing much better. If higher management wages were not so ridiculous, then may be the company would be okay.
  • Brian
    exactly true Staff morale at most stores is very low. the motivation to sell is slightly increased by the CABS which you then find out are only paid out if the store itself hits a certain level. so you could be a shit hot sales person but if the rest of your store doesnt help reach the targets, you'll still only get the cabs on things like SkyHD, Mobile Broadband Contract and if you've sold any 'WIN' tv packages. As for Dan, trying to bargain with the salesmen is a waste of time now. if you had been offerred a deal and didnt want it but wanted yo try making your own deal you should've spoken directly to the manager as they are basically the only ones who can amend prices now. if sales people do it, they're gonna get a bollocking.
  • PCW B.
    I agree with some of the comments regarding our pricing structure, however the training and knowledge of staff is quite extensive TECH GUYS STAFF have to complete a comprehensive training programme aswell as test prior to been AUTHORISED in The Tech Guys Department. Unfortunately there will always be some staff with less knowledge - but as the saying goes PAY PEANUTS! GET MONKEYS!!!!! ;o) Incidently I believe DSGI acted in a shocking, unprofessional manner announcing these redundancies! Staff was first aware via Internet Blogs and leak with the customers! Mr. TESCO MAN YOU SHOULD HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME!!! All the best to all affected! x
  • staff
    I cant believe some of these posts. Who do you think we are, a car boot? You wouldn't walk into Sainsbury’s and say if I buy these potatoes will you throw the carrots in for free!?!?! Get real, its a shop, were here to make money at the end of the day, you want something you buy it. I know people like a bargain but what you ask is totally unrealistic. The staff who have posted have hit the nail on the head, there is too much corporate pressure and not enough 'honest' customer service and advice! Training needs to be improved, they did take some steps in the right direction previously with training at sites like Sony etc. But Fives, what a waste of time. Its so degrading and unnatural. Programs like this will only drive away the people you should be keeping. As others have stated it’s a great framework to base your own technique on, but to be forced to reel it off word for word with every ‘guest’ is wrong. Fives, as already stated, has created a fear of talking to people. This is the total opposite of what should be happening as people have mentioned(staff not around, don’t want to help etc). If staff were able to talk naturally to people without KPI’s and a script to follow in the back of their minds things would be a lot better! And I find it extremely insulting when you tar everyone with the same brush (all staff are idiots). The store in which I work employs knowledgeable staff who know what they are talking about, some of them are studying IT to a degree level. I think if PC world / Currys were to go under it would be a loss. And to those that want DSGi to go under, how can you wish for anyone to loose their job in this climate? You clearly have no morals. The company is salvageable with the right direction from top management. To all AMs good luck with your interview and test, hope everything sorts its self out.
  • PETE W.
    For Brian your remark is exactly what i am on about my grammar yes is poor due to a dyslexia problem, but what on earth has that got to do with what i was talking about. Really any comment from you now will be taken with the distain it deserves, you have a one sided view which i suppose no will change. Would you be as blunt and disrespectful to some one face to face in a retail shop lets say they have a stutter. Make your points on vaild issues and not just angry feelings. Many thanks i hope my spelling is up to your elevated standards.
  • SimonB
    @staff: Why would you not expect customers to barter for expensive products? Whilst clearly this isn't the norm on cheap items, anyone with any financial nouse will try to save money on large purchases. Do you go into a car dealer and just accept the price? Would you just pay the asking for a house? One of my families businesses is a Builders Merchants group where all products have set prices on the POS system. The system also lists cost prices and acceptable margins, giving all our sales staff an idea of where they can move prices to in order to keep customers happy and win more business. Sometimes this is overused by new staff, but we soon train them to barter with customers and they will normally judge the situation right. The result is most customers feeling happy with what they get, a service tailored to their individual requirements. We could take the route of ignoring business from people not willing to pay our ideal margins, but they just go somewhere else and you get nothing. You clearly do not understand sales as a large part of it is making people feel they have got a good deal, something which from the sound of it DSGi seems to prevent it's sales staff from having any involvement in.
