Paddy Power wander aimlessly into transgender horse-racing row

Irish betting giants Paddy Power are in some trouble with transgender activists following an ad they’ve put together ahead of the Cheltenham Horsing Festival. Referring to the popular Ladies Day at the Festival they’ve decided to send in some transgender women and are asking viewers of the ad to “spot the stallions from the mares”. Take a look…

Pretty classy eh? Two words that can also be applied to ALL the ladies in the ad if you ask us. But unfortunately, the LGBT Liberal Democrat Group in Northern Ireland have said that Paddy Power have brought shame on themselves with the whole thing, describing it as “transphobic”.

Paddy Power themselves have said that responses have been “healthily mixed” and that the ad is “simply a bit of mild mannered fun in the run up to the Cheltenham Festival”. But what do YOU think, Bitterwalleteers? Are YOU a transgenderer? Were your feelings hurt by it? You can be frank with us… or Francesca – whatever floats your boat.


  • lumoruk
    Don't think there is a law against being transphobic, it's like saying someone is Coulrophobic surely?
  • Mike H.
    Transgender horses? Now that is a video I want to see.
  • Alex C.
    This is downright disgusting. Yeah, fine shove some drag-queens in the mix, but openly using the words "transgender"?? As an FtM (female to male) I find this offensive, unneccasary and down right pathetic. Complaints shall be made. We dont say at LGBTQUA events, "We're gonna get some straight ci-gendered people in here! Look at them!" No. Because thats WRONG.
  • Ste
    I always thought one of the great things about coming from these shores was being able to poke fun at ourselves, tongue in cheek and all that
  • Ste
    I always thought one of the great things about coming from these shores was being able to poke fun at other people, tongue in cheek and all that /fixed
  • Mary W.
    It should be banned - this is disgraceful and outrageous. I'm off to check some LGBT resources in my local library to compound how angry I am.
  • Fake B.
    I think I spotted three Clare Baldings. Do I win a prize?
  • Dick
    LGBT are bullies. These four groups gang up to pick on the N's (normal) people.
  • Rob
    '...wander aimlessly into transgender horse-racing row' in fact means 'march knowingly into advertising success'. Makes you want to go to Cheltenham and leave the fox at home.
  • Dick
    I thought it was quite funny for an advert. Especially the use of the sausage in the background when they say stallions.
  • Paul
    Transgender: kind of like buying a body kit for a £15,000 car… The reality [beyond the look] is it is no more a Ferrari than before the extra knobs and lumps were added.
  • Lisa S.
    I'm a transgender woman and find this advert horrific because it mirrors what can happen out on the street. Except the difference is that, out on the street, identification usually leads to name calling and threats. Sometimes it leads to violence. This advert portrays the process as a game and encourages it, making it more socially acceptable for a group of men, perhaps after a few beers, to have a go at us. The advert has now been banned but there have already been instances in the real world of people quoting paddy power whilst targeting transgender people and that isn't funny at all.
  • Max
    hahaha I like it

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