Out of their mind, into the shops - designs "inspire" retailers

Some of us are inspired by faith, religion or spirituality. Others may find role models and family provide positive motivation. And then there are those who understand their true calling upon witnessing the Lord's image in a dissected vegetable.

But if you're clothing retailers Urban Outfitters, then you're seemingly inspired by the ideas other people have, which you then claim to be your own.

Urban Counterfeiters is standing up for the little people, by highlighting the instances of a designer or small company unexpectedly finding their designs being "re-imagined" for Urban Outfitters and other stores. For example, there's this example created in 2001 by an Australian designer, and a shower curtain which appeared in Urban Outfitters last year:

Once might be a mistake, twice may be careless, but half a dozen examples of independent designs migrating to a larger company's product lines without permission suggests flat-out douchbaggery.

[Urban Counterfeiters] via Bitterwallet reader Emma


  • adam
    Better website @ http://youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com/ Similar concept, but much more examples.
  • Ben
    That story was posted on Urban Counterfeiters back in Jan 2006!! C'mon Bitterwallet...

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