  • Dan
    Quoting 'staff': "I cant believe some of these posts. Who do you think we are, a car boot? You wouldn’t walk into Sainsbury’s and say if I buy these potatoes will you throw the carrots in for free!?!?! Get real, its a shop, were here to make money at the end of the day, you want something you buy it. I know people like a bargain but what you ask is totally unrealistic" Staff, potatoes cost pennies - were talking expensive goods here. There is a big difference, and i expect you iterated the words of your store manager in your post. Any business, especially one in a struggling market, should be willing to fight for the sale, and this includes haggling. If you dont want the sale, fine. Just don't expect the customer to return, or the business to thrive, or even succeed. If you look back over my post you will see that my proposition to the sales guy was infact generous on my part, with the laptop being ex-display. Would you take a laptop exdisplay for just £10 + £18 of software discount, and then have to call to cancel the service agreement? I expect not. My impatience simply got the better of me instore - I wanted it then and there, so i made a decent offer which, fortunately for me now, the sales guy was too stupid to realise the value of. Brian: I had asked to speak with a manager, and saw the sales guy point me out to him, but he purposely avoided both eye contact, passing me on multiple occassions, and serving me for over 15 mins. Quite simply, he couldnt be arsed. So I continued with the sales guy. Having worked in 2 pcworld stores I know that the quality of managers truly varies. Some really are good; some want to be good, but have been ground down over the years; and some simply couldnt give a toss. The one in this store was the later.
  • Billy
    Why don,t we have some intelligent conversation on here, ie has anyone had an interview yet, how did it go, what was it like, I havent had an interview for seven years, i'm not sure what to expect!!
  • staff
    Dan, i frequently get it on cheaper items such as printers at £30-50. "You gunna do us a deal" "how much for cash""can you throw some ink in?", I understand people like to get a deal but the fact is margins are very low, laptops make very little money, why should we just throw in anti-virus for free? If the service offered is worth it people are willing to pay the extra, the problem is we cant get the service right!
  • Billy
    Dan, I hope you don't lose your reciept,
  • Dan
    Staff: when selling printers you then offer discounts on the high margin attachements - ink, usb cable (is this still sold at £14.99? - when i was there it was, and it cost the company 48p) and photo paper. If you cant do anything then politely say so. Taking the hostile "were not a carboot sale" approach leaves the customer thinking "we're not shopping here". It seems any attempt at haggling irritates you, so perhaps you should reconsider your position as a sales advisor?
  • Elsie
    I think "Staff" is like the rest of PCworld and Currys Sales people worried about the grilling he will get and possible disciplinary he/she will get if he/she knocks of so much as a penny! When people are backing into a corner buy the customer on one side and the company on the other, they come out fighting or crumble into a heap. Sales bods a DSGI know they have to make sales profitable, they know they have to keep the customer happy. What they don't seem to have is any company aproved way to do this!
  • sminky
    everyone likes to get a bargain and a deal so why don't dsgi have some common sense to allow their sales staff to be able to cut prices within a certain margin if thats the only thing that the completion of the sale is hinged on. then repeat business would tumble in cos everyone likes to walk away having got one over on the salesman. but as i was told by a sales idiot, if they could sell them at a lower price, they already would and everybody would get that price. i reasoned that then everybody would still try to haggle them down further. so the best way is for the company to have a database of acceptable discount levels for all the large items so when pushed, the sales staff can adjust a price and not be in fear of their job.
  • Anti-Prick B.
    Sminky you prize plonker, 90% of the items that PC World sells, make less profit than it does to pay the 'sales idiot' the 10 mins worth of wage it takes to put your sale through. This is why you can't have that instant 30% discount just cos some twat on tv told you to ask for it. Moron. Want to know what the 'acceptable' discount level is for DSGi? 1%. Yep that's it. A whole 1%! Staff are NOT authorised to go beyond that so don't bother asking. You're not entitled to more. You don't deserve more. Again, go to Tesco's and haggle at the checkout. No? Then why do you think that you can at PC World? If 9 people buy from PC World without discount, then why should you get one? Even so, if those 9 people forfeit their discount so you can have 10%, the figures might look a little better, but even then, you would only get your first month free on their PC Performance agreement. You want a discount? Own your own business and buy thousands of pounds worth of equipment. THEN they might be obliged to not throw you face first out of the nearest window when you stamp your feet cos you want a discount on the cheapest pc that they offer you.
  • Anti-Prick B.
