Overtime and Sunday pay cut at Waitrose

waitrose_shopping-bag_20-jpg Waitrose have not only ended free coffee to customers, but they're also putting an end to paying its staff a higher rate for working overtime and doing Sunday shifts.

The supermarket's 58,000 employees will no longer get paid more for working unsociable hours and the like, as Waitrose try and stay in touch with their rivals, who have a similar policy in place.

A spokesperson for Waitrose said: "Changes were made by the John Lewis Partnership as a whole, to bring us in line with competitors. The Partnership assesses market rates and then we pay as much above that as performance deserves - this is why we have broad pay ranges, rather than spot rates."

Now, a lot of retailers and businesses are doing this just as the introduction of a higher living wage comes into play. However, Waitrose would like to assure everyone that this is not the case with them, honestly it isn't.

"Premium payments are no longer a feature of the market we compare pay rates to and we planned these changes before National Living Wage was announced," added the spokesperson.

While it might be annoying for staff who are used to this as a way of getting extra money, Waitrose still have perks as part of the John Lewis group, what with staff bonuses being a thing. The average wage at the group is £8 per hour, and those who do more specialist jobs on counters, can earn up to £9.45 per hour.

The supermarket has seen same-store sales falling by 1.3% in the last year, which means they've got to save some money somehow. Looks like it is falling on the shoulders of those who do overtime.


  • Warwick H.
    Osbornes low wage economy. the working class of this country will regret not supporting the unions
  • David
    It's a shame the union bosses got greedy, lined their pockets and forgot what they were there for
  • Shifty n.
    Welcome to Britain 2016 ...what they giveth in one hand ....is taken in another
  • Voice R.
    @David. Except that didn't actually happen anywhere apart from the front page of the Daily Mail.
  • Father J.
    "Osbornes low wage economy. the working class of this country will regret not supporting the unions" And if the casual racists, xenophobes and retards take us out of the EU, there will go all our remaining employment rights. One imagines that David above falls into at least one of these categories.
  • David
    Our employment rights have been eroded as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. This is how our system works. I think we need our unions and they're not there to help us anymore. If they had been more reasonable in the 1970s they wouldn't have been destroyed the way they have. No rational person who saw things with their own eyes would say that 1970s union power was anything but harmful to the UK economy. I'm not a casual racist, xenophobe or a retard. I can get a bit angry about the rich harming the poor but it's even worse when those who know what poverty is have a go as well.

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