Parents wasting cash on toys that kids ignore


If you’ve got kids and you’re looking for a way to reduce your outgoings in the wake of the horrific cuts announced today, take a look around their bedrooms, specifically at their toys. Loads of them is there?

There probably is according to the findings of a new survey, which reveals that an average child owns 238 toys but plays with only 12 ‘favourites’ on a regular basis, making the rest of them nothing more than expensive decorations.

Additionally, one in two of the 3,000 parents who took part in the survey admitted to ‘wasting hundreds of pounds’ on brightly-coloured plastic shit that their younglings never even play with.

The average parent thinks their child receives a staggering £660.30 worth of toys every single year from themselves as well as friends and family – possibly enough to buy one imaginary ‘super toy’ that would do everything. Or so we imagine.

Are you a parent who recognises the picture we’ve painted? Ashamed of yourself are you?


  • Lumoruk
    Doesn't look like anyone cares. I'll be making sure though that when my little one pops out i won't be buying shit for it.
  • Peter G.
    My god, this truly is the worst website ever!
  • LanceVance
    Well i've got to have something to spend my tax credits/income support/family tax credits/child benefit on!!
  • crap
    what a shit article
  • Willy-wonka
    You dont need to buy the umpa lumpas anything, Grandparents and family take care of it all... At the end of the day they only want a present to rip open then onto the next box to destroy!
  • Inspector G.
    There is clearly a gap in the market for or something
  • PFC H.
    You know Andy you don't always have to speak for the sake of speaking (Or make an article for teh sake of it just because it's been several minutes since the last one). How about a new tack for you, quality, before quantity
  • Mark M.
    Inspector gadget, try ebay ;)
  • NickS
    If all kids had an Evel Knievel stunt bike as pictured they wouldn't need anything else, unless of course their Dads hog them instead.
  • zeddy
    "Are you a parent who recognises the picture we’ve painted?" Fuck off! That's quite clearly a photo of an Evel Knievel toy. What kind of fool do you take me for>
  • bummble
    I just take any unused toy away, wrap it up again and give it back next birthday/xmas

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