    Just read a message from Dan. Another moron. Ex-display gets you 10% IF they haven't already crippled their figures. That's the rule mate. You don't like it? Tough. You're not entitled to more. I could walk into any shop on earth and 'offer' what I consider a 'fair price' for anything they sell. And ALL of these shops would lead me out of the door telling me that i cannot pay with chocolate coins.
  • bobzilla183
    I have found that pc world has actually got a lot better for laptop prices now though, desktops are still way overpriced, but some of the laptops are cheaper than ebay! (well, the one i bought anyway ^^). but what they really need to do is educate the damned staff. The techguys are ok and seem to know enough about computers, but the average staff's knowledge is abysmal, one guy the other day when i was in there told a customer that they would need 22 DVD's to move 7 music videos! (because music videos are apparently 2-3GB each and dvd's only store 1GB), obviously as not to publicly belittle the poor guy, i told the other customers the truth after he went. But it is shocking at the lack of actual pc knowledge there is in pc world. I think a nice easy was to improve staff knowledge is to have almost an 'entrance exam' for pc's, if they don't pass, they can't work there. it's not unfeasible since the staff need to work under pressure and be able to recall (the lowest form of intelligence i might add, so well within everybody's ability) computer knowledge on a frequent basis, so an exam would be perfect. It would also reduce the amount of people just working for the money without having a clue, thus improving there reputation. so it's a win win for pc world. It would also improve general customer treatment too, i hate it when a completely computer oblivious customer gets roped into buying a ton of crap they don't need, just because the sales guy said so. The staff should actually pay attention to the consumers needs, not just how much commission they could make. It is largely due to a lot of these faults with many of the current staff of pc world that i have applied there as a part time job, to help right some of the many wrongs that the staff commit. Since I've got a fair few ideas of how changing how the staff approach and treat customers that would make it a far better place to visit. The other reason of course is that i like computers and have a good knowledge of them, more than enough to advise people on the computer requirements based on their needs as an individual, and not to force them into buying 22 dvd's for no reason ><.
  • Wonky
    When you get your part time job at PC World, it might come as a complete shock to you to find you don't get paid comission. The staff are pretty knowledgable, but there is never enough of them and therefore the pressure is immense. Only the tough survive, knowledge or not, so good luck
  • Tom
    Bobzilla You are in for a shock. PC World don't employ people who are think they know about PCs they employ people who can talk to people, the last thing we want is someone boring the pants off a customer. We employ people who will sell a full solution to a customer, and it may surprise you to realise, people need DVDs, and software, and laptop bags and some people even need services, which we can provide. If you think you will just be required to sell PCs then I suggest you get a part time job working in Tesco!It is interesting that you have a "fair few" ideas about changing staff approach, we have a perfectly good approach thank you, One that means we give excellent service across the whole chain, when used correctly, which you will be required to follow. PC World is a fantastic place to work, and you will meet and work with a brilliant group of people, but you will be expected to do things the PC World way.
  • PCWB
    It's so easy to moan when you're a customer wanting everything for nothing. If the customer service level isn't 100% all the time it's because it gets a tad draining listening to the same bullshit. Dragged from a jobs list as long as your arm to go 'serve a guy looking at laptops'. "I want a laptop to play games on, looking at paying around £300" "......Ok.... What kind of games are you thinking of playing on it?" "CoD4, WoW, AoE, stuff like that" "Unfortunately you're going to need a dedicated card for games such as that so you would be looking at probably 450-500 at least for the laptop with our current stock" *after more of a conversation we've established he's going on the net as well and also wants to go wireless..." "Ok so if I go for that HP, the security and a router what will you do it at?" "...the price I said..." "Surely you can throw the router in?" "Not a chance mate, there's no margin on the laptop, security is half price anyway and the N router is also on offer as well." "Oh well I'll go to currys/comet/tesco then." "Alright thanks mate." And they actually have the nerve to leave the store as a unhappy customer. Seriously, at least 60% of customers are like this. Luckily I'm in the business centre ((yes I cained my interview and will still be in there after the redundancies)) and have decent relationships with a lot of my accounts so I avoid the morons. Only thing I have to battle with is Maginus buts thats another thread.
  • Fred
    How do you know you "cained" your interview, was it a BAD interview or Am?
  • PCWB
    B.A.D interview. Obviously not official till whenever they are allowed to tell us but I just know. Anyone know there scores?
  • Brian
    PCWB were you unaware that DSGi shops are also a market stall where you can haggle till you get the prices you wanted to pay because in the current Credit Crunch, we should be all over our customers and giving them everything for free. Sarcasm of course.....
  • reply p.
    Hey if you want to pay £2 for a cable for your TV then get it home, find its inadequate then return to the store and moan - then thats upto you. Precisely this happened recently and the customer denied ever being attempted sold a high end cable to watch a film from their blue ray player. Sorry for using our experience of the market to match your needs, but hey if you were not such a tight wad, perhaps you would not have been so pissed off. He also had his Thai bride with him, who by the look of her ugly mug, he used the same philosophy when choosing her "no I dont want a gorgeous model for £4000 show me one for £40 TADARRRR
  • JOHN S.
    In my experience asking for an engineer is now not possible,they have van drivers going out to exchange or have a go rather than engineers which they did away with recently,not a happy or forward thinking company,will they get through the recession possibly not.
  • Pete
    I recently lost my job as an engineer with DSGi Tech Guys what a loss not only my career but my income too,no jobs about and now they have" Monkeys" going around trying to do a proffessional job poor customers i feel sorry for them.
  • InStoreTechy
    With all due respect Pete, 90% of the jobs that 'highly qualified' engineers came in to do, I have to re-repair. I'm sorry, but when an engineer with one days training asks me how to apply thermal paste I know it is a sign of things going south. Then, a second engineer wants to know why the Packard Bell recovery media doesn't work. I pointed to the mainboard he just changed and he was still stuck. Seriously? Qualified? Then, when he finally clicks, (clicks as in I had to tell him...) he mentioned calling Holland. I said "go ahead!" whilst chuckling to myself that Acer now own Packard Bell and Holland has closed down. Another customer comes in after having a wireless network set up at home. They say "engineer came, wouldn't answer any of my questions (while pointing to the statement on the box that mentions being able to answer questions....) and after installing it, left quickly, except he didn't set up anything! He routed the cabling and that was it! Another engineer comes into store to repair a desktop which I had clearly diagnosed and reported to the call center. The conversation with the call center went something like this: "Yes mr techy (of course i'm not going to use my name) we will send out the right board this time". FIVE motherboards later they decide to manually request a HAND PICKED super duper triple checked mainboard which is exactly the same as the board in the system. So, yes, I was pissed when the engineer came out with a box that had stickers all over it saying it was hand picked, the name of the guys that hand picked and 'tested' it. Of course it was the wrong f*ck*ng board. lol. wrong CPU, wrong memory type, wrong hard drive type. Excellence at its best. Another engineer comes into store today to fix a pc. I asked him what it was he was doing and he said all was well, he's just dismantling it. He takes out the PSU, Mainboard, Cabling everything. I asked the tech "you ok there? Need any help?", he says "nah, all's well!" until i reminded him he was only swapping the DVD Re-Writer! oh the fun continues.
  • real t.
    @instoretechy - You're absolutely right mate there are some real noobs working with us now. However don't tar us all with the same brush mate we all have stories like yours about instore colleagues. The example youre talking about sounds like an incorrect kit list, that kind of stuff is now nearly impossible to resolve as an engineer as although we have a newly bloated management structure none of them know what they are doing so issues are practically impossible to resolve nowadays so write-offs tend to be the only option left. There are still a few of us left who can actually do the job so long as we are sent the right/working parts. Unfortunately there seems to be some cronyism going on meaning some totally unsuitable people are being hired to do the job just because they may know certain regional managers on a personal basis (allegedly). The only solution for us left behind is to to switch off to it all. I dont mind seeing the company collapsing around me any more, I cant stand the stress of it any longer, I will go to work and do my best in the difficult circumstances and draw a wage as long as the company can stay afloat but they've had their pound of flesh so I certainly won't be losing any more sleep over the situation.
  • InStoreTechy
    for Real Techguy Oh hell no, not all techguys are the same at all. That much is a given. There are some good TechGuys out there but you never hear of those do you?!... The examples I mentioned in my post were within ONE WEEK! Nevermind the cockups i've had to deal with this week. Engineer goes out on business service setting up new systems and upgrading older ones. Customer comes back into room to be told 'your pc doesn't work mate, died a death'. Customer kicks off as it was working 10 minutes previously. Techguys tell him to go to store (my store....) and we'll look after it for him. Why? Why will the store sort it out? lol. Well, customer carts all his stuff in on a trolley and leaves it with me to transfer data via an xml ghost onto a new partition on his new system. Power no post mate the customer tells me giving me codes and technical hocus pocus. The only thing wrong with it was the Senior Engineer plugged the monitor cable onto the mainboard and not the graphics card he just fitted. Didn't set up the emails either. Another customer today comes into store kicking and screaming. 6000 photographs vanished from his system after being advised (everything written down on paper) to do a partial system restore. What the TechGuys didn't tell the customer is that he shouldn't use the same username as he used previously. Of course he lost all his files cos his new userprofile stamped allover the old one. These are just 'some' examples. Other examples are when engineers come in with the right parts, do the job, recover he system and actually test it, completing the jobs on our system themselves and calling the customer themselves. THAT is outstanding engineer service. Techy
  • InStoreTechy R.
    Just wondering though about the comment you made on the incorrect kit list and engineers not being able to do anything about it... Why is that? I'm not saying the process is the simplest but feeding it back to the managers at P&I and through TechGuys Customer Services would have that kit list re-written and tested. A phonecall while on the job would sort that one as I have been present on many occasions when an engineer has simply 'rebooked' the job. Of course the parts will still be wrong. Just a thought.
  • Mervin X.
    what happened to mfi for it's absolute rubbish customer service? it went bust! does anyone miss mfi? NO! i think pc world and currys will never be able to sort out their issues, because it's part of DGSI's culture - this will lead to poor sales, more closures and the business going bust - sadly, this will also mean loads of people will lose their jobs and their families will suffer. to all the DGSI's customer-facing employees...'customer are always right' - it's the customer's money you are after and if you believe you are always right and show your attitude - you get nothing in return. please walk into stores like richer-sounds and learn from them...it will be better than the training DGSI can offer you as your employer!
  • Gman C.
    SO people want to know what profit margins are, on average most laptops make 5% to 15% profit, so do the maths, £500 laptop, and lets say it makes 10% margin = £50 profit, Most TV's make 15% profit so again do the maths, £350 TV = £52.50 people beleive we make silly money on products, but when u look at it we don't now take transport of the item away, staffing costs, rent on shop, actually the profit margins involved are hugely smaller than your average high street clothes reseller, if you were now to go to a bank and ask for a business loan based on average 15% profit margins which bank would willingly take you seriously i rest my case
  • Jordan
    Dsgi staff are Now the best trained staff by far out with the old and in with the new you will notice a new storelayout and newly trained staff it's shot a brick time for comet and other rival companys with £700,000 and 9billion in assets dsgi are doing something right . You may find prices are a little on the high side because we offer premium products as well as the cheap stuff but at the end of the day people love to complain about electrical stores.
  • currysstaff
    hi, i do unfortunately work for currys. ive been there a year and a half now andat first i loved it, i loved interacting with customers i loved helping customers choose their product and most of all i loved customers coming back into store and letting me know what theyre product is like. But that all changed when this FIVES training came in, which ruined the way i built up a sale. Instead of being able to have a mutual conversation with a customer, learning theyre needs so that i could tailor a product i now have a script. i have to approach a customer on laptops and ask them 'what brings you into currys today', or if a customer mid sale asks me about contrast ratio on a tv, i have to say somehting like' so its a 42 inch flatscreen with an amazing picture, wall mounted and with all the neccesary cables, a samsung that is piano black, is that correct?' blatantly ignoring the customers enquiry into contrasts. I think the amount of pressure on sales staff is going to ruin currys. People came into store once upon a time for the sales experience, being able to feel products and meet the sales person, being on a personal level with the sales person so that if you have any problems you can come and he will help you without any aggro needed, that has long gone now in dsgi. If i don't see every custoemer as pound notes i get it in the neck off the manager. And the discount matter is disgusting, put it this way i gave a customer £11.44 pence off a camera, card, case and an extended warranty, total sale price of £164.44 and the day after on my day off i recieve a phone call from my manager threatening to take the money out of my wages and that he wants me in the office on my next day in. Now im sorry to every customer i have had to act my sale to, im sorry to every customer that bought a £2000 tv from me and was offered £50 off. But im sticking with company policy from now on as this job is my only source of income and with a car insurance bill of £250 a month i can't afford to lose my job. DSGi has the ability to become a great company just doesn't have the mutual respect to treat theyre sales staff as people. sorry for spelling mistakes, my keyboard is on its way out lol
  • MissHPTabletBuyer
    I just bought a Tablet HP Laptop from PC World. The one on display had a lovely keyboard, was totally silent (I spent 10 minutes with my ear to the fan!) and generally seemed fine! The (lovely) sales person did an internet check for me to ensure that what I was buying was indeed the latest tablet (This was something I specifically asked). Anyway, I took it out on a finance agreement (£25 a month), assuming it would be for two years (which would more than pay off the price of the laptop + interest) and even though I did not have my identity documents with me, the manager said he'd let me leave with the laptop provided I sent a friend in with some documents the following monday! So.....I signed and walked out! On booting up, I was horified. 1) The laptop was NOISY like you wouldn't believe. The fan did NOT stop at all....and it was loud....making it impossible to use the sort of *sound*/mixing applications I would usually be making use of. After about 10 minutes I could smell BURNING!!! I quickly shut the thing off, and turned it on again placing it on a cool flat surface. There was no change. It was still noisy.....whirring away....and the smell returned! 2) I looked up the model on the internet and found out it was NOT the latest model, in fact it was an older one to the one my brother got a few months back! I had specifically asked for the latest model, or at least wanted to confirm it was not an older one...... 3) Looked again at the credit agreement (finance) and it was for FOUR years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The total interest I would be paying (in a climate where there IS NO INTEREST!) is £400+!!!!!!!!!!!! 4)The keyboard was plasticky and terrible. Keys seemed unstable and would be impossible for use as a frequent writer (which I am!). So awful all round..........!!!!!!!!! Not of course the fault of the sales person -who happened to be a university student and very very helpful, but I now (literally its the morning -after) want to go in and ask for a full refund. The problem -I anticipate -is this finance agreement/loan/credit I have taken. Will they be honorable and cancel the entire thing? I'm assuming that is relatively simple to do. It would defy belief if I was stuck with a faulty laptop (Which I cannot use, more to the point) and stuck paying for it (400 pounds extra) for the next four years of my life!!!!! If they do refund, well and good. If not, It's going to have to become a big deal. So...watch this space!! (I'm writing this for a record...in case it does become a huge legal battle!) Fingers crossed! :-)
  • currysworker
    To the poster above - I'd imagine you were given out the wrong laptop if there is such a huge difference between the display and the one you have. I work in Currys and to be honest I'm pretty annoyed at some of these comments! All the people saying we should match internet prices are just being plain ridiculous - no one is going to discount £150 off something just cos it's cheaper online. We price match all high street stores but NOT the internet because obviously things can be much cheaper online. Instead of complaining about it, why don't you just buy it online? Oh and someone mentioned commission - we don't get commission. I agree that training is a bit of an issue - but currently I'm looking at about two months of solid training as I'm about to start at one of the new refitted stores. As someone mentioned earlier, FIVES has been brought out which helps deliver much better customer service. As well as that, with the new stores, a lot of the old complaints have been taken on board. However, obviously it's going to take a few years for all the stores to be refitted, but they are focussing a lot on training staff to much higher standards, and training delivery staff etc to provide customer service outside the store. Also, I understand that some people have had bad experiences with currys and PCworld, but there are large numbers of properly trained and knowledgeable staff who deliver great service. Mind, from all the stories I've heard, i reckon most of the really good staff work with me lol. Anyways, I'm just a bit saddened by all the negative comments because personally I know I deliver great service. I'm not in sales, but I am a pretty fab cashier, I know how to do my job and I do it well, and I deal with customer service issues, and I know how to resolve complaints and issues. I know lots of people who are really very good at their job and I think it's unfair to lump us all together just cos you've had a bad experience!
  • Verity
    I have had two terrible experiences of customer service at currys, I want to know the names of the highest people and their contact details. It's like talking to a [email protected]*@:ng brick wall phoning their customer services and trying to get info. Can anyone help? I am in the south east.
  • Currysstaff2
    To the Curryscashier. Maybe your morning brief does not start with "WHY have you only sold this many cables,this much Norton, this much Office, This much Whatever happens , This much Sky, This much Broadband, This much Techfriends, This much etc, etc." When it does please post how happy you are. We sales advisors are asked this all day rather than was the customer happy. To tell you the truth when a customer comes in saying i'd like this £600 laptop rather than great, we think "[email protected]*@ I hope they get something with it".
  • Joe/Currys
    To be perfectly frank with all the idiots on here suggesting or demanding that DSGi match internet prices, if you know anything about running a business you will realise that this is just not possible. Internet sites are able to sell at lower prices because they do not have the overheads that superstores and highstreet stores have. They have no leases to pay, no electricity bills, fewer staff to employ, no water requirements etc. The benefit of having a store local to you is that you can enter it at will whenever they are open, which includes boxing day when members of staff would far rather be at home with their families, look at a range of products and decide from them with or without assistance from a sales coleague, and still have the after sales service from that branch without having to deal with companies over the phone at extortionate rates or through emails, which are very often ignored. In response to the other morons complaining about lack of product knowledge, would you like to have a guess at how many customers come into the stores every day thinking that they know everything there is to know about a product or their statuatory rights, only to be hideously misinformed...? If ever a DSGi colleague doesn't know the answer to your question, unless the customer is point blank rude with their enquiry then the colleague will seek further knowledge to answer their question, or point the customer in the direction of someone better informed. I personally have spent 2 hours with a customer making sure they understood exactly how to get started with their new computer because they didn't have enough money to purchase tech friend or a manual book. Experience the stores and jobs first hand before making such ignorant sweeping statements.
  • currys w.
    after a great xmas for dsgi does this not show they are finally doing something right?
  • Employee
    Hi i agree with some of the comments from few commentors, but always get fustrated with people that seem to always want it there way i.e they too expensive compared to the internet. Of course there will be a difference the reason being is because when you go into a store and speak to a staff member that costs the company money because hes on a wage, and when you go online the website isn't you can get the information when you need, where ever when ever. The only cost on the website is making sure its up to date, less man power. i have worked for the company for quite some time now being a student it is a good job for expenses but wouldnt recommend it as a career unless you know your hitting the store or director position. Some also dont even realise we do have a price match policy as so long as our competitor (so it has to be a high st brand) have got the product in stock. and also even after purchase if you find out that the price is better else where they will also refund you back the difference as so long as its within 7 days. i know the company has it down i.e some staff dont have great knowledge but then customers sulked at the fact that the colleage has just said i will get you help. customer also are very impatiant when a store is busy, its busy there nothing you can really do. yes the perfect question to alot of peoples ears are why dont you hire more staff. but how is the company soppose to know when its busy and when its not. same rules applys when your in a restraunt you dont pull a tantrum you just bear with it or worse comes to worse you choose to leave but then again we like it when a restraunt is busy because you feel the reassurance that this place is nice so you wait. when its a electrical store its the case of i want to buy my product and go away. and some customer compare electrical store to fashion retail store lool which makes me laugh all the time as some customer are naive which i dont blame them but they dont realise clothes is mainly down to personal preference so its easy, computer its down to lifestyle. personally i do believe pc world and currys do deserve some grief but not as much as some people think they should get. people seem to be quick to chuck the sentence the consumer good act, which is why i learnt it off by heart, so when customers do come i tell them if they could tell me what it is. only to find out they have been advised to quote the sentence and some have a brief idea. every company has its bad side i think ours is the customer service as in the refund/exchange area as alot of customer dont understand the refund and exhange and repair policy. the same rules apply in a mobile phone and electrical store which is the moment you open your product you can no longer return it back as so long as its faulty simple as that. yes people get upset only because they spent quite abit. and last thing i would like to say is the word discount. believe if i could give discount to the whole world i would but i cant. things have value the same way a bread cost £1, the same way the a drinks cost £1 the same rule applys to laptops. because thats how much something is worth. if we could do it cheaper i think the sale staff would because it looks good for them but they cant cause our company looses money, you do know there aint much profit in selling laptop its only like £50 quid. all am saying next time please customer be more sympathic but if your being treated wrong by all means go in there gun blazing and demand your right lol
  • Ty P.
    Cool! Yeah well a big part of this is prob apart ofcareonecreditnews.com but I kind of agree with your approach.
  • Employee B.
    You know a company is going downhill when the ethos is around selling something that people don't want. (Insurance - Whatever Happens) And then punishing a colleague for offering it, but NOT forcing it upon the customer. Need i say more. I have just quit.
  • Comet d.
    To all the people on here that keep banging on about going into a store, trying a product and then going home and buying it on line cheaper, are you really that thick?! Do you not understand that the store you walked into costs money to run, and the staff probably want a bit of money for turning up to have their time wasted by the likes of you. It may be cheaper on the net but you have just proved one of the biggest down sides to on line shopping by having to leave your computer and travel to the store. If everyone took your approach stores would quickly shut down and the only way to view your product would be a few small pictures on a web site. Customer service will suffer too as instead of face to face you will just be fobbed off by some part time call center worker that cant be bothered to listen or do anything about your problem. Sort your lives out you cheapskates and actually think about what you say!!!!
  • Comet d.
    And if the customer is always right as a few keep saying why on earth do they need to come to the store and waste sales staffs time? Oh yes its because they dont know anything about the thing they beleive they are always right about! Work that one out.
  • currysstaff
    I have worked for dgsi for over 5 years.... in them years we have customers coming back time and time again.... yes we have been though some changes within the last few years changing or ways for the customer..... yes customers have had problems but only a minority.... you will always hear about the bad experinces but never hear how the staff go that extra mile... we try or very best to help the customers.... make sure they are happy before they walk out of the door.... but you can't please everyone.... and as for service you wouldn't go into tesco or asda or agros and demand a deal. and most of yo wouldnt even get from from comet... yes u may buy from the internet from other stores like ebay and amazon but when u have a problem look how long it takes to get resolved.... could be months.... dgsi staff think about customers and the service.... because thats how we are trained..... think abot when yo go into a store that the staff are there to help and support the customer..... and it would be really nice to hear some positive thing that we have done instead of all the negative .
  • betty b.
    just had the most awful experience with their customer service. lost my laptop when it had to go for a repair broke down within six months of having it. they lost the laptop and made me wait over 28 days before they would give me an answer kept phoning customer service and kept getting put through to different departments and cut of during calls. what a terrible service. it was there fault that they lost my laptop and i have to suffer. i have bought another one from somewhere else as i am not putting up with this customer service. now they are informing me that they will give me a replacement laptop to the value of the one i bought i certainly do not want another from this company. they will not give me my money back and it was all their fault. if this is how they treat customers i am not surprised that they are going down hill.
  • New W.
    Ive been working for 5 days with pcworld and wot a load of crap it is. Fives is ok when you training for it, but in practice and in store it rarley works. And yes all the management at the stores are up their own A$$holes and only care about what extra you have sold, like cables , bags, mouse, whatever happens, blah blah, they really dont value the customer or their staff, only about stats and number, regardless of this, I will continue working their as there are lack of jobs !
  • primecut
    My first job was with Currys 40 years ago. I worked at their head office in Ealing , London for 11 years. It was a very good company to work for but once they got taken over by Dixons it was rubbish. Thankfully I left several years before this happened. Personally I wouldn't buy anything in Currys PC World as they are not the cheapest like they profess to be. I get all my stuff on Ebay and as for the comments people have left about no customer service on ebay, its the best you can get and buyers are well protected through Paypal. I was astounded one time I went into Currys PC World and saw they were advertising laptop repairs for no less than £250 inc parts of course, what a con! Looks like there were no takers as they have since stopped offering this service. I guess they were just trying to get people to buy a new laptop, even if the fault on theirs was a minor one.
  • John
    Gotta say currys isn't THAT bad, I have only made 2 purchases from this store, DSLR camera which I Got a bundle deal on and a iPad which I got heavily ripped off on a screen protector, I mean £20! I thought they were 5 in the box, I didn't read it, I just assumed for 20 hard earned pounds I would get more than one clear plastic sheet, (recently bought a new one from pound land, do I need to tell you the price?) Anyway, I used currys because I could get a hands on feel, unlike the Internet, and I could quiz someone about details, but mainly due to the offer of finance. Altho the hands on and staff were good, if it wasn't for the finance I would have gone online as price is top of EVERYONE'S list, I feel for the staff not making any money from me but I'm sure you sell enough £75 HDMI cables to the elderly to pull a wage, I read comments on here about cheap products not working well but the basic consumer rights in the UK dictate that if a product claims to do something, regardless how cheap it is, you can expect nothing less, fittingly I bought a HDMI cable from (of all places) home bargains for £2.99 and can't fault it. Currys does a lot of things wrong by the sounds if these coments and I feel sorry for the staff
  • free k.